Mon Ruk A Soon

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Mon Rak A Soon
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johnny is a rich widow man. his wife, DA, died in an accident leaving him and his son. after that johnny drinks a lot and his son, nun, become a trouble-kid. he then to do what his wife wanted to. she wanted a farm of roses. he and his son move there. there, nun did not want to go to school so johnny has to hire a teacher for homeschool. Nampueng(the main actress) is a teacher there. her parents owed an old guy money. the old guy wanted to marry her, if she agrees to marry him then all debts is gone. at the same time, her dad cant see and is ill so she needed money to pay for the old guy and for medication.

johnny and nampueng started out not so good. he almost run over her with his car. they argues, and he kissed her. when she found out it was him who is going to be her boss, she didnt want to it. but she has to. she asked him to pay in advanced and he agrees under the conditions that she has to live at their house, educate his son, be the housemaid (cook), and work for one year. she agrees because she needs the money.

nun didnt like nampueng because she is too pretty. he is afraid that his dad might have an affair with her because he always drink, and he didnt want a new mom. at the same time, johnny's wife's sister teung came back from oversea. teung was johnny's ex gf who was supposed to marry him but she ran away with another man on the wedding day. da had to marry him in her place, which da already had her own bf. even though da didnt really love him, but she was a good wife and she really care and came love him deeply which make johnny very love.

as time pass, johnny and nampueng still didnt get alone. one day, he was drinking and nampueng happened to see. she gave him a big lecture that he is dead and he has to moeve, especially nun, and she also say that she cant imagine nun's future with his dad been like he is now. before, nampueng already gave him a lecture about how she cant educate nun if he keeping drinking and being a bad role model. johnny become very angry and his forced-kiss her. nun saw it. she slaps him and run away. he followed her to a little house. he said who is, and how dare she lecture, he hire her as his son's teacher not his mom. she said he is a devil. he was so mad he told her that no one has ever lecture and slap him. he raped her. nun is in his room and he wrote a letter to his aunt teung to come there.

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