Pieng Jai Tee Pook Pun

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Pieng Jai Tee Pook Pun
Pieng Jai Tee Pook Pun


  • Title: Pieng Jai Tee Pook Pun (เพียงใจที่ผูกพัน)
  • Also known as: As Long As The Heart is Attached
  • Duration: 12 hour long episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Romantic
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Friday-Saturday-Sunday
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: July 25, 2010 - August 21, 2010
  • Theme song: Potato - Sunya (Jah Mai Pai Nai) [Promise (I Won't Go Anywhere)]
  • Theme song: Namcha Chiranat - Keu Tur [It's You]

Production Credits

  • Producer: Add info here
  • Director: Add info here
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: TV Scene



Unlike your usual Thai lakorn where the pra'ek misunderstands nang'ek and reconcile with her at the end, "Pieng Jai Tee Pook Pun" is a romance story about the true love that Seua (Aum) and Mook have for each other. Throughout the whole lakorn, both sides are very understanding and sweet to one another. However, because this is a drama, Seua and Mook go through a series of obstacles until they can live happily ever after. Payak a.k.a Seua is the only son of Min and a foreigner. Growing up, Seua never saw his father and his mother did not care for him. Seua was raised by his grandparents and Uncle Narong. When Seua's grandfather passed away, Min and Narong inherited some land. Min, who is desperate for money, sold her land and gave Narong 5,000 baht. She was then back to her old self again--- chasing after younger guys for her own pleasure. After the death of his grandfather, Seua was brought up by his grandmother and Uncle Narong, who struggled often to raise him. When Seua was nine, he had the idea of fishing for a living. Ever since, Seua and his Uncle Narong would catch tadpoles and raised them. When they grew into full-size fishes, Seua and his Uncle Narong would sell them to people as pets. When Seua was a little older, they finally opened a small aquarium shop. One day, Seua meets Mook Pisoot, a rich girl who is the daughter of a well-known politician and a famous musician. They go to the same school and at first, Seua despised her because he thought she was stuck up like every other rich kid. Instead, Mook is a sweet but weak girl who is going through some family crisis at home. Her parents are divorcing and no one seems to care about her. She has two half siblings, Ploy (Donut) and Phet (Petch). Unlike Phet, Ploy hates Mook. Ploy is actually the stuck up one and cares for no one but herself. After getting to know each other better, Seua and Mook become best friends. Seua is the only one who hears Mook's story and is always there to comfort her when she has problems at home. When Mook's parents finally divorce, Mook is forced to go live abroad with her father, Michael Yao. Before she leaves, she gives Seua a pearl to remember her by and promises to visit him next summer vacation. During the time that Seua awaits Mook's return, Seua meets someone that will change his life forever...his father, Edward Tornton, who is from England. For the next short time in his life, Edward teaches Seua about business. Soon, they open a restaurant called Tiger Steak and Grill. Their business is successful however, Yotit, Seua's rival and former classmate, also opens a similar restaurant and thus, the competition begins. Yotit's restaurant only lasted six months because Yotit himself, lacks business knowledge and tactics. Even though the restaurant business goes well, Edwards seems to think that it isn't enough and that Seua has much more to learn. When Edward learns of Narong's land, he decides that he wants to open a five star hotel. At first, Seua and Narong hesitates but finally gives in when Edward tells them there isn't much to lose. While the hotel is under construction, Edward's conditions worsens. He knows he is going to die soon so he arrange for his sister and first wife to meet him in Thailand. At the same time, Seua has already completed his schooling and is in the city to accept his diploma. When he returns home, he is introduced to his father's sister and first wife who are from England. A week before the hotel's grand opening, Edward passes away and a formal funeral is arranged. Edward's sister and first wife both attend the funeral. Afterwards, Seua is to go to England with them to hear his father's will. Seua becomes rich and the next chapter begins... Seua's hotel is situated along the beautiful island with breathtaking landscape. It has a good view of the sea and a tourist hot spot. The hotel, Tornton Seaview, turns out to be a huge success. Meanwhile, Mook's mother, who is the well known politician is mysteriously murdered. After hearing about her mother's death, the now mature Mook returns to Thailand and decides to spend the rest of her life there. Phet is glad to see his youngest sister home again but Ploy still holds a grudge against Mook. Mook first meets Seua again at her mother's funeral. That's when things get worse. Ploy accuses Seua of murdering her mother. She has no proof whatsoever but claims that Seua murdered her mother due to some business disagreement over the local market. Mook and her brother Phet, believes that Seua is innocent. The police investigates and Seua, of course, comes out clear of all charges pressed against him. However, Ploy still hates both Seua and Mook. Next, the will of Pen Pisoot is finally opened. It turns out that Supanrerk, Pen Pisoot's newly wedded husband, and his nephew Saet, inherits most of the Pisoot's belongings. Phet and Ploy are very angry and shocked to hear that everything that supposedly belongs to them has now fallen into the hands of outsiders. Supanrerk was the one who actually set up the whole scene. He confides that to his nephew, Saet and looks forward to take over Pen Pisoot's position in office. He advises Saet to flirt with one Pen Pisoot's daughter. Saet chooses Mook because Ploy is self- centered and hot- headed. Mook, of course, only has feelings for Seua. Saet begins to run out of ideas so he seeks Ploy for help. Ploy seizes the chance to hurt Mook. She and Saet decides to drug Mook one night so Saet can sleep with her. Luckily, Mook gets away with it and stabs Saet out of fear of being raped. The first person she ran to was Seua because he promised to be always there for her. Mook stays with Seua for the time being until people began to talk. Everyone assumed that Mook ran away with Seua so Seua comes up with a plan. He weds Mook and takes the best care of her. He even opened a music school for her in his hotel. Because Mook is a famous violinist, Mook's school becomes successful. All the while, Seua's mother comes back into his life because he is now rich. Seua pities his mother so he lets her stay with them. However, Seua's mother looks down on Mook because she thought that Mook is an easy gold digging girl that ran to Seua because she has nothing left. So, Seua's mother try to hook him up with Yotit's younger sister, Yui, who has had a crush on Seua since their high school years. At this point, Yotit and Yui's family had gone completely bankrupt. Knowing that Seua is wealthy, Yotit secretly dates Seua's mother for money. He and his father even sold Yui to an elderly, wealthy guy, who agreed to help save their house from being seized if he got Yui as a lesser wife. After a couple of years, the elderly, wealthy guy dies and Yui gets kicked out of his house by the first wife. Yui returns home and decides to pursue Seua while not knowing that her brother Yotit is dating Seua's mother. Seua only gets wealthier and wealthier. He gets so wealthy and famous to the point that someone decides to murder him. One morning when Seua leaves for work, Mook blacks out. He wants to take her to the hospital but gets called in for a meeting. Mook makes Seua go to the meeting and Seua promises that when he comes back, he will take her to the hospital. Seua never came back. On his way to the meeting, his car had flipped over and Seua was badly injured. He was rushed to the hospital and was in a coma. Mook visits Seua in the hospital but Seua's mother does not let her in to see him. Instead, she has Yui taking care of Seua. Mook blacks out again and her brother Phet insists that she must get checked out. Mook learns that she is pregnant and is very thrilled. She is anxious to tell Seua, who is still in a coma, but Seua's mother has now forbidden Mook near Seua. Mook becomes so stressed that she becomes so weak. It leads her to suffer a miscarriage and makes her even more sad. When Seua finally wakes up, Mook, with the help of Narong, charges in to see Seua. She tells Seua about everything she has gone through but he does not blame her. Meanwhile, the police are still investigating Pen Pisoot's murder. It turns out that Supanrerk's assistant had killed her. Later, the assistant murders Supanrerk too. The police find out about and go after him because his next victim is Seua. Since it is hard for him to get to Seua, he kidnaps Mook and lures Seua out. After all they've been through together, Ploy and Seua's mother, Min begins to see the light. When the police finally capture the murderer, Ploy reconciles with Mook. At the end, Seua's mother finally accepts Mook and Mook learns she is pregnant again...


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