Ruen Sai Sawart

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Ruen Sai Sawart


  • Title: เรือนสายสวาท / Ruen Sai Sawart
  • Also known as: House Of Flowing Desire
  • Duration: 28 Episodes
  • Genre: Romance/Drama
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air Time: Monday-Thursday
  • Broadcast Network: Ch.8
  • Broadcast Period: January 14, 2020 --- March 3, 2020
  • Theme Song:

Production Credits

  • Producer: Add info here
  • Director: Add info here
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: Kiaktrapee



This tale is about vengeance woman who grow up with anger. She can do everything to take revenge on her rival. source: Tthaidramatic_update)

Gloy and Kaew, the couple, is servant of Khun Thanongsak, have two daughters, eldest named Payorm (Pang Ornjira) who is being in lover with Faek(Au Panu) the labor, youngest named Pikul(Yardthip Rajpal). One day Chrao Khun Pitakaksara(เขตต์ ฐานทัพ (Kate thunthup)), who is head of Thanongsak, has love interest on Payom whose nature of soft and sweet as soon as he met her Thanongsak set a plan to give Payorm sleeping pill, later send her to Chraokhun because need to got promoted. She is so sad when realize it as Aksara will take responsibility about this. At first, he keep her as his secret lover. Lumduan, a personal maiden of Tarpthip(Katreeya English), his first wife, know this and report this thing to Tarpthip Tarpthip try to convince him breaking up with Payorm. He refuse it, decide move her to Ruen Saai Sawart, a house for guest. Tarpthip is very angry, try to advice about this with Prajak (Fluke Jira) her brother. He can't solve it Faek sneak to meet Payorm and Pikiul help them. Payorm later get pregnant with Chrao Khun's child. Lumduan tell Tarpthip about inciting Chrao Khun to wonder that he's not biology father of Payorm's child. It's worked, Tarpthip call out about Payorm is pregnant from affair.

Finally, Chrao Khun can catch up Payorm and Faek. Feeling ashamed to this, she decide to hang herself to die with rope. Pikul need to go out of Ruen Saai Sawart, move to her aunt's house. When grow up, Pikul decide to come back to Chrao Khun's house as servant. He is into her as soon as see her for beauty and sweet. She finally become his wife, while Tarpthip'd just given birth to daughter, name Yaemkae. Pudjeep try to raise other maiden to be her party with feeding them

Pudjeeb is back to Ruen Saai Sawart as officially Chrao Khun mistress, later pretend to run away in order to be bullied by Tarpthip. Actually, need to prepare herself. She adopt daughterof her cousin, promise to support this child with money and education, name as Fahmui(Nonny Natcha) Chrao Khun's healthy is getting worse from a pill Pudjeeb gave him, still has concience to not give all of his asset to Pudjeeb because the most part is belong to Paenphob(@iangsss), his eldest son with Tarpthip Pudjeeb set a plan to bring Paenphob sleeping with Fahmui by her drink. He realize it when it's too late. Tarpthip is so mad about it, this thing affect Chrao Khun to be paralysis. Pudjeeb continues to take revenge this family How is it end? Stay tuned

(Source: Tthaidramatic_update)


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