Ruk Sorn Rode

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Ruk Sorn Rode
Ruk Sorn Rode


  • Title: Ruk Sorn Rode
  • Also known as: รักซ่อนรส // The Hidden Flavor of Love or Love’s Hidden Flavor
  • Duration: 15 Episodes
  • Genre: Romance/ Drama
  • Popularity: 11-18
  • Air time: Fri-Sun @ 8:30PM
  • Broadcast network: Channel 7
  • Broadcast period: 26 Feb 2010 - ???
  • Theme song: "Ruk Kong Ter" Pinky Sawika Chaiyadech

Production Credits

  • Producer:
  • Director: Theerasuk Promngern
  • Screenwriter: Thanintorn Uchuparb, Kittiya Sumritprasong
  • Company Name: Kantana



At a Thai restaurant near an international culinary cooking school, jungle curry is placed in front of Fah Sai. She spooned up the soup and smelled it, she noticed that the cook had forgotten to add the fingerroot. With good intentions, she told the waiter to tell the cook, but Suchin, the cook came out and overheard. He was angry that a kid was trying to teach him and threw a tantrum at Fah Sai. However, the owner of the restaurant happened to be visiting that day. Seeing that Suchin was careless Suchin was fired from his job. Fah Sai felt bad that she was the reason he got fired. She didn't have time to go apologize to him because she was in a hurry to attend cooking school for the first day. This caused Suchin to become very upset over the day's events.

Fah Sai always dreamed of being a Thai chef. She had the skills and also the know how from being surrounded by fresh ingredients and spices from her father Athit's export business. This made Fah Sai knowledgeable about spices, but Aroon her grandmother refused to believe in her dream. Aroon was hurt from the past of being the cook in the palace, Aroon was framed for having put poisonous herbs into a food which caused her boss to be sick. Aroon was fired from the palace, she was so heartbroken she stopped cooking from that day forth. Fah Sai was stubborn and secretly signed up for the cooking school. Fah Sai's dream shattered when her grandma came and pulled her out of the school. While Fah Sai was being punished by her grandma, they received news that Athit's export business was being seized by Amara's company. Athit couldn't handle failure and hung himself.

Athit's death changed Fah Sai from a wealthy girl to a poor girl in the blink of an eye. Aroon fell ill because of Athit's death. Fah Sai took her grandma to rent a small home and took over as the head of the household. She also had to take care of her two younger siblings, Fon Thip and Mek eventhough she was only 17 years old. Fah Sai went to the cooking school to ask if she could get her tuition money back to help her grandma but was refused. Fah Sai took a job cracking coconuts in the market until her hands hurt since she never did this type of work before. Fai Sai refused to give up because of the support from her fellow workers who were also poor people.

Amnard, a millionaire from a financial company decided to step down and let Amara and Ourai, his grandaughters, take care of the business. Both girls were spinsters because Amnard prevented them from getting married. He thought that the men who came into their lives were only there to steal their money instead of loving them. Another reason was that Aree, another grandaughter was abandoned by her husband, thus making her raise her daughter alone. Aree's daughter was Chadachat who was studying abroad. Abroad, Chadachat was close to Pornwut or Tum, who was the heir of a million dollar company. Tum finished his studies and went back home to help with the family business, which as a restaurant franchise called Wonderful Flavors. The company was going through hard times because so many Thai people were choosing to eat more international food. Pornreudee, his older sister was also there to help. Many of the employees in the various franchises were quitting and choosing to work in Japanese and Italian restaurants instead.

It's as if destiny fated for Fah Sai and Tum to meet each other. When there was a shortage of coconut in the market, the vendor who usually delivered coconut milk to Wonderful Flavors Restaurant had to go out into the markets to find them. The coconut shop that Fah Sai worked at told her to go deliver the coconut milk to the restaurant. This allowed Fah Sai to see the job opening at the Wonderful Flavors Restaurant. Fah Sai wanted to learn how to make food so applied to be a chef's assistant. She had to go train at the main restaurant. However, it was unlucky that when she went in for training she saw Suchin, who had lost a job because of Fah Sai. Suchin was in charge of overseeing the trainees, and he remembered Fah Sai very well. He would assign her to sweeping and mopping duties and cleaning bathrooms. He prevented Fah Sai from learning how to cook.

Chadachat was unable to live abroad by herself so she came back to Thailand without anyone knowing. She didn't have a degree either. Amnard was furious, and forced Chadachat to go help with the company. He was afraid she would lose her way like her mother. Although Chadachat agreed to go to work, she acted arrogant and conceited, as if she were higher class than the other employees. She oppressed and used people as if they were slaves, without regard for anyone's feelings.

Tum wanted to changed the flavors of the food by choosing more quality spices. This made Tum think about Athit, a good friend of his father's who helped them out when they were just starting off in the restaurant business. Tum wanted to buy the spices from Athit but Pornreudee told him Athit passed away already. Tum was worried about Athit's family because when he was little he used to play with Athit's children. Tum went to Fah Sai's old house but it turns out that the house now belongs to Amara's family. Tum went out looking for Fah Sai's family not aware that the employee he accidently dumped garbage on her head was Fah Sai.

Many of the other trainees were sent to work in the various franchises. Fah Sai was the only one left because Suchin refused to pass her and he fired her. Before she left, Fah Sai secretly made the fried rice from the recipe her grandma once cooked in the palace. Fah Sai put it in a nice box and gave it to the cleaning lady who helped her out often. That box of fried rice was taken by the cleaning lady and given to Tum. Tum remembered the taste of the fried rice was like the one Aroon used to make for him. He quickly went to find the cook and finally found Fah Sai. Tum helped out her family by moving them into of the buildings he had bought next to the streets. Aroon was so worried about her grandchildren she went out to work and fell ill moreso. Fah Sai lied and said she was marrying a rich man so the family wouldn't have to suffer but Aroon didn't believe her and told her to bring her boyfriend so that she could see. Fah Sai went to Tum to beg him to play along with her story so that her grandma who was sickly would die a happy death.

Fah Sai went to see Tum at his mansion while they were having a party. There were so many people who were all hi-so there, including Chadachat. Fah Sai was laughed at and viewed as a lowly girl who had no shame to ask a man she hardly loved to marry her. She tried to explain she was only doing to help her grandma, her grandma would pass away soon and the whole charade would end. Chadachat refused and she looked down at Fah Sai along with her other friends like Tien See and Ampol. Fah Sai felt ashamed and beatened so she came back to her grandma intending on telling her the truth. Tum told Fah Sai he would go with her to see her grandma and do as Fah Sai asked because he pitied Fah Sai and her grandma. This made Chadachat furious, she thought Fah Sai was tricking Tum into marrying her so wanted to go with them. Tum didn't let her go, and threatened everyone that if they messed with it he would stop being friends with all of them.

Aroon was very happy to see Tum, the son of the millionaire next door, really love her grandaughter. After that, Aroon became stronger so Tum and Fah Sai had to pretend to be lovers with no end in sight. This made Chadachat believe that it was all planned by Fah Sai. She tried to make Tum believe that Fah Sai was a swindler but Tum didn't care. He promised to send Fon Thip and Mek to school, but Fah Sai refused because she didn't want to lose her pride, it was all she had left now.

Tum made Fah Sai the chef's assistant at Wonderful Flavors that was located in the big shopping complex. Pornreudee tried to prevent it because she didn't want her brother to fall in love with someone who wasn't from the same class. She thought that having Chadachat as a sister-in-law would be better for business, but she also didn't want to completely prevent her brother. She offered the solution of having Fah Sai be a server and then work her way up to chef's assistant. Chadachat was outraged and tried to go pick on Fah Sai but to no avail, instead she started throwing a trantrum with the people in her family. She wanted Aree's share of the inheritence so Amara and Ourai had to break up the business they took from Fah Sai's dad and gave it to Chadachat. But all Chadachat did was go bother Fah Sai and didn't care for the business, causing it to go under. Amnard was not pleased and scolded her. Chadachat took out her anger on Sarika, the daughter of the maid. Sarika was mad and decided to get even with Chadachat by being better than her. Amnard started to show mercy towards Sarika to the point of giving her part of the inheritance. Sarika showed off to Chadachat but mom, Sumruay, scolded her.

The servers didn't care about customer service. The girls would gossip about the custumors or spend time putting on make up. This caused the profits to drop, but Fah Sai put her heart and soul into it. She would recommend food for customers as well as giving the health benefits of each type of food. The customers gravitated towards Fah Sai, causing the other workers to despise her and pulled her into slapping circle. Athip, a friend from school who fell in love with Fah Sai helped her in time and sent her to the hospital. Tum found out and was furious, he fired all the employees and sent them to the police. Fah Sai said she was attacked by gangsters and it had nothing to do with the other employees. This make the other workers feel bad and started being good to Fah Sai. Fon Thip was embarrassed to have a sister who was a server. This made Athip and Fon Thip argue often, Fon Thip didn't like Athip at all because she saw him as a poor student from another province, he wasn't worthy of her sister. Chadachat didn't give up bother Fah Sai at the restaurant. Pornreudee began to feel sorry for Fah Sai and saw the goodness in the girl she once thought was lower class, had a better personality than Chadachat who was a higher class.

Payak, a large stockholder of Tum's company came back from abroad. He made it seem as if he was interested in Tum's sister, Pornreudee, but Pornreudee showed no affection towards him because she believed that women didn't need to be married to be successful. Tum wanted his sister to start a family so he allowed Payak to get close to his sister until Pornreudee became soft. However, she still didn't promise that she would marry Payak.

Tum's restaurant business met with a bigger problem when Suchin stole the new fusion Thai and Western recipes and sold them to a new franchise company. Tum intended to promote the new menu to help with the low profits. They were stolen and used by the competitor, without knowing that the owner of the new business was Payak. They were almost going out of business so Fah Sai begged Aroon to teach her the recipes from the palace so she could help Tum. Aroon couldn't bear to see Fah Sai sad so she taught Fah Sai. Tum and Fah Sai were able to save the company and the customers were all a rage over the food made from recipes from the palace. It was food people never tasted before. Fah Sai was accepted by all the chefs and was able to become the youngest chef in the company. She also got an award for the newest chef from the Thai Food Association.

Chadachat became more envious of Fah Sai. She was stressed so she went to see Tien See and Ampol. Tien See told her to not care about society. Tien See's mother was the president of Forwarding Women in Society but Tien See was doing the opposite. She slept with Ampol without getting married and also flirted with other guys. Chadachat began to be like Tien See and went out at night. She met Payak who was drinking with customers at a bar. Payak and Chadachat got to know each other quickly and Payak helped her out with her company. Eventually, they slept together. Prajuab and Amnard decided to adopt Sarika. Chadachat completely lost face, she thought of going back and breaking up Tum and Fah Sai. She intended to use Athip to make Tum jealous. Tum was jealous of Athip and had an argument with Fah Sai. He thought of going back to Chadachat to make Fah Sai jealous. Chadachat used this opportunity to go back to Tum and refused the money from Payak. However, Payak and Chadachat's meeting was brought to Pornreudee's attention. Pornreudee was sad and she broke off the engagement with Payak.

Payak was furious because his objective of marrying Pornreudee was so that he could take Pornreudee's share of the company. Payak called to blackmail Amnard into selling his stocks at a low price or else he would reveal that Chadachat was pregnant with him. Amnard was distraught and had a heart attack and died. Sarika went to find Chadachat who was trying to drug Tum and scolded her for causing Amnard's death. Tum was shocked that his friend was a bad person with evil intentions towards his family from the beginning. Chadachat went to see Payak but Payak caused her to fall down the stairs and she suffered a miscarriage. Payak thought Chadachat was dead so he hired people to dispose of her body in the outskirts of town.

Fah Sai was forced to leave Wonderful Flavors Restaurant because Aroon found out she and Tum were lying about being boyfriend/girlfriend. Aroon was very angry at Tum and took her grandchildren and moved to the outskirts and opened up a small food stall. Fah Sai met Chadachat by accident and was able to help her.

At Fah Sai's home, Chadachat realized that the poor people she once degraded actually had good and kind hearts. They weren't like her, who thought she was higher than them, but would do such distasteful things. Chadachat apologized to Fah Sai and promised she would return the company that Amara took from Fah Sai back. Fah Sai pitied Chadachat very much. When Tum came to make up with her, she lied saying that she had married Athip already. The truth was Athip moved into Fah Sai's house because he was getting married to Fon Thip. Fah Sai wanted Tum to end up with Chadachat, but Chadachat repented and said she won't be going back to Tum again. Instead she intended to get revenge on Payak.

Chadachat met up with Payak to discuss taking back Amnard's stocks to her or else she would tell the police he was the one who tried to kill her. Payak pretended to agree, he took Chadachat to get the documents with the intention of killing her. However Tum brought the police to help in time because Fah Sai found out that Chadachat was meeting with Payak, so she told Tum.

Payak was arrested. Tum bought back all of Amnard's stocks and gave them to Chadachat before returning to Fah Sai. However Fah Sai and her family had already moved away. Tum looked everywhere for her, until he found her and proposed to her. He knew that she was really a blue blood who embodied the very essence of kindess and beauty. Tum used the house that was repossessed by Amara to engage Fah Sai. Fah Sai didn't know that Tum had bought the house for a long time already. Fah Sai and everyone was happy to go back to their home once again.

THE END Credit-Noiki-SpicyForum

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