Sao Noi 2012

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Sao Noi 2012
Sao Noi 2012


  • Title: สาวน้อย / Sao Noi
  • Also known as: Little Girl
  • Duration: 34 Episodes
  • Genre: Period/Romance/Drama
  • Popularity: Rating for the first episode: 0.7 --- Rating for the last episode: 1.4
  • Air time: Saturday & Sunday
  • Broadcast network: Channel 9
  • Broadcast period: July 14, 2012 --- November 25, 2012
  • Theme song: ยังรักยังรอ แก้ม กุลกรณ์พัชร์
  • Related to: Sao Noi 2002

Production Credits

  • Producer: Chatchai Surasit
  • Director: Add info here
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: Exact & Scenario



San is the son of Prachan Chalasai the Ministry of Finance who has great talent in oil painting. After finishing his studies in the Philippines, San returns to Thailand to marry Suwalee. Her ex-boyfriend Thana holds a grudge against San because San won over him because he is old money. San then learns that his father remarried a night club singer Marasee. He argues with his father, and he despises Marasee, making her accuse him and making him angry. San runs away from home to stay with his friend Booma, but on the way he is attacked.

When San wakes up, he finds himself in the harbor with no memory recollection. San wanders into an export company and the owner helps him and names him Siang. He works on the ship, and one day, it passes by Seechan Island. Siang hears beautiful singing and jumps off the boat. He swims toward the island and becomes exhausted. As Siang sinks to the seafloor, Nid, a lady in the island, saves him. Nid brings Siang to nurse in her home.

Siang falls in love with Nid at first sight and asks to stay with her. But Nid's mother Nim, brother Neua, and crusher Chuer are not happy with his stay. Siang helps Nid with her chores, makes a new house, and does everything for her. Finally, he wins Nid over, but Chuer is still uneasy. One day, Nid and her mom take their produce to sell. Their vendor rival is unhappy and her daughter Tattim likes Siang, making the gangster Man make trouble with Siang, but Chuer helps him. Prachan begs Suwalee and Boomma to keep San's disappearance a secret.

Seechan Island has a celebration at the temple, and Tattim makes herself the center of attention as usual. But as soon as Nid gets up to sing, everyone falls in love with her voice. Then Tattim becomes the reason of some chaos. Chuer gets avenged by Man, and Siang helps him and gets a wounded leg. From then on, Chuer accepts Siang as his friend. Unable to walk, Nid takes care of Siang, and he finds out that he knows English and can paint. He uses Nid as his model and names the painting "Sao Noi". They go out on a small island together and have a good time one-on-one. As days passes, the more Siang falls in love with Nid until he can't help but kiss her and Nid returns his feeling. Siang decides to ask for Nid's hand in marriage. Her mom grants it. Chuer tells Siang to take good care of Nid or he will kill him and Chuer leaves the island.

Tom, San's painting instructor, comes to visit San at home and finds out that he is missing and goes traveling to find San. He comes upon Seechan Isalnd and sees the painting and makes contact to buy it. Here, Tom meets Siang, but he can't remember his teacher. Siang sells the painting to buy a ring for Nid. Tom sends a telegraph to Prachan, and he arrives on the day of their wedding. Siang is unable to recognize his father and refuses to go with him without Nid. Prachan does as Siang wishes.

Prachan brings Nid and Siang to Bangkok, and he has a surgery. The operation is successful, and when he wakes up, San sees Suwalee next to him. Unfortunately, his memories of Seechan Isalnd are gone. San is unable to even remember the woman that he loves with all of his heart. Nid is shocked that person she loves cannot remember her and is getting chase away by him. However, Nid refuses to accept money from Prachan or to return to Seechan Island. She wants to find a job in Bangkok. Suwalee is afraid that if they get close to one another, San will remember Nid one day. Thus, she refers Nid to go work as a servant for Khun Ying Mali and Praya Natamoon, who adores her. Nid sends money home but hides her situation.

Some events led San to leave his government job, and he ends up going away to paint. He is baffled with his love of the sea. As a servant, Nid ends up taking English lessons in replace of Khun Nu Paka who despises learning. Moreover, Nid learns manner from Khun Ying Mali, and frequently when she reads to Praya Natamoon, he tells her teachings. One day, Nid oversees Khun Ying Mali cheating on her husband with Luang Jingda. Before she can tell Praya Natamoon, Khun Ying Mali catches Nid and gets her accused of a crime and Nid is jailed.

Nid gets abused by the prisoners but is saved by Chot, a former famous lakorn actress and owner. They become good friends with their love of singing and theater. Nid's friend Kaew tells the truth to Praya Natamoon about his wife's adultery, and he helps Nid. She is released when Chot is too, and they seek to bring back the fame of her theater. They plan to open the lakorn "Sao Son Sanae" (Two Women's Tickery). The famous nangek Pisamai teases Nid in fear that she will steal the lead. But Chot protects her and this makes Pisamai angrier. Nid accepts the supporting role and Pisamai is able to grab the lead role.

After the lakorn opens and have some success, Pisamai starts slacking and coming late. Chot makes Nid the lead. At first the audience booed her, but when Nid started to sing, they praise her heavenly voice. Boomma comes to watch on that day, applauds Nid, and writes about her. Nid becomes the new rising actress Wanida, but she refuses to accept interviews, recordings, and jobs. She doesn't forget herself and still goes to take care of Praya Natamoon.

San opens a drawing shop. Suwalee is happy but is embarrassed at him not having any job title and the bad business. Wanida knows that the shop is doing badly, so she goes to hire San to paint her. At first sight, he is mesmerized by her beauty, and when they meet every day, they start to get close. Suwalee sees Wanida at the shop but doesn't remember her. San finishes the painting and brings it to Wanida at the theater. San meets Boomma here, and finally, San knows that Wanida is a famous actress. She invites San and Boomma to her house and allows Booma to interview her and publish her photo on the cover. This made San's shop famous and jobs starts coming to him. Suwalee investigates Wanida's background and learns that she came from the countryside. Suwalee supports San again since the shop is famous.

Wanida prepares a new lakorn and contracts San to help on the set. The more San sees Wanida rehearse her singing and the more he gets closer to her, the more he falls for her. In addition, Boomma is hitting on Kaew too. Wanida tests San by telling him of her pass about having a outsider love but when he returned to the city, he abandoned her to be with a noble lady. San is angry for her. Neua and Chuer come to the theater, and Wanida doesn't want them to see San. Wanida makes up the story that Siang died from the surgery. She asks them to keep it a secret from her mom and gives money to her brother to build a house. Wanida asks to stay for another year. Kaew is happy to see Neua, but he doesn't care. However, this makes Boomma jealous. Chuer starts to be hopeful again and moves back to Seechan Island.

The new lakorn "Sakorn Tala Ork" becomes even more famous than the first one. Wanida starts to sing for a record label, making a lot of money. She gives the money to repay Praya Natamoon, but instead, he instead buys her a car. Wanida starts to come out, going to luxury shops and attending functions. San teaches Wanida to drive, and they become even closer. While driving far away, they share their thoughts and love of art, furthering making them fall in love. They eat out, watch movies, and stay late together. Suwalee learns of it and comes to claim him, fighting with Wanida a lot, but San is indifferent. Prachan warns San. Wanida faces Prachan and he discovers who she is. Wanida tells him that she will definitely make herself suitable for San.

Suwalee plans to hold a big function to show that she is on top of the societal ladder and to make fun of Wanida. Her plan backfires when Wanida ends up knowing English and how to conduct herself. Wanida sings and becomes the star of the event. Suwalee is angry and after the event, she has a tantrum to discover that her family's finances are bad. The new lakorn "Neua Noi" (The Little Mermaid) is in preparation, and San draws the beautiful underworld world. San asks to paint Wanida's portrait to enter a competition. He paints her every day. Boomma is still chasing Kaew especially after she came out in Suvalee's f unction. Kaew is shy but is secretly pleased. Suwalee comes to see Wanida rehearse and hears her talk about saving a prince but a princess came to steal him away. This gets Suwalee suspicious. "Neua Noi" opens and it receives praises but some are unsatisfied with the sad ending. Son watches the lakorn and starts to remember the image of him drowning and a beauty woman saving him. But Suwalee starts to get him with repaying her generosity.

In the country, Luang Jingda makes a move on Paka and he fights with Khun Ying Mali. They return to Bangkok, and Paka brings her mom to see the lakorn. Khun Ying Mali recognizes that Wanida is Nid. San finishes Wanida's painting and sends it to the competition, and he wins. Suwalee holds a celebratory party and invites Wanida too. She plans to blow up Wanida's cover in front of the reporters that she faked her background and is only the daughter of a countryside islander. Khun Ying Mali comes out as a witness, but Praya Natamoon comes in to say that Wanida is now his adopted daughter. San sends Wanida home and apologizes. He kisses her and tells her he loves her. He makes up his minds to choose her. Wanida feels like she has won.

Suwalee is feeling down and goes to meet Thana. Thana beds her and the next morning, Suwalee is shocked and tells Thana to keep it a secret. Neua comes to tell Wanida that their mom is sick. Wanida and Kaew return to Seechan Isalnd and is welcomed back warmly by the islanders. Wanida nurses her mom to health. Chuer tries to get close to Wanida, but she tells Chuer that she still thinks of him as an older brother like before. Back in Bangkok, San and Boomma are both confused. San confessed to his father that he loves Wanida. However, Prachan tells San to think of the good, faithfulness, nobility, and perfection of Suwalee.

The cops finally capture Sinakun the person who harmed San, and Sin confesses that the one who hired him was Thana. San goes to hit Thana and tells him that they are equal now. Suwalee doesn't want her secret uncover, so she begs San to not press charges. Suwalee misses her period, and she goes to tell Thana. He mocks Suwalee and urges her to choose San because he knows well that she resents his family. Thana only bedded her for revenge. Suwalee confronts her mom and gets her to lie to San that during when he lost his memory, San had Suwalee already and for him to take responsibility for the baby.

Wanida returns to Bangkok. Suwalee goes to meet her, tells Wanida that she is pregnant with San, and asks Wanida to make way. Wanida is shocked, and San comes to break up with her. She gives San back his ring. Wanida plays "Neua Noi" and was sadder than usual and touched the audience. Her picture is sent to a Paris competition and wins. A letter with the information is sent to San, but Prachan hides the letter.

While San is preparing for the wedding, he sneaks to watch Wanida play the final show of "Neua Noi". In the finale, Wanida faints. San tries to get to Wanida, but Suwalee comes to intercept him first. Wanida returns to Seechan Island. San apologizes to Marasee for misunderstanding her. Marasee feels that she has finally won over San. At Seechan Island, Wanida is sick and slips out the whole situation. Neua is shocked, but Chuer is in revengeful rage.

After the morning ceremony of San and Suwalee's wedding, Marasee steals the letter from Prachan to give to San. After reading it, San is confused about his past with Nid. In the celebratory party in the evening, Chuer comes in to shoot San. San can't remember him. Chuer isn't able to go through with the shot and misses. San falls and remembers everything. Suwalee trips down the stairs and miscarries. The secret is busted at the ceremony. Chuer is jailed, and San goes see him. Chuer argues with him. San asks him about what happened. Kaew comes to tell San that Nid is dying…

Translated and Paraphrased by: LakornGods

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Vietnam BTV4 Tình Khúc Đảo Thiên Thần


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