Tang Khai Lome...Prome Mai Likit

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Tang Khai Lome...Prome Mai Likit
Tang Khai Lome...Prome Mai Likit


  • Title: Tang Khai Lome...Prome Mai Likit
  • Also known as: ตั้งไข่ล้มพรหมไม่ลิขิต
  • Duration: How Many Episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Comedy/Action ???
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Wednesday 10:00pm ???
  • Broadcast network: Channel 7
  • Broadcast period: August 21, 1999
  • Theme song: "theme song" Artist Name

Production Credits

  • Producer: Add info here
  • Director: Add info here
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: Dara Video


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  • May Contain Spoilers


Her ladyship (Madam) Thipwun, a rich properous widow of Thailand is sad and in grieve because her only son Jakarin (Brook). Whom has left to study oversea for nearly 12 years ago and is refusing to return to Thailand. As for her ladyship Thipwun herself is ill and wouldn't ride a plane beause of her fear of flight. So she is unable to go look for him. No matter how many people she sends to bring him back, Jakarin is in denial of returning. Her ladyship is out of wisdom and has no idea what else to do but grieve. __HIDER__

<hide> One day, there were news from the Thai embassy that Jakarin was involved in an accident and has lost his life. Wilailak is the daughter of Wilard, an attorney of the family who receive the tragic news from the Thai embassy. Wilard made a plan with wilailak and Monat, a permanent doctor of her ladyship. They had tricked her ladyship that her son, Jakarin will return very soon. Kantima (Kob), a long distance niece of her ladyship went along with the plan because she didn't want to see her ladyship unhappy. The plan was to bring Thangmo (Brook), an egg salesman who unbelievably looks like Jakarin. Wilard thinks he'll give Thangmo surgery to the areas that needs to be remove in order for Thangmo to look like Jakarin. They already had faith that Thangmo's face structure looks amazingly like Jakarin. But there are areas that just needs to be under surgery. Her ladyship wouldn't be able to recognize Jakarin because he has grown from his early years.

Thangmo, an egg salesman lives near the temple in Ayoutiya. He has a very tranquility life, very easy going, benevolent, faithful, grateful, excellent, and oh too good that heaven should take him to live with them. Thangmo is a hi-tech egg salesman. He's very enthusiatic when it comes to selling his eggs. Light cooked, medium cook, too cook or bael fruit. Whatever his customers desires, Thangmo can do it all. His customers range from little kids to American tourist. That's why Thangmo is able to speak a word or two of english. Thangmo lives with his mother, Cher, sister name Lumyai, and a 10 year old brother name Longkong. Whom has been helping Thangmo sell eggs. Thangmo's mother sell fruits in the same area, along with Lumyai. Lumyai is a modernized teen and tongue-lashing...that's why she always gets into arguements with other saleswoman near the area. In the same area, there's a saleswoman who also sells eggs name Maleke. She has fallen in love with Thangmo. But Thangmo only sees her as a younger sister.

Wilard went to ask Thangmo to accept his offer, but failed. Thangmo felt that it's a trick. Thangmo's family wants Thangmo to accept the offer because they want money. But Thangmo on the other hand feels he doesn't know what he'll do with the money when he's already happy with his life. He feels sorry for his customers too if he accepts the offer. Then they wouldn't have any eggs to eat. No matter how many times Wilailak and Monat tried to persuade Thangmo, he would refuse. Until one day, Wilard told Kantima to try to persuade Thangmo. Thangmo was stunned when he first saw Kantima, as if she were his dream lady but he didn't show how he felt. At last, Thangmo decided to accept the job offer. Thangmo went to Bangkok and everyone welcomed him. All the servants were told that Jakarin was involved in an accident, therefore had amnesia. Thinking his name is Thangmo, an egg salesman from Ayoutiya. Therefore he is brought back home to help bring back his memory. Wilailak and Wilard took Thangmo to travel around Bangkok. To the places they thought he's never experience. All the fun and exciting places but Thangmo on the other hand didn't like it at all. Kantima then took Thangmo to the places that he enjoys most. Which is to the temple. Kantima graduated from learning about ancient history, therefore knows alot about ancient temples. The two then felt closer. But Thangmo still doesn't show his true feelings.

It was time for Thangmo to go under plastic surgery but he refuses for anyone to touch him. But he was forced. Thangmo underwent a very successful surgery. Everything that needed to be done was done successfully. Until Thangmo unbelievably looked like Jakarin. Thangmo doesn't feel too good about his relationship between him and Kantima. Kantima knows that she has to be engaged to Thangmo but cannot accept it. Thangmo is a villager, and she is from a hig-class society who graduated with a degree. Thangmo's many village ways made Kantima have a version for. She couldn't accept and is disgust by him. But she tries to hide it but no matter how hard she tries, it would slip. It made Kantima even more confused. The connection between Thangmo and Kantima isn't quite that smooth. Thangmo could read what Kantima felt. When Thangmo realizes Kantima couldn't accept him, he would just compel and have sorrow. It was time for Thangmo to become an Jakarin. Thangmo had to learn how to walk right, speak Thai correctly and act like Jakarin. Souvanee is his teacher who teaches him proper Thai. Sakhone is the teacher who teaches him english. Teaching him the right pronounciation and punctuation of english. Winai teaches Thangmo how to act properly. The way to eat, dress and behave maturely inorder to fit in the high-class society.

Thangmo's next adventure is to learn how to drive a car. Even though he enjoys driving, he is just an accident waiting to happen. One day, her ladyship was very ill. Kantima was alone in the house so she called Thangmo to carry her ladyship and took her to the hospital. Thangmo would always feel guilty because he had to trick an adult. Including his connection between him and Kantima. He had to face her even though he knows she was digust by him. Thangmo had already fallen madly in love with Kantima. Another issue was that he's feeling confused about the other guys in her life. They are Goh, a rich guy friend and Tol, a neat and gentle guy friend of Kantima. And also Yabootgha, whom is trying to find fault with Thangmo.

Thangmo would always think about packing his bags and return to Ayoutiya but until he had conversations with her ladyship, he felt sorry for her and realized how he could help a grieving lady to become well. So he decided to stay and continue with the work but still feeling guilty. Promising himself that he'll try to forget about Kantima and keep the promise he gave. At the same time, he had a suspicous feeling about Wilard, Wilailak and Monat. Sometimes the father and daughter would make Thangmo sign Jakarin's signature in a plain piece of paper. Or sometimes have him record his voice saying he needed money. Not only that but also make an identification card as Jakarin. Thangmo had to consult with Kantima because he didn't know who to consult with. Thangmo then sees the connection between Goh and Tol and couldn't do anything about it but being hurt.

At that same time, Kantima's disgust feeling toward Thangmo suddenly started changing. The real person of Thangmo had appeared to Kantima. The living and life of Thangmo, being a man, his faithful ways, clean image and gentle self had shown Kantima that a good person doesn't have to be rich nor poor. Kantima began to feel confused about her feelings. And doesn't want to accept it. She tries to hide her feelings. No matter how many times she tried to push him away, the closer he's by her. The only feeling that she was certain is when she sees Thangmo getting closer to one of the servants, Sangdao. A pretty servant of the house. Kantima would feel enraged seeing them together and even more with Wilailak whom is having good feelings towards Thangmo as well. Because of her close connection towards Thangmo.

At last, the day that her ladyship Thipwun has been waiting for. Her only son, Jakarin has arrived in Thailand. Even though she complains how much her son had changed, she's very happy to see him. She would always call Thangmo to come see her. Let him stay close to her at all times. Thangmo felt good inside that her ladyship is happy. He feels happy that he's close with an elder person whom he made very happy. It was going as planned. Wilard, Wilailwak and Monat on the other hand are having more plans of their own. They want to find a way for her ladyship to sign her property and inheritance and give all to the fake Jakarin. So they can transfer it to them at the end. One day, Thangmo saw Maleke selling eggs in Bangkok unexpectedly. He went to talk to her without realizing who he's suppose to be. Wilard and Wilailak had to trick Maleke that Thangmo is just working for them. The two had a feeling that Maleke is going to make things more difficult. Maleke was addicted to gambling and she owed lots of money. So she had to find her way in the house to see Thangmo to ask for money. In that way, she found out what was going on. At the time that Maleke was gone for awhile, her ladyship held an engagement ceremony for Thangmo and Kantima. Still, Thangmo didn't show his true affection for Kantima.

Kantima herself decided that she cannot love Thangmo. A graduated degree with a knowledge of only 6th grade is too far apart. Wilard had to begin the plan before Thangmo and Kantima married. As an attorney of the family, he suggested to her ladyship that she give her inheritance to Thangmo before the marriage. Her ladyship reluctantly agreed to his suggestion and gave all her inheritance to Thangmo. After that, Wilard told Thangmo to sign his owning to him. Thangmo refused and consulted with Kantima again. It's the first time that Thangmo refuse their order. Thangmo got news from Ayoutiya that they found Maleke's body. Thangmo was in grieve and mourned. He cursed to whoever killed Maleke. Wilard still ordered Thangmo to sign the contract for him but still refuse. Wilard was gonna force Thangmo to sign the contract then kill him. Afterall, the real Jakarin is already dead. But is he really? On the day of the ceremony for her ladyship's only son. There were many guests attending. From Thai officials to other high-class guests from other countries. Thangmo felt nervous and scared while everyone prepared for the ceremony. Thangmo had to start the ceremony with a greeting in english because of other American guests. Thangmo practiced everyday with the face of paranoia. The time is almost here.

Thangmo couldn't take it any longer. To see himself on stage. He had to run away. The ceremony started and Jakarin with an image that looks like Thangmo as of the same picture. Standing on stage and speaking in english, greeting all the guests. Then all the secrets were finally revealed. Thangmo decided to enter priesthood. Because he felt it's the best thing for him. The real Jakarin looked at his son and wife's picture and told his mother that he's going back. Her ladyship knows she couldn't stop her son. Jakarin told her he doesn't care or want her property. And he told her to give everything to Kantima because she took care of her for quite a long time now. But Wilard said everything belonged to him. Because her ladyship gave it to Thangmo and it was transferred to him. Kantima then needed to bring Thangmo back to help clear the mess. Lastly, Jakarin took her ladyship to see her nephew. That day, Kantima told Thangmo that if he enters priesthood then she'll risk becoming a sin person and will invade the temple.

After everything was revealed, everyone later found out that Jakarin had arrived in Thailand for awhile already. He just didn't show up to the house. He wanted to watch the three criminals that tries to take advantage of his mother. And now those three are punished. Kantima realized the only person who truly loves her was Thangmo. Jakarin told Kantima that he has to go back to England and he is unable to take care of his mother. He asked her and Thangmo to take care of her for him. Thangmo was relief that Jakarin wasn't angry at him for impostering him. Jakarin told Kantima to give Thangmo a little more education so that she wouldn't feel she's in love with a miseducated guy. Thangmo and Kantima both admitted that they loved each other and the two then lived happily ever after. Kantima knows she truly loves him...no matter who he is. Thangmo or an egg salesman. The End

</hide> </showhide>


credits to kobkorner.com

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