Cheewit Puer Kah Huajai Puer Tur 2017

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Mo & Jes
Ak, Mo & Jes


  • Title: ชีวิตเพื่อฆ่าหัวใจเพื่อเธอ / Cheewit Puer Kah Huajai Puer Tur
  • Also known as: My Life is to Kill, My Love is for You
  • Duration: ?? Episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Romance/Action
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Mon-Tues @ 8:30PM
  • Broadcast network: ONE HD
  • Broadcast period: March 27, 2017 -- ON AIR
  • Theme songs: Opening: Wan Nee Mee Tae Tur (Today I Have You) by Ae Jirakorn

Ending: Kae Mee Tur (Just Having You) by Pijika

Date Episode Rating Nationwide (AGB Nielsen)
27-03-2017 1 (Premier) 1.0
28-03-2017 2 1.3
03-04-2017 3 TBD
04-04-2017 4 TBD
TBA TBA (Finale) TBD
Average total: TBD

Production Credits

  • Producer: Khun Pon Piewnaen
  • Director: Kongkiat Komesiri
  • Screenwriter:
  • Company Name: Exact - Scenario



Cheewit Puer Kah Huajai Puer Tur is a modern day Romeo and Juliet love story.

Wayu (Jes), the number one assassin, has an introverted personality. He does not like associating with anyone. Wayu works with other hitmen under Surasee (Captain), their boss. Surasee opens a pub as a front and has Wayu pose as a bartender. Pavarin (Mo) is a sculptor who just recently graduated from America. She is also the daughter of Thanatat (Willie), a frozen foods business owner, who is involved in illegal drug trafficking. By fate, Wayu and Pavarin meet at the park often and eventually grow fond of one another.

Surasee is hired by Thanatat to kill Thanatat's business rival due to conflicting interests. However, Surasee gives the job to Wayu. On the day of the incident, though Wayu accomplishes the mission, Pavarin, who was also in the area, gets injured. Sarut (Ak), a young police officer who is Pavarin's childhood friend and secret admirer, steps in to work on the case.

Due to Thanatat's drug trade, his enemies target Pavarin for revenge. However, luckily, Wayu comes in and saves her. This causes their relationship to grow deeper and eventually turns into love. When Thanatat finds out that his daughter is dating an assassin, he orders people to kill Wayu. But Surasee finds out and threatens Thanatat that if he does anything to Wayu, he will do the same to Pavarin. Therefore, Thanatat backs out.

Marisa (Woonsen), a singer at Surasee's pub who is in love with Wayu, gets kidnapped by Thanatat's men after accidentally overhearing their conversation. She escapes with the help of Komsorn, a new drug dealer from the North, who is also Thanatat's rival. When Thanatat discovers this, he hires Wayu to kill Komsorn, hoping to kill two birds with one stone. That is, get rid of his enemies and also reveal to Pavarin the true identity of the man she's in love with. This plan of his becomes successful. When Pavarin discovers that Wayu is an assassin, she breaks up with him. Heartbroken, Wayu considers quitting his job as an assassin.

When Sarut finds out about Thanatat's drug business, he aims for an arrest, but Thanatat offers him a deal to get engaged to Pavarin and frame Surasee. Sarut accepts the offer. Surasee is furious that Thanatat backstabbed him so he orders his men to bomb Pavarin and Sarut's engagement party. Wayu finds out about this and rushes over to save Pavarin. The two run away together in hopes of starting a new life together overseas. However, more problems arise when Sarut puts out a warrant for both Wayu and Surasee. A love filled with obstacles, where will Wayu and Pavarin's fate bring them? Who will survive the battle between Surasee and Thanatat?

cr @TubbyTinker / revised by toomo


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