Dong Poo Dee

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Dong Poo Dee
Dong Poo Dee (TV Magazine)
Mart & Taew


  • Title: Dong Poo Dee
  • Also known as: ดงผู้ดี / Blue Blood Territory/Jungles of the Artristocrats
  • Duration: 32 Episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Period
  • Popularity: Rating of 7
  • Air time: Fri-Sun @ 8:30PM
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: Apr. 10, 2009 - May 10, 2009
  • Theme song: "Nok Kamin" Payong Mookda

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“Dong Poo Dee” is the story about Kom (Nataporn Taemeeruk) a young girl who grew up with her mother who has amnesia. The two are supported by Kru (Teacher) Sompon who is the owner of a school. Kae faints on the day that Kru Som Poo throws a party for his older brother. She meets Pitroongplai and remembers everything. Kae entrusts Kom in his hands before she dies. Once they are done with his funeral Pit takes Kom to Krung Thep (Bangkok) and entrusts her with a friend name Rangsan Rathanadaychagon (Chatchai Plerngpanit) to take care of and give her an education equal to his daughters Ratirot and Podjanee, but in truth Rangsan and Bugha his wife doesn’t like Kom and treats her as a servant.

Once Pid or Ek who is named Chawan Sooropdin goes out of the country he doesn’t send back any news, but he sends a younger relative named Chat Siyam (Mart Krisada Ponweroj) who is studying in England to take care of Kom if anything were to ever happen to him. Chat Siyam gives a doll to Kom and this leaves a great impression on her. The doll is then taken by Bugha out of jealousy. Palin who is the older sister of Rangsan and Knun Ying Ratanadachaigon are curious that Kom is the child of Kaenpa the entire time. Kom’s habitation there causes her to get ridiculed about her parents often even if she tries hard to study and learn to the point where she earned a grant and school funding which there is Poodjanee who is there to be envious of her and look down on her all the time.

Pit dies and leaves a will for Kom, once Chat Siyam returns he takes care of Kom from afar, but refuses to tell her about Pit. As for Bugha she see’s him come often and tries to get close to him, but the young man doesn’t care for her because he has a lover named Roong Ga Yot already. The more Kom grows the more Khun Ying Ratanaichaigon and Pailin more sure and they go to Chat Siyam to ask bout Pit’s background. Chat Siyam decides to open the document that Pit left behind for Kom. In which in that document it writes about the truth about Kom’s paternity. Once Rangsan finds out the truth he feels bad for the things he did to his wife, child, and friend, all the while Kom is unable to tolerate it; no matter what Rangsan does to make up for the things he did. After Kom goes abroad for school Chat Siyam marries Roonggayot who is sickly as for Rangsan he is also often gets sick all the time.

In England Kom is getting close to Piya, as for Khun Rangsan he who is sick from cancer wants to see Kom for the last time. Khun Pailin writes a letter to trick Kom into coming home to speak her last words with her dying father. Right that instant Piya comes to see her often causing Chat Siyam to be really jealous, and protective. But the love that appears to be forbidden for the two how will it end up? We have to see it in the lakorn, “Dong Poo Dee”.

Credit to [Entinament]



  • Nataraja Awards (2009) for Best Art Direction

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