Duang Jai Akkanee

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Duangjai Akkanee
Duangjai Akkanee
Duangjai Akkanee




Destined to become enemies due to the rivalry beginning from their parent's generation, Akkanee (Fai) and Ajjima (Jeed) can never seem to get along. On the contrary, Heaven seemed to have other plans for them. After an unforgettable misunderstanding and the rivalry between the two families, their lives were forever intertwined.

The flowers will start to blossom, but can Fai and Jeed destroy the white fence that is dividing their lands and families? Will Thailand's Romeo and Juliet have a happy ending?

2 family farms Akkanee (Fai's family) and Ajjima (Jeed's family) living next to each other. They were once friends, but ever since something happens, those 2 families never got along and always try to compete with each other at everything. Fai (p'ek) and Jeed (n'ek) never got along because of the family problem or misunderstanding. Fai not understanding if he really fell in love with Jeed or just wants to take responsibility for something he did. After his 2 brothers helped him find his answer he realizes he loved her. Fai now promised to himself that he will in any way make his "love" for Jeed work and make everyone realize that "love" can do anything. Jeed and Fai would always tease each other or argue each time they saw each other. Jeed who also fell in love with Fai but would never say it out or demonstrated it, but she knows that it can't happen because of their family situation. Fai is always trying to encourage her that if we never even start to try how would we know? But they face obstacles in their way, a guy that wants to trick Jeed's dad, and want to have Jeed, also Jeed's brother owes money from gambling. Will Fai and Jeed be able to make their love and overcome these obstacles, and will Fai ever forget his first love? Will Jeed and Fai destroy the white fence dividing their land, hatred, and families apart?? Will Jeed ever tell Fai how she feels? Or will Jeed's dad never accept Fai's dads apologies? Will Jeed and Fai get together as a happy ending or will they separate and still have a grudge for each other?

Awards and Nominations

Year Award/Recognition Category Nominee Result
2010 Top Awards Best Rising Actress Urassaya Sperbund Won
Best Rising Actor Nadech Kugimiya Won
Seesan Buntherng Awards Female Rising Star Urassaya Sperbund Won
Male Rising Star Nadech Kugimiya Won
TV3 Fanclub Awards Female Rising Star Urassaya Sperbund Won
Male Rising Star Nadech Kugimiya Won
Mthai Top Talk Awards Top Talk About Actress Urassaya Sperbund Won
Nataraj Award Best Actor Nadech Kugimiya Nominated
TV Gold Awards Best Actor Nadech Kugimiya Nominated
2011 Siam Dara Awards Female Rising Star Urassaya Sperbund Won
Male Rising Star Nadech Kugimiya Won
Daradaily the Great Awards Rising Star Actress of the Year Urassaya Sperbund Won
Bang Award 2011 Boy of the Year Nadech Kugimiya Won
Girl of the Year Urassaya Sperbund Nominated
Ooops Magazines Awards Best On Screen Couple Nadech Kugimiya & Urassaya Sperbund Won


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