Duay Rang Athitarn

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Duay Rang Athitarn- Pancake and Weir
Duay Rang Athitarn


  • Title: ด้วยแรงอธิษฐาน / Duay Rang Athitarn
  • Also known as:
  • Duration: 16 Episodes
  • Genre: Drama
  • Popularity: Rating of 10, the last episode got a 16
  • Air time: Mon-Tue @ 8:30PM
  • Broadcast network: Channel 7
  • Broadcast period: July 12, 2010 - ???
  • Theme song: "Thong Chod Chai" Pancake Khemanit Jamikorn
  • Relate to: Doy Raeng A-thit-tarn

Production Credits

  • Producer:
  • Director: Odd Theerasuk Promngern
  • Screenwriter: Ping Lumpraplerng
  • Company Name: Kantana




Worada [Pancake Khemanit] the daughter of Waree [Anusara Junrungsi], a mistress to Prapoj [Taprakorn Disyanuntont] sneaked out of the house to go to Panit’s [Bee Matika], the daughter of Paka [Surangkana Sountornpanawech] birthday party. Panit and Paka never considered Worada or her mother as part of the family. Waree teaches her daughter to be persistent when ever Paka insult her. Worada was sitting in the garden, reading her favorite book when Krit [Weir Sukollawat ] saw her and fell in love with her for the first time. He went to talk to her and promise he’ll bring more of her favorite books. Worada thanked him and was happy.

Geua and Saipin has three children, Kademanee [Cream Premsiree], the oldest daughter, Krit, the middle and only son in the house, and Gamkaew [Amy Klinpratoom], the youngest, spoiled daughter. They live next door to Prapoj but Paka doesn’t like them very much. But her daughter, Panit, likes Krit.

Panit is a weak girl who doesn’t have that much confidence so she hangs out with Gamkaew, who is the smart one and likes to win everything and everybody. Panit likes Krit, as to where Gamkaew likes Piti [Arnas Lapanich], an officer who helps Prapoj with his work. Being a gentleman he is, Piti takes Panit and Gamkaew out to shopping all the time. Gamkaew doesn’t like Worada because Piti likes her. Krit invited Worada to go play at his house. Worada asked Krit about the secret hole in Krit’s house, Krit doesn’t know where it is so both of them went to find it and went down there together. Before returning home, Krit promise he’ll see Worada again. Worada didn’t agree and when Piti came to see Worada, he was sad to see her and Krit together. On his way back home, he got into a little finder binder with Kademanee’s car. The two got into an argument but he apologize later on. One day, Piti’s mom went grocery shopping and met Kademanee. The two got along and Piti’s mom wants Piti to get with Kademanee.

Gamkaew went over to Panit’s house and saw that Worada was talking to the gardener. Panit and Gamkaew went to tell on her and told Prapoj and Paka that Worada was doing something inappropriate with a guy. When they came back out, Worada was talking to Krit. Krit admitted it was all his fault and asked Worada’s hand in marriage. Kademanee told Piti about Krit getting married to Rada and that’s when she found out that Piti used to like Worada and Gamkaew likes Piti. That’s when she decided to stay distance from him but Piti tried many ways to make it up to her and she finally decided to marry Piti. When Gamkaew found out that Kademanee accepted Piti’s proposal, she told everyone that Kademanee stole Piti away from her so Piti and Kademanee decided to move away to Petchaboon.

Ever since the incident in the garden, Worada wasn’t able to see Krit anymore because of Paka, Gamkaew, and Panit. Worada was working hard that she became ill. Krit wanted to talk to Worada when he sees her but Paka convinced Krit that Worada was pregnant. Krit didn’t want to believe that. Worada also thought that Krit had a change of heart and went to like Panit. So both misunderstood each other. And the last time they saw each other was in the Krit’s backyard. After work, Worada came to see Krit in his backyard but he was no where to be found. But someone had hit her behind her neck and all she thought was that Krit is the one that hurt her. That someone took Worada and threw her in the secret hole where she later died. But before she died, she made a wish, asking to come back and get revenge on the person that hurt her.


Montira [Thanaporn Ratanasen] and Nikorn [Athiwat Sanitwong Na Ayuthaya] has a daughter named Natthamon [Pancake Khemanit], a little girl who was born with special powers that can control objects. Whenever Natthamon has nightmares, everything around her will float in the air and this cause a concern for her parents. They wanted to take her to the doctor but figured she was still young.

Then one day, Montira took her daughter to go make merits and the monk gave Montira a little Buddha and told Montira to raise her daughter well. He told her to teach Natthamon about forgiveness so it’ll be better for her future. As Natthamon grows up, the nightmares are still there. Montira told her not to be afraid and forgive and forget everything. But the more she gets older, the more she doesn’t listen. This becomes a concern for Montira.

When Natthamon got enrolled in school, she doesn’t like her classmate, Tisorn or Toey [Khet Tarakhet], the son of a big politician. Tisorn likes to pull on girls hair and when he pulled on Natthamon’s hair, she got mad and used her special power on him and eventually he got hurt. Montira knew it was Natthamon that did that to him and told her not do it again, Natthamon objects and both mother and daughter got into an argument. Natthamon knew ahead of time that her dad was about to get in a car accident and die so she went home to stay with her mom before Nikorn’s co=worker calls and tell Montira that her husband has passed away.

Worada later became friends with Tisorn and later met a new friend named Galika or Koongpang [Kratip Chawankorn], the daughter of Kademanee and Piti. Natthamon found out that Krit is actually Galika’s uncle and she knew right away that he is the person she should get revenge on.

Natthamon was sitting down reading an old book and Galika was confuse to why would Natthamon read an old book. Natthamon didn’t like the storyline to the book because the main girl is dumb enough to let a guy trick her and abandoned her just like Worada who let Krit trick her and died because of him.

Galika’s friend were all interested in Krit so they keep asking her about him. Even Natthamon wanted to know more about him that everyone else was surprise by it. Natthamon told her friends that she likes him and Galika approves because she didn’t want her uncle to get with Panita [Faai Nichanun], a widow who liked Krit for a long time. But the reason why Krit has no one is because he hasn’t forgotten about Worada.

Krit came to pick up Galika at school and was shock to see Natthamon because she look a lot like Worada. When Tisorn came to pick up Nattamon, he saw Galika and liked her right away. Natthamon helped the two become close because she knew both of them are good people.

Natthamon got ready to go to Galika’s birthday party at Krit’s house and when she got there, she was shock to see a vintage Thai house, her old house. Natthamon asked Galika about it and knew from her that Krit bought this house because everyone in the house died. As for the other house, Krit used it as his office. Natthamon wasn’t able to meet Krit because he was feeling ill so he couldn’t come down to join the party Krit saw Natthamon walking in the garden and wasn’t able to warn her in time when she bumped into the table that had Galika’s cake on top of it. Gamkaew blamed it on Galika but Krit defended her. Krit asked his niece about her friend and he finally knew from her that her name is Natthamon. Krit told Galika to ask if Natthamon wanted to come work as a secretary at his company. Natthamon agreed and Galika was happy she got the job.

On her first day of work, Natthamon met with Pisanu, Krit’s old secretary that was about to move to Chonburi. He taught her the foundation and concept of his work. That afternoon, Krit took Natthamon to a meeting, an office across from the vintage Thai house and there she meets Bungkot, the person she has to contact about work. After they left, Bungkot immediately called Panita. She doesn’t trust Natthamon so she tries to find ways to keep her away.

Gamkaew came into the office to see Krit’s new secretary and she was shock to see Natthamon look like Worada. After the meeting, Krit took Natthamon out to the pool. Before it used to be the secret hole that she had died in. He told her he was going to make a garden out of it. Krit then took Natthamon to meet Linjun. When Natthamon saw Linjun, she knew it was Panit that reincarnated and Linjun herself knew who Natthamon was so she got scared and ran away.

On the day of graduation, Montira met Krit who went to congratulate Galika and Natthamon The four went out to dinner and Montira noticed that Natthamon doesn’t like Krit and was sure that the guy her daughter has been having nightmares about is Krit. She’s feeling more concern that her daughter hasn’t forgotten about the past yet. Galika went back to Petchaboon to visit her parents, she showed them her graduation picture and they were shock to see Natthamon look a lot like Worada.

Panita didn’t like the fact that Natthamon had a picture of her and Krit placed on her work desk. She asked Krit if he wanted to go to Europe with her but Krit had other plans. She then asked if Natthamon was interested in working at her company but Natthamon rejected the offer. Panita was mad so when the servant came to give Natthamon her coffee, Panita pushed the servant so the coffee would fall on Natthamon but the coffee end up spilling on Panita. Panita was confused by the incident.

Gamkaew took Linjun to go see Krit and at the same time, Pairoj, Linjun’s father came to see his daughter and wanted to take her out. Gamkaew didn’t let him so the two got into an argument. Pairoj didn’t listen to Gamkaew so he took Linjun out. After they left, Gamkaew started acting up so Krit had to take her to the hospital. Pairoj apologized for what happened.

Natthamon was packing up her clothes to go to work with Krit in Chiang Rai. Krit promised Montira that he’ll look after Natthamon for her. At the airport, Natthamon was feeling nauseous and throwing up because she was afraid of heights. When they got to Chiang Rai, Krit wanted to take her up to their hotel room, but Natthamon didn’t want t go in the elevator because she was afraid of darkness and how small the elevator was. She even thought out loud and told Krit that he was going to kill her. Krit was confuse by her that but didn’t think much so he decided to take the stairs.

So when Natthamon have nightmares again, the objects around her floated in the air, Krit thought it was an earthquake so he went to ask the other people and they told him there was no earthquake. So he suspect Natthamon is hiding something from him.

Montira thanked Krit for dropping off Natthamon back home. The next day, Krit was being nice to Natthamon but she didn’t want that from him so she begins her plan to get revenge because she knows Krit is starting to suspect her.

Natthamon met Piti before he went back to Chiang Rai and she found out from him that Prapoj divorced Paka after Worada died and that he became a monk. As for Paka and Panit, both got hit by a car and died so Prapoj sold the house to Krit. Gamkaew saw Piti and Natthamon talking so she went and yelled at them. When Panita found out the Natthamon had returned from Chiang Rai, she called her people to go hurt Natthamon but everything didn’t go as plan when Panita’s people followed Natthamon’s car but they didn’t realize the person driving the car was Montira so Montira end up getting hurt by them. Natthamon promise to get back at the people who hurt Montira but her mom begged her not to do it but Natthamon didn’t listen.

When Panita found out that her plan didn’t work, she came up with another one. But Natthamon wasn’t afraid because she was waiting for them to come anyways. The first person Natthamon got was Bungkot. She made him have an illusion that maggots were crawling out of his mouth. As for the other two, Natthamon hurt them really bad that they end up in the hospital. When Panita found out that Natthamon isn’t a normal girl, she went to warn Krit about her but Krit didn’t pay attention. Natthamon made Panita have an illusion and made her see ghosts since she said that Natthamon was a ghost.

After work, Natthamon had asked Krit to meet her in the basement, Krit agreed and went down there to meet her. Natthamon told Krit the truth and that’s when he knew she is Worada who reincarnated. Krit wanted to tell her the truth but she wouldn’t listen. Instead she made objects fall and broke Krit’s leg and locked him up in the basement. She was hoping for him to yell for help but he didn’t so the person that lost this round was Natthamon. The next day, Natthamon told everyone to go find Krit and when they found him, Gamkaew wanted to take him to the hospital but Krit wanted to talk to Natthamon first.

Krit gave the ring that he was going to give Worada back to Natthamon. He told her that that day when he asked to meet up with Worada, he couldn’t go see her because his mom fell and broke her ankle so he told Gamkaew to go and tell her. But the next day Worada went missing and later was found dead. Natthamon was shock that it wasn’t Krit that killed her so she went to Linjun and Gamkaew and forced Linjun to tell the truth. Linjun was scared so she told Natthamon that it was all Gamkaew’s plan, including hitting Worada on the neck and dragging her down the hole and Gamkaew said that she’ll release her in the next few days but Worada end up dying first. Natthamon was angry that Gamkaew did this to her.

Gamkaew didn’t believe what she saw. Linjun could talk but it was Panit’s voice. When everything was exposed, Gamkaew admitted to doing wrong but said she is going to kill Natthamon again. Natthamon found out and used her special power on her that Gamkaew was scared. Krit begged her not to do it and asked to forgive his sister.

After that, Gamkaew became paralyzed and was being treated at the hospital. Krit sent Linjun away to study abroad. Natthamon kept her distance from Krit but still ask Galika about him. Natthamon took her mom to the beach and thought about what her mom taught her about love. She finally decided to call Krit but he wasn’t home so she became sad. Krit actually came to the beach to see Natthamon. The two made up and were finally happy.

As time pass, Galika was on her way back to Thailand after studying abroad, and Tisorn was there waiting for her. Natthamon and Krit have a son named Athit. Even though Athit is a stubborn boy, Natthamon loves him a lot, along with her daughter in her stomach, who they named Worada.

—The End—

Credits to: http://sw33tpancake.wordpress.com/ and to Ch7.

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