Fah Jarod Sai

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Fah Jarod Sai
Fah Jarod Sai


  • Title: ฟ้าจรดทราย / Fah Jarod Sai
  • Also known as: "Where the Sky Meets the Sand"
  • Duration: Episodes 11
  • Genre: Romance/Action
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Mon-Tues
  • Broadcast network: Channel 7
  • Broadcast period: August 12, 2013 --- September 16, 2013
  • Theme song: "Dao Neua (North Star)" by Tui Teerapat

Production Credits

  • Producer: Siam Sungvaribudh
  • Director: Siam Sungvaribudh
  • Screenwriter: Salaiya Sukaniwat
  • Company Name: DaraVDO
  • Author of the Book: โสภาค สุวรรณ



  • “Fah Jarot Sai” is a love story set in the desert between a mixed Thai girl named Michelle and Sharif, a royal officer in the made-up kingdom of Hinfara.

Michelle is a mixed orphaned girl who grew up in a convent. When she graduated from school, she followed her best friend Kasfiya to a distant desert kingdom called Hinfara to teach. As soon as they get there, Kasfiya is assigned to the palace to be a lady of the court (i.e. concubine) for King Admed, the ruler of Hinfara. It was foretold by the Royal fortune teller that the woman who will give birth to King Admed’s heir has arrived to Hinfara. Because she already had a lover and the misconception that Michelle was trying to steal her French lover Robert, Kasifya devises a plan to make Michelle her substitute. Following traditional custom of the land, Sharif, the King’s beloved friend/ royal officer will delivery that woman to King Admed.

On the night of the delivery of Michelle to King Admed, Oman, a younger relative of King Admed, created a rebellious uprising and had King Admed executed in front of Sharif.

Sharif was very devastated by the lost, he fought with the rebel army and fled with Michelle into the wide and open desert. Together Sharif and Michelle had to face the dry harsh elements of the desert landscape as they were being hunted down by Oman’s rebel army.

Being together alone and experiencing the difficulties of the desert together, the two began to sympathized with each other. Sympathy and understanding turned into Love. However, their love faced an obstacle because Sharif’s duty to save the throne of Hinfara and to make the kingdom peaceful again.

Trivia or Interesting Info about this Lakorn

  • There also a musical version of this lakorn Fah Jarod Sai by: Mos Patiparn Pataweekarn & Nat Myria Benedetti (Year : 2007)
  • This lakorn was filmed partially in Egypt during the Revolution of 2011.
  • This lakorn was met with many obstacles during production (filming took 3 years) and post production (protesters demanded the banning of the lakorn during airing).
  • Thai Muslim for Peace Foundation demanded for this lakorn to be banned and pulled off air after only 4 episodes has been aired; citing the cruelness to children, wine consumed, women and men touching each other before marriage, etc are against Sharia Law and Muslims are portrayed too negatively in the lakorn. DaraVDO denied it's intention to disrespect Islam. The script followed the original book closely, which was fictional and disclaimers are in the opening credit of each episode. DaraVDO also submitted the scripts of all 12 episodes translated into English to the Egyptian embassy and the Culture Ministry of Egypt for examination and comment. But to satisfy the Thai protesters and continue airing the lakorn Channel 7 and DaraVDO agreed to have officials from the foundation overlook the remaining content of the lakorn. The unofficial wedding of Michelle and Sharif was inserted into the storyline to resolve one of the issue.
  • Originally this lakorn has 12 episodes but due to censorship it has been reduced to just 11 episodes.

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