Heeb Lorn Sorn Wingyarn (2008)

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Heeb Lorn Sorn Wingyarn
Heeb Lorn Sorn Wingyarn
Heeb Lorn Sorn Wingyarn


  • Title: Heeb Lorn Sorn Winyarn (หีบหลอนซ่อนวิญญาณ)
  • Also known as: Haunted Casket
  • Duration: 30 Episodes
  • Genre: Mystery/Romance/Supernatural
  • Popularity:
  • Air time: Mon-Thu @ 8:30PM
  • Broadcast network: Ch 5
  • Broadcast period: Oct. 2, 2008 - Nov. 24, 2008
  • Theme song: May The Star - Kum Tahm
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Production Credits

  • Producer:
  • Director:
  • Screenwriter:
  • Company Name: Exact



In the small Province of Chiang Mai where Koom Sai Karm is located, a wealthy owner of a silk weaving business “Mae Liang Sai Kam” hosts a dinner party that neared her birthday. In the party, there was a claw dance including a dance artisan named Euer Jun, a beautiful young woman with many men who desired her, including Kwarn Muerng, the son-in-law of Mae Liang Saai Karm, the husband of Duen Ward, the eldest daughter of Mae Liang Saai Karm. There is also Pim Dao, the youngest daughter of Mae Liang Saai Karm, who has a fiance named Waaroon, a wealthy and handsome young man, whom Mae Liang intended to announce their wedding, but Waaroon ends up confessing that he and Euer Jun secretly loves one another. This makes Mae Liang Saai Karm and Pim Dao very angry. In that night, Waaroon attempts to meet with Euer Jun in attempts to run away with each other. After the party, Waaroon sends Jook, the son of Malai, who is a weaver and the friend of Euer Jun to tell Euer Jun to wait for him at the silk weaving building. Euer Jun immediately goes to the building in hopes of telling Waaroon that she is pregnant with his child. Once she gets there, she doesn’t see anyone at all. Suddenly, she is hit in the head. The person that hurted her was Mae Liang and Pim Dao. The two takes Euer Jun into the forest in hopes of killing her, but Euer Jun awakes and tries to fight. Kwarn Muerng coincidentally comes by and hears someone calling for help so he interrupts. The mother and daughter had to hide first instead of Kwarm Muerng trying to help Euer Jun, he tried to sexually assault her. Euer Jun had to hide in a chest that held ancient cloth. As Kwarn Muerng was about to find Euer Jun, Duern Ward who was looking for him came and stopped him. Kwarn Murng regret about not being able to find Euer Jun and so he leaves the room. Duen Ward was suspicious about the big chest and realized that Euer Jun was in there and thought that she had came to meet her husband secretly. She than locks the chest leaving Euer Jun. Euer Jun scared and calls for help, but no one could hear her. Duern Ward orders Boon Dtar, a person very close to her to take the chest and throw it into a marsh lake behind the house. Jook comes and see’s the incident and calls for help, but Duen Ward orders Boon Dtar to kill Jook and throw the body in the marsh lake, awhile Duern Ward tries to press Euer Jun into the water, but Euer Jun continued to fight back with all her strength. In the end, she couldn’t fight Duern Ward and Boon Dtar and ends up concealed in the chest. In her final attempt, Euer Jun grabs Duern Ward's ruby necklace in her hand. Duern Ward and Boon Dtar helps each other to lock Euer Jun in the Chest. Waaroon was attacked and was unconscience for awhile. When he awoke he went to find Euer Jun as he had planned, but he didn’t see her there. Mae Liang and Pim Dao tells Waaroon that Euer Jun must have ran away with another man. Waaroon is very sad and dissapears… Won Malai, Jook’s mother becomes sad and depressed that her son was dead and turns crazy. The story of that day then becomes a dark secret that no one knew and found where Euer Jun was. The only person was Ouy Taa, an old drunken man who took care of the silk weaving building that saw the whole incident, but because the fear for his life he dares not to speak of the incident. Mae Liang Saai Karm ends up closing the weaving factory in Chiang Mai and moves her family to Bangkok (Krung Thep). Many years later, there are rumors and tales about Koom Saai Karm and how there are ghosts. Many villagers met the ghost of Jook and that their heads were pulled into the water. Every night at full moon, they would hear the drum and loom sounds. Villagers then began to tell stories about Euer Jun that she probably didn’t run away with a man, but was probably murdered.

Years later, Sai Mai, the daughter of Kwarn Muerng and Duern Ward, who just finished school wants to start a homestay business at Koom Saai Karm, a old home of the family which everyone in her family forbid her from going there. But Sai Mai insists and invited her friend Dtim Sarm to go with her. At the airport of Chiang Mai, Sai Mai encounters Pansa, a young police officer, who had just moved to accept service there was immediately impressed with Sai Mai at first sight. Once they arrived at Koom Saai Karm, they met the caretakers of Koom Saai Karm. From there, they encountered the weird sounds and surroundings.

Credit to: Tina @ Thai All Stars


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