Hua Jai Yang Yark Jamee Rak

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Hua Jai Yang Yark Jamee Rak


  • Title: Hua Jai Yang Yark Jamee Rak
  • Also known as: Perhaps add a translation of the title here
  • Duration: How Many Episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Comedy/Action ???
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Wednesday 10:00pm ???
  • Broadcast network: Channel ???
  • Broadcast period: Add date info on this line (example - 2006 Jan 18 - Mar 15)
  • Theme song: "theme song" Artist Name

Production Credits

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  • Director: Add info here
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
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Pink is a recent divorced women from Sara's father. this would mark the end of her second marriage. She is like a manager of new coming artists.

Chatchai is a single father of a young boy. He works in a balloon place that he owns. He can make balloons into many things. They meet for the first time again after many years is when she needed someone to make balloons for her promotion of a new artist. Chatchai is married to one of Pink's old and good pal. Chatchai loves his wife and son very much.

Joe is a rising artist and pink is put in charge to watch him. at first he is a trouble maker and once he realized that Pink really cares about where he is headed he starts to fall in love with her and wants everyone to back away from her. Pink taking it as just a nice gesture cause she has always wanted kids. not thinking that he really developed into loving her at a soul mate.

Sara is a daddy's girl and spoiled as well as stubborn. When she sees Joe she falls for him and sort of worships him. Joe thinks that she's a little girl cause he's really into pink at the moment. Sara is hired to play the girl in Joe's first video and she takes every chance that she can to get closer to Joe.

Chatchai's son also becomes very close to Pink. Pink wanting a child also loves Chatchai's son almost as her own. His son and a guy that works with Chatchai want to hook Chatchai and Pink up but they both don't seem to notice it.

Time went by and the situation with Joe gets worst, he announce to the public that he is in love with Pink.Pink doesn't know what to do about so she goes to her best friends for help. They come up with the solution for Pink to tell Joe that Pink and Chatchai are an item and that they are going to get married soon. Joe is stubborn about it and he locks himself in a room. Sara desperate and angry at Joe yells at him and tells him that she never wanted to see him ever again.

By this time Chatchai was developing feelings for Pink so he was happy to hear that Pink liked him also. But he was crushed when he learned the truth on Pink's best friend's wedding day. Therefore he left Pink there. Pink at this point knew that she really Did love Chatchai but it was too late. He closed his business and took his son to Chiang Mai [i think*dun quite remember*] His son wanted his dad to be happy so he made calls toPink so that she would catch up to them on the road.

Sara decided to leave to finish studying abroad. Joe also realized that he liked Sara so he went to say good-bye. [i guess that he will wait for her to return] Once Pink reached them she confessed her love to him and told him that if he didn't feel the same, it's fine cause she just wanted him to know that she really loved him. She turned to leave but he knew that he couldn't let her go so they returned to Bangkok together

source: ThaiFanutic Galaxy

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