Kangsom Tanatat Chaiyaat

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Kangsom Tanatat
Kangsom Tanatat


  • Name: Tanatat Chaiyaat (ธนทัต ชัยอรรถ)
  • Nickname: Kangsom (แกงส้ม)
  • Profession: Singer / Actor / Composer
  • Date of birth: March 30, 1992
  • Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Height: 1,82
  • Star sign: Delete this and Fill in here
  • Blood type: Delete this and Fill in here
  • Marital Status: Delete this and Fill in here
  • Education: Architecture, Lard Krabang (districts) KMUTT

About (Kangsom Tanatat)

  • Kangsom is the son of actor Surasak Chaiat.
  • Kangsom was in The Star season 8 show which was a singing show. He came in second place.
  • Buang Ruk 2012 will be his first debut as an actor.


Stage play / Musical




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