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Kom Faek
Kom Faek


  • Title: Kom Faek (คมแฝก) 2018
  • Also known as: Brave Man Standing
  • Duration: 14 Episodes
  • Genre:Drama/Romance/Action
  • Popularity: Successful *Second highest rated Ch.3 lakorn of 2018
  • Air time: Monday-Tuesday
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: March 26, 2018 -- May 8, 2018
  • Theme song: ไม่ใช่คนเดิม by: Suthita Chanachaisuwan
  • Remake of: Kom Faek
  • Ratings: Thaitv3drama
Date Episode Nationwide Bangkok Urban Rural
26-03-2018 1 (Premier) 5.8 6.9 6.0 5.5
27-03-2018 2 5.8 7.2 6.3 5.3
02-04-2018 3 4.9 6.1 4.8 4.7
03-04-2018 4 5.3 6.6 5.3 4.9
09-04-2018 5 5.2 6.4 5.4 4.8
10-04-2018 6 5.0 6.4 5.1 4.6
16-04-2018 7 4.4 5.6 4.7 4.0
17-04-2018 8 5.1 5.8 5.8 4.7
23-04-2018 9 4.7 5.8 4.9 4.3
24-04-2018 10 5.6 6.3 5.7 5.4
30-04-2018 11 5.2 6.5 5.3 4.9
01-05-2018 12 5.6 7.3 6.2 5.1
07-05-2018 13 5.4 N/A N/A N/A
08-05-2018 14 7.0 9.5 7.2 6.4
Average total: 5.35 6.64 5.59 4.96

Production credits

  • Producer: Chatchai Plengpanich (Nok)
  • Director: Add info here
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company name: Metta & Mahaniyom Production



A group of gangs lead the world into the bloody action of Bangkok in the 70s. The atmosphere of animosity between the bad guys and good guys unlock everyone's experiences of beginning to find the chains within true love, family, and friends. Gun (Mark) and San (Got) are students of Akanee about Kom Faek learning. They are best friends but then Gun becomes a policeman. He catches a suspect about a drug case, that is San's father. Their friendship is broken, and Gun's love relationship with Anchan (Kimberley) who is San's sister is also broken because of a misunderstanding. San becomes a powerful person, selling drugs and illegal weapons. Gun has to fight with his friend. Plerng (Alex) and Ongard (Kong) are his helpers. Ongard falls in love with Kraroag (Ploy), who is Gun's sister. Plerng falls in love with Tapao (Kao), the daughter of the shop who secretly likes Gun.

-credits to: mydramalist

Karbgan and Saen are both star students of Akanee, both were tattooed with a magic symbol. Akanee gives the tiger dagger to Karbgun and the lion’s nail dagger to Saen. Akanee also tells them that they have the power to control the daggers fully, and will live strong and invulnerable to harm, unless they destroy one another. In the past Karbgun and Anchan were lovers, and Dok Mai secretly loved Karbgun. Dok Mai had no idea that Saen secretly liked her. Karbgun’s father doesn’t want him to be associated with Saen because his father is a thug. He tells Karbgun to take the police exam, and if he does, he will let him marry Dok Mai. Saen and Anchan are both saddened by this news.

Karbgun becomes a police officer and while he is in the middle of chasing a suspect, there is an altercation and Saen’s father is killed by Karbgun. Saen becomes vengeful and finds a way to get Karbgub arrested. Before Karbgun is freed, his father is killed by Saen, his mother and sister kidnapped by Saen. Saen wants to take Karbgun’s sister Grarok as one of his mistresses.

The Present 2516, Karbgun is released from prison and returns to Mueang Pon. He goes to Tapao’s business, Por Bpan, Mae Jae and Tapao’s brother is there when he arrives. Tapao hugs Karbgun in glee because deep down, she secretly loves him. Tapao tells him of Saen’s evilness while Karbgun was gone. Saen has collected illegal arms and people, and he is now one of the more powerful people of Mueang Pon. Dok Mai is now his mistress, Karbgun’s mother and sister are now held under Saen’s home.

Karbgun gets into an altercation with Saen’s henchmen, Kwan shoots at Karbgun, but Karbgun is able to defeat Kwan and Singto. Khem is curious as to who could harm Kwan and Singto, but Saen sees the mark of the dagger on Singto and knows immediately it is Karbgun. Grarok hears of this and is happy that her brother has finally returned. Plerng devises a plan to infiltrate Saen’s home by causing a flat on Anchan’s car while she was going to the temple. Anchan accidentally hits Plerng, and eventually accepts him as an employee, letting him stay at the employees home. Saen’s minions and Grarok goes to find news on Karbgun, but they meet Ongard instead. Ongard annoys Saen’s minion and they eventually get into a fight.

Karbgun storms into Saen’s house while Saen is in the bedroom with Dok Mai. Dok Mai is surprised to meet Karbgun in this situation. Saen and Karbgun gets into a fight and Saen grabs a gun in attempts to shoot Karbgun. Karbgun escapes in time. Karbgun doesn’t stop there, he goes to see Anchan in her bedroom. The two reminiscence about the past, when they were together and happy, but they continuously encountered problems. Problems that caused them to drift apart.

Saen finally captures Karbgun and whips him terribly. He attempts to set Karbgun on fire, but Grarok, Dok Mai, and Malai begs for Karbgun’s life. Saen doesn’t care and in the end Anchan’s has to come and stop him. Plerng sees the situation unfold and tries to figure out how to help. Saen tells his minions to string Karbgun up, but before he set Karbgun on fire, the police arrive. While Saen is outside talking to the police, Anchan frees Karbgun. Karbgun is happy because he believes that Anchan has forgiven him. Anchan is saddened because she feels that Karbgun still loves Dok Mai. The two part ways tortured. Karbgun hasn’t completely made it off Saen’s property. Plerng disguises himself to come help Karbgun run away. Saen even searches Pohn’s home looking for Karbgun, but Karbgun escapes once again because Pohn hides Karbgun in a fallout shelter. Saen goes to punish Plerng for getting into an altercation with his people, and attempts to kill Plerng, but Anchan appears to save him.

Saen kidnaps Plerng and has Khem inject him with drugs, hoping the addiction will turn him into one of his people. Plerng begins to awake, but is weak from the effects of the illicit drugs. Jong Arng and Tapao goes to deliver provisions, so Plerng hides in the truck and escapes. Plerng falls in love with Tapao after she saves him. Ongard goes to rent a room at Por Bpan’s. He meets Plerng and Tapao. The three becomes close and Ongard is sure that Plerng is a good person.

Saen is still out for revenge against Karbgun for killing his father. He goes to Por Bpan Mae Jae’s place and destroys the place in order to force Karbgun out. Ongard attempts to let Por Bpan, Mae Jae, and Tapao go stay elsewhere, but they refuse and tells them they can’t leave because then, no one would be able to fight Saen.

Phet is injured in an explosion and is in the hospital. Saen tells the personnel in charge to replace Phet with another office Nit, because Nit is one of his people. Karbgun attempts to reconcile with Anchan and tells her of her brother’s evil ways. Anchan is slowly beginning to believe Karbgun, even though she pretends not to hear him.

Malai falls ill and Saen goes to visit her. Malai asks Saen to seek redemption. She tells him to think of the past. Saen’s father was imprisoned in the past and Karbgun’s father and Malai took him in and raised him. Saen loved Malai to the point where he called her mother. Now, everything was different. Saen is a completely different person. Saen is becoming confused between his past good deeds and the evil things he has committed in the present.

Karbgun, Ongard, and Plerng bands together to find a way to take down Saen’s evil reign. They use Pohn’s home as their headquarters. Ongard goes to see Grarok often because he is worried about her. Malai is still ill and eventually Saen refuses to let Grarok take her to the hospital, she eventually dies. Grarok is deeply saddened. Plerng pretends to be completely evil so that Saen can trust him. This deeply sadden Tapao. Karbgun and Anchan reconciles, finally. Anchan finds that Saen is not her real brother and in fact, his father killed her parents. Saen wants to take Anchan as a wife as well. Anchan can’t accept this and escapes to Karbgun. Karbgun is severely injured because he was cut by the same knife that Saen used to hurt Akkanee.

Pohn takes Gun, Anchan, and Ongard to see Akkanee who is still alive. He tells them that Akkanee will be the person who can help heal Gun, and help him defeat Saen. How will all of this end? Will Karbgun and Anchan finally be together? Follow in, Kom Faek!

Credit to Entinament.net


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  • this is a remake

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