Mae Bia (2021)

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Mae Bia (2021)


Production Credits

  • Producer: Ae Supachai
  • Director: Pin Kriengkraisakul
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: A Supachai Production


  • Credit: CH7hd_dramasociety official Instagram)
    • Episode 1: 4.4 (Premiere)
    • Episode 2: 4.1
    • Episode 3: 4.3
    • Episode 4: 4.7
    • Episode 5: 4.5
    • Episode 6: 5.2
    • Episode 7: 4.9
    • Episode 8: 4.1
    • Episode 9: 4.6
    • Episode 10: 4.7
    • Episode 11: 5.2
    • Episode 12: 5.4
    • Episode 13: 5.5
    • Episode 14: 5.2
    • Episode 15: 6.0
    • Episode 16: 5.0
    • Episode 17: 6.5 (Finale)



Mekhala hated how her father slept around and had many wives. As a child she found a snake and was going to kill it but her mom told her to leave it alone. The snake from then on always was around her, like a protector. When Mekhala grew up she decided to do what her father did, so she slept with practically every man she met, especially the married ones. She left those men soon after she was tired of them, leaving some to want her back. She then meets Chanachol who is married and has kids. She ends up sleeping with him and they have an affair. She tries to separate herself from him but she realizes she loves him, and the deadly snake gets jealous. (Source: MyDramaList)

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