Mafia Tee Ruk (2007)

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Mafia Tee Ruk
Mafia Tee Ruk
Mafia Tee Ruk


  • Title: Mafia Tee Ruk (มาเฟียที่รัก)
  • Also known as: My Beloved Mafia, Khmer title: Mafia Kompool Snaiy
  • Duration: 15 Episodes
  • Genre: Comedy/Action/Romance
  • Popularity: Top Rated
  • Air time: Friday-Sunday
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: October 2007
  • Theme song: Bplae Wa Kopkoon(Thank You) by Cake Utai

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Chun and Pat Boung meet unexpectedly in a mall and Pat Boung and her friend saves Chun from a mafia group in Thailand awhile he was visiting/ on a business trip. He returns home safely I believe in Hong Kong and is just amazed or intrigued by her. So he sends one of his men to find out about this girl. Chun is now the leader of a mafia, but was only inherited into the mafia because he was an orphan and he was adopted sister's father. He becomes loyal and shows leader ship. He gets inherited and not her. Pat Boung's dad is a very known man in the Thailand society, but he unfortunately gets hooked onto gambling in Chun's casino in Hong Kong. Chuun figures out that the man was Pat Boung's father. He gets the man into a big debt with them, he manipulates Pat Boung's father to sell her to him and he promises that he will not harm his daughter in anyway and seemed liked a good man to Pat Boung's father. So he gets the money he and sold his daughter to thinking that he would gamble and get all the money he owned back and then the deal could be forgotten and he could have his daughter back. At this time, he loses it all the money and bigger in debt and now he has just sold off his daughter. He returns to Thailand, but before he gets there Chun send's his men for Pat Boung in Thailand. Chun's bodyguards Chen Hao and Ban are sent to get Pak Boung but in the process of going back to Hong Kong, Pak Boung manages to escape the two bodyguard and she is saved by Min. She thinks she has nothing left in her life because of what her father has done and that they are so far in debt she is a lost soul. Min decides to take Pak Boung in and take of her as if she was his wife but what Pat Boung and Min doesn't know is that Chun's bodyguard already found them. She falls in love with him because he is the only one that is there that cares for her. She and Min fall in love, but that doesn't stop Chun. He finds her and takes her from Min. Min goes to Hong Kong and tries to get Pat Boung back in so many numerous tries, but doesn't succeed. Along the process while Pat Boung is forced to live with this "cold hearted" man, she tries every avaliable way to escape Chun to get back to Min. In the process of trying to escape from Chun, she sees that he is not just cold hearted man that he also a very caring man. Unable to get close and help Pak Boung, Min decides to manipulate Chun's little sister Gye' Yhong (sorry bad spelling of names)(who also was in love with Chun)to get back at Chun for taking Pak Boung from him. As time goes by Pak Boung starts to fall in love with Chun as Yong starting to fall in love with Min but just as their relationships starts to mend its gets even more complicated when Chun's childhood lover, Lilly, comes back and stirr up more trouble for all the couples...


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