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Mea Luang
Mea Luang


  • Title: Mia Luang (2009)
  • Also known as: เมียหลวง / The Main Wife
  • Duration: 18 Episodes
  • Genre: Drama
  • Popularity: top rated, hit
  • Air time: Mon-Tue @ 8:30PM
  • Broadcast network: Channel 7
  • Broadcast period: Feb. 2, 2009 - March. 31,2009
  • Theme song: "Chunmeekamai" Artist Name Nui Peachband
  • Remake: Mia Luang (1999), Mia Luang 2017

Production Credits

  • Producer:
  • Director: Sitthiwat Tubpaen
  • Screenwriter: Pawit
  • Company Name: Dara VDO



Dr. Wigarnda Panpargorn marries Dr. Aniroot Sanwit and everyone happily accepts it and see’s that the two are lucky to pair with one another because they are equal in looks, fortune, and education. When the two go on their honey moon to Penang Aniroot repeatedly affirms to Wigarnda that he loves and cherish’s her. Wigarnda has two close friends which is Ahnong Narot and Chawee Pen. All of them all have a family and each person faces a problem that is different from the other.

Ahnong has a husband who is Ponweit who loves reading alot there seems to be no problem, but this causes Ahnong Narot to be very bored. Chawee Pen seems to be the toughest problem because Seenart her husband is addicted to anything that deals with gambling. Chawee Pen is able to smile in front of her friends because she has high tolerance even if she is poor. After getting married for not to long Wigarnda and Aniroot shares the same car and Aniroot takes Wigarnda to the Ministry of Education before going to work at the University. After Wigarda has to go do work out of the Ministry often the two start to use separate cars causing the two to drift further apart. Wigarda and Aniroot is married for 3 years and have two children together which is Nohrng the eldest son and Noon the youngest daughter.

Chawee Pen see’s Aniroot with another woman in a restaurant and goes to tell Wigarnda, but Aniroot lies and tells Wigarnda that he went to eat with a student who is also a colleague that works together. Once Wigarnda asks about this again Aniroot doesn’t deny and he tells her that that girl is a Server named Nongkran. Wigarnda is unable to accept it, but Aniroot wants Wigarnda to understand it that other women are just a bridge but he loves only Wigarnda. Regardless of how much Wigarnda is worried and cautious she is still unable to catch Aniroot because he always has an excuse to come home late from work.

Nongkran comes to see Wigarnda with the news that she is pregnant with Aniroot’s child and asks for Wigarnda’s help, but Wigarnda tells her that she will talk to him. Aniroot says he will take care of it when he finds out and he also believes that Nongkran is not pregnant by him. Wigarnda tells Aniroot that she see’s divorce as a normal thing, but Aniroot refuse to believe that Wigarnda has the guts to get a divorce. In the end Nongkran dissapears because Aniroot gives her money and stops messing with her immediately. Nongkran is the first that causes Wigarnda to be able to tolerate and be use to the next person of Aniroot’s.

One day Orm the Wigarnda’s caretaker for her children asks to go back home and Parnwonrat or Nuan comes to take care of them instead. Orm promises that she will be back soon. Once Nuan meets Aniroot he quickly shows interest. Wigarnda tries to warn but in the ends is still able it because since Nuan has come to take care of the children. Aniroot comes home quicker and plays with their children more often.

Nuan is very good with her work so when Orm doesn’t come back Wigarnda hires Nuan permanently with herself helping to take care of the children. With Aniroot, Wigarnda pretends to not care. Even if she doesn’t want him to have anything going on with the Nanny because she is afraid that it will disrupt the leadership in the household. Aniroot doesn’t consider it although he feels a little guilty.

Chawee Peen often comes with gifts for her friend’s children because she loves children but doesn’t have one. Chawee Pen buys a gong hitting monkey for Wigarnda’s children while Ahnong Narot warns Wigarnda to be careful of Nuan because she seems suspicious. Once Aniroot comes home Ahnong Narot suggest they should go and see a movie, but Aniroot denies the offer saying he has to go buy a gun for hunting with his friend Taaworn on their day off. Once the movie ends Wigarnda comes home to find that Aniroot has never left the house. He tells her that his friend has pushed the date back. Wigarnda goes into her children’s room and finds that Nuan’s necklace has fallen in the room, but no one accepts to anything so she is forced to stay calm.

Ahnong Rot notices that Nuan is starting to look better, but Wigarnda pretends to not pay attention until her friend commends her for being strong and having high tolerance. Wigarnda is still lucky because although Aniroot is a player he isn’t serious with the other women. He often buys her expensive gifts, but lately she has been use to it.

Nuan recieves money two ways which is her salary and special money that Aniroot gives her. This causes Nuan to have the courage to raise her voice at Wigarnda at times, but Aniroot doesn’t care much for Nuan because Wigarnda can fire her at any time. This causes Nuan to lower her courage some. One day Nuan asks to quit because Aniroot doesn’t pay attention to her anymore. Wigarnda gives her a raise because she doesn’t know about Taawon’s sister named Ornin who is getting ready to come back from oversea’s study. Orn-In divorced her husband named Jenjop Larmwanit who is the son of a chinese family. The two has to divorce because Orn-in is unable to tolerate how his family lives in one big family because of their Chinese Tradition. The two has a child together named Nim. Aniroot goes to pick up Orn-in with Taawon and Orn-in is immediately interested in Aniroot likewise Aniroot is interested in her.

Once it is Aniroot’s birthday Orn-in comes to the party. Wigarnda gets to see her attractiveness and Ornin is able to play nice with Wigarnda well except Wigarnda knows it’s an act. Orn-in likes to give Aniroot affectionate looks to where Wigarnda friends come to see and doesn’t like it. Taawon and Sitichai asks Wigarnda for permission for Aniroot to go hunting with them and Ornin asks to come along. Wigarnda is very worried now because Ornin is nothing like Aniroot’s previous women. The more attention aniroot gives Ornin the more Wigarnda has to try hard and tolerate it. Wigarnda asks Aniroot to not mess with Ornin, but Aniroot verifies with her that Ornin is just a toy.

Later Ornin often brings Nim to Wigarnda’s house to where it is a regular thing. In front of her face Orn-in would often ask Wigarnda for permission if she were to mess with Aniroot. Wigarnda isn’t sure what the relationship between the two is. Wigarnda once wanted to be the mistress so she wouldn’t have to accept all the responsibilities.

On their vacation Wigarnda’s family goes to the beach. Ornin and Nim goes too. Ornin and Aniroot goes to play in the water together while Wigarnda was resting in front of the house. She sees their close relationship and it torchers her heart. That night everyone meets Jen Jop which causes Ornin to not be in a good mood. Jen Jop is really happy because he gets to see Nim after not seeing his child for awhile. Wigarnda speaks to Jen Jop and they get along well causing Aniroot to feel uncomfortable because he is jealous of his wife. He forgets himself and uses strong words with her causing Wigarnda to leave the house. She runs into Jen Jop and they talk and she learns more about Ornin. Jen Jop encourages her to not give up and fight back against Orn In. Aniroot sees that Wigarnda walks back with Jen Jop and doesn’t like it alot. Wigarnda doesn’t care and continue to talk to Jen Jop; while Orn In was showing her possessiveness of Aniroot fully. Aniroot comes outside to meet Wigarnda and Wigarnda believes that she has to act so that Aniroot can feel how she feels.

Jen Jop visits with Wigarnda often likewise Ornin and Aniroot. Aniroot provokes that Wigarnda more often because he thinks that Wigarnda is using Jen Jop to push his buttons. One night all of them go dancing and Wigarnda drinks and goes to dance with Jen Jop. Aniroot pretends that he doesn’t care this causes Wigarnda to be unable to accept herself and quits that plan that night. Aniroot goes to take Ornin back and comes home in the morning causing Wigarnda to be very sad. Wigarnda takes Noon to go buy something and they run into Ornin and Aniroot and Nim who asks to come along. Aniroot asks Ornin to follow them and asks for her to take Noon along. On the way there Aniroot and Wigarnda have a big arguement causing Wigarnda to lie and say her stomache hurts so Aniroot takes her back along with Noon.

Noon asks Wigarnda for permission to let Nim sleep over and Wigarnda approves. Wigarnda goes out and see Chawee Pen and tells of her sorrow, once she returns home she sees that Jen Jop has come to see her. She asks him to stay for dinner, but he is unable to because he has business and he also mocks Ornin causing Ornin to be angry. Wigarnda and Aniroot still argues and it starts to get rougher and rougher and stronger.

Nuan is upset in place of Wigarnda to where she almost has an arguement with Orin; luckily that Wigarnda comes to stop them in time. Aniroot is tired of Ornin and Nuan arguing so he drives away. Ornin is bullied by Nuan who pours water on her. Ornin showers and wears an outfit that Wigarnda has never worn before. Wigarnda is obligated to give it to her. Jen Jop asks Nim to go sleep at home with him, but Nim doesn’t want to sleep with a Chinese child causing Jen Jop to be very sad and angry at Ornin for teaching his child to be like this. Ornin asks to throw a birthday party at Wigarnda’s house, but Wigarnda doesn’t permit so Ornin goes to talk to Aniroot instead and he also does not permit causing Ornin to be furious.

Wigarnda sees Aniroot and Ornin hugging and kissing and she is very upset and pretends to go dance with Aniroot. Ornin is upset and drinks until she is drunk. Aniroot tries to take her up to sleep, but Wigarnda is really upset and tells them they cannot go into the house. Aniroot and Ornin leaves the house. Ornin calls and mock Wigarnda causing her to be hurt to where she fainted. Nuan comes and help her in time. Aniroot comes home and verifies that he was not with Ornin, but Wigarnda doesn’t believe it.

Aniroot invites Wigarnda out for dinner outside of the house, but Ornin calls and asks Aniroot to bring Nim home. Once Aniroot gets there he sees that Waatin a wealthy widower from the north is there. Ornin pretends to be close to Waatin and this causing Aniroot to dislike it. Ornin asks to join Aniroot for dinner. So that night was a night where Wigarnda and Watin became an instrument for Aniroot and Ornin to fight.

Ornin asks to go along with Aniroot who wants to take Wigarnda on vacation to Japan. Wigarnda is really upset and they argue. This causes Wigarnda to separate from Aniroot civil wise. Wigarnda has to go work as a secretary for Lady Wiparwadee. Wiparwadee invites Wigarnda on a trip to Japan with her because she notices that Wiganrda isn’t very happy. Wigarnda doesn’t tell anyone about this except for Chawee because she wants Chawee to take care of her children for her. Orn In mocks Wigarnda about how she will be going to Japan with Aniroot. Wigarnda is quiet and Aniroot sees that Wigarnda doesn’t care so he starts being more open with Ornin.

Jen Jop goes to Japan first because he has to work. Aniroot knows that Wigarnda is going to Japan and thinks that this is a plan. Wigarnda is still as always. Wigarnda starts to turn more towards Buddhism and tells her friends that her and Aniroot has a separate life from one another and her friends feel bad that they were unable to help her.

On the day of the trip Aniroot asks to take her to the airport. Wigarnda allows him to and allows people to see that Aniroot is a good husband. Once people know that Aniroot will follow they all feel more envious.

On this trip there is Lady Wiparwadee, Lady Pimon, Lady Mayuree, Lady Aramgarn. Wigarnda meets Ken and also finds that Ken is friends with Jen Jop. Wigarnda meets Jen Jop there and Jen Jop has a feeling that Wigarnda has changed. He asks Wigarnda to go pick Aniroot up with him at the airport, but Wigarnda refuses although she feels uneasy.

Wigarnda meets Aniroot in the morning because he is staying in the same hotel as she is, but Ornin is staying some where else with Wonnaree. Aniroot follows Wigarnda everywhere she goes and takes good care of her. Wigarnda remains still and Aniroot starts to feel weak. There were times where Wigarnda nearly forgets because the beauty of the Fuji mountains. In the evening Ornin comes to have dinner with Aniroot and this causes Wigarnda’s party to feel awkward. Ornin attaches herself to Ornin. Lady Wiparwadee is very concerned about Wigarnda but doesn’t say anything when she sees that Wigarnda is calm about it. Ornin follows Wigarnda to her room and asks Wigarnda for Aniroot. Wigarnda tells Aniroot to choose.

Aniroot is quiet once Ornin is in front of everyone they find that Jen Jop is Orn-in’s husband. Aniroot confirms with Wigarnda that he is not serious with Ornin and he loves Wigarnda only, but Wigarnda doesn’t believe him. Aniroot then leaves and leaves a with words that nearly made Wigarnda soften. Aniroot meets Jen Jop and Ken and he greets them for politeness. He then finds that Jen Jop and Ken will go to Thailand in one month. Wigarnda calls Chawee because of her concern and missing her children. Her children talk to her over the phone. While in Japan Wigarnda doesn’t have fun at all because Ornin follows Aniroot the entire time and on top of that Wonaree calls Aniroot to tell him that Ornin feels sick so Aniroot leaves in concern for Ornin and Won Naree calls to mock Wigarnda.

On the day they go to Osaka, Aniroot, Jen Jop, and Ken comes to drop Wigarnda off, but Wigarnda doesn’t pay attention to Aniroot. In Osaka Wigarnda has a little fortune telling virtual that is translated into Thai and says, “lately there will be sorrow, but after this pass by will be good things and you will get the thing you love back.” After visiting Osaka Wigarnda asks to return to Thailand. Before Chawee Pen goes to pick Wigarnda up at the airport Wigarnda runs out of patience and decides to completely divorce from Aniroot.

The news between Wigarnda, Ornin, and Aniroot is so bad that Lady Pawardee tells Wigarnda to be patient because she cannot find someone that is as good as Aniroot. Aniroot takes Orn In and Wonaree back to Thailand a few days after Wigarnda returns home. Taawon is another person who doesn’t feel good about Ornin his sister. Taawon is ready to help Wigarnda because he doesn’t want his sister to do things like this. Wigarnda thanks him and tells him she doesn’t need help.

Lady Wiparwadee sends a young girl to help her out. Nuddee is the niece of Lady Waew Wan but she has a problem because her uncle wants her to be his mistress. Noodee is staying at a farm and next door is a guy name Yootagarn who likes Nudee alot, but Nuddee is unsure if she likes him. Wigarnda tries to teach Nudee everything especially about men. Nudee is a cute young girl who loves Wigarndaa alot. Aniroot comes home and Wigarnda proves him to where Aniroot feels hurt even if Aniroot bought her some gifts. Wigarnda doesn’t care for them and this causes Aniroot to have to hold in his pain.

Aniroot tries to make everything the same but it is impossible because he gets frequent letters from Japan. Aniroot starts to be more caring towards Wigarnda but she wants to end it fast if only she weren’t stuck on Lady Pawadee’s words then she would ask for a divorce. Yootagarn and Nuddee comes to see Wigarndaa at homes and Aniroot greets them and says that Nuddee is cute and Wigarndaa and also verifies that he doesn’t feel anything towards Nuddee. Days go by and Nudee is sure she doesn’t love Yootagarn so Wigarndaa advise her to distance herself from Yootagarn.

Jen Jop and Ken reaches Thailand and Ken loves it very much. Wigarnda welcome them warmly and asks Ken to teach Nudee Japanese. Ken is very fond of Nuddee, but Nuddee is not fond of foreigners. Orn In see’s Nuddee and warns Wigarnda. When Wigarnda gets home Aniroot tells her that Ornin called to complain. Wigarnda knows from Nuddee that Orn In called to insult her. Wigarndaa advise her to ignore it. Aniroot wants to provoke Orn In so he offers to take Wigarndaa to Ken’s house everyday and he pretends to be affection with Nuddee in front of Orn In until Orn In can’t stand it and goes beserk on Nuddee and Wigarnda immediately takes Nuddee away and comfort her.

The following day Nuddee quits to go back home and Wigarndaa is warned by her friends again about Nuddee. Yootagarn brings a letter from Nuddee to Wigarndaa and Wigarndaa finds that Nuddee is being forced to get married because Lady Waew Wan has found out about her and Aniroot. Aniroot finds out the truth and feels bad. Wigarndaa asks to be alone with the kids and Aniroot leaves and goes to stay with Sitichai at his condo so that Wigarndaa can feel at ease.

Ken comes to see Wigarndaa at home to ask for news on Nuddee. Ken admits that he loves Nuddee. Wigarnda and Chawee Pen goes up north to talk to Lady Waew Wan about Nuddee with a letter from Lady Wiparwadee in hand. Lady Waew Wan has no choice but to allow Nuddee to go back to work with Wigarndaa. Wigarndaa recieves a call from Ohp that Aniroot is sick and takes the kids there to visit him as her duty. But there was nothing wrong with Aniroot. He wanted to find out if Wigarnda still worried about him. Aniroot asks about Nuddee and once he finds out she is back he feels better.

Lady Wiparwadee invites Wigarnda to be a judge in a charity that Lady Wiparwadee is the chairman of. Wigarndaa happily obliges. Lady Wiparwadee doesn’t want Wigarnda to divorce, but Ahnong Narot encourages her friend to divorce so she can have a piece of mind. One day Aniroot goes home to yell at Wigarndaa about going out with a man in the end the two ends up creating a date for their divorce at the district. Nuddee wants to advise against the divorce but is unable to do so. Wigarndaa doesn’t shed a tear for the divorce which causes Nuddee to be very surprised. They get the news on Wigarndaa quickly and everyone see’s Wigarndaa in different ways.

Lady Wiparwadee doesn’t like the decision, but Wigarndaa is sure she has done her best. Orn In goes to see Wigarndaa at home because she can’t find Aniroot. Wigarnda feels pity for Orn In. Ken, Jen Jop, and Wigarndaa goes to dine outside of the house and they see Nuddee with Aniroot. Wigarndaa remains calm and later Orn In comes to find her at home and wants to see Nuddee because Nuddee is the one that was with Aniroot. Nuddee was only doing it because she despises Orn In. Wigarndaa tries to comfort Orn In and Orn In wants to cut Aniroot but is unable to do so.

Wigarndaa is more busy with her work and Nuddee takes a sick leave and ends up running away from home. Lady Waew Wan comes to find Nuddee with Wigarndaa and they call Aniroot but there is no progress. Aniroot takes Nuddee to Wigarndaa and asks to leave her there because Waew Wan and Orn In is trying to force Nuddee to marry in Chiang Mai, but Wigarndaa wants Nuddee to go and talk to Lady Waew Wan once and for all. Orn In comes to Wigarnda’s house with a gun and Wigarndaa tries to defend herself and fights until the gun sounds and everyone is scared.

Wigarnda takes Orn In to Ken’s place and Orn In drinks and asks Wigarndaa for forgivness and Wigarndaa takes her back home and tells Taawon what has happened. Wigarndaa tries to get Jen Jop and Orn In to get back together but Jen Jop knows it can never be. Once Wigarndaa gets home she sternly breaks it off with Aniroot. Nuddee goes home with Lady Waew Wan. Wigarndaa knows that Nuddee loves and cherish Aniroot alot.

Wigarndaa becomes closer friends to Jen Jop and Ken. Aniroot comes to play with his children as usual. Orn In starts to see Waatin once again and is nicer to Wigarndaa. Wigarndaa is invited to Nuddee’s wedding with a widower army captain Sutorn. Wigarndaa finds at the wedding that Nuddee has dissapeared and no one has recieved news from her. Aniroot feels bad for what has happened and tells Wigarndaa that nothing ever happened between he and Nuddee and Wigarnda doesn’t want to believe it. Yootagarn and Ken are two others who come to lament about Nuddee to Wigarndaa.

Aniroot dissapears and Ornin sees him at the beach with a new woman. Jen Jop talks to Wigarndaa that he feels good towards but Wigarndaa rejects him to where he is afraid to be more than friends. One day Aniroot returns home and asks to sleep with the children because he is upset about a girl who is harrassing him. Aniroot asks to start over with Wigarndaa and promises to stay away from other women permanently. Wigarndaa still doesn’t beleve him. Wigarndaa admits that they have something in common and that is their children, but doesn’t want to get back with him, but Aniroot cries in front of her something that he has never done and in the end Wigarndaa allows him to move back into the house. This becomes news that the two is getting back together.

Aniroot tells Wigarndaa about Yootagarn coming to ask for money. Yootagarn isn’t staying at home nor going to school but he has more spending needs so they are curious. Yootargarn also came about Nuddee who poisoned herself to death. Nuddee had asked to stay with Yootagarn and Yootargarn was happy thinking that Nuddee had choosen him and Yootagarn was happy thinking that Nuddee had choosen him and they go to stay with Yootagarn’s friend, but he just realized that he is still incapable of taking good care of Nuddee. Wigarndaa and Aniroot both feels sorry for Yootagarn.

Wigarndaa and Aniroot recieves a letter that Nudde wrote before killing herself. She confesses about running away to confess her love for Aniroot with true feelings causing Aniroot to feel more guilty. Aniroot promises to himself once again that he will not mess with any other woman again. Nuddee’s funeral is arranged with Lady Wiparwadee as the host. Orn In brings Waatin to Wigarnda’s house to tell of her wedding and Wigarndaa and Aniroot is happy for the couple. Wigarndaa goes to see Ken because she feels sorry for him about Nuddee. Aniroot then sees that Wigarndaa has never pitied herself and when they get there they see Jen Jop who excuses himself. Ken reminds Wigarndaa about the virtual in Japan and that she will get the person she loves back. He also reminds Aniroot to not let a diamond slip from his hands.

Aniroot asks for Wigarndaa to start all over again, but Wigarndaa is still unable to answer herself. Aniroot then continues to try. Right now Wigarndaa may not accept, but Aniroot still has plenty of time since the two is living in the same house once again.


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