Mew Chisanucha Tantimedh

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Mew mbo
Mew mbo
Mew mbo


  • Name: Mew Tantimedh (ชิ ษา นุ ชา ตันติ เมธ)
  • Nickname: Mew (มิ ว)
  • Nationality: German-Thailand
  • Profession:actor/Singer
  • Date of birth: January 7th,2000
  • Birthplace:???
  • Height:64kg
  • Weight:180cm
  • Family:???
  • Marital Status: single
  • Favorite: play guitar
  • favorite idol:John Mayer
  • Places she wants to go to:Hong Kong
  • Biggest dream: To be a famous singer!!

About (Mew Chisanucha Tantimedh)

- Mew hobby is playing guitar and have learned since first grade - Mew's favorite idol is John Mayer. In addition, Mew also like Stamp for reliable p'Stamp songwriter and guitar playing. - Mew likes to dress casual and simple but added some decorations, such as wearing a ring or earrings with the initials M. - For face problems if there is acne Mew, he tried to care for and did not allow any acne scars. Sometimes he went to the clinic and buy cream, face wash to clean, and make a break.




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