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Microlove Logo
James Ma and Eun Jung


  • Title: Microlove
  • Genre: Romance / Drama / Comedy / Sci-Fi
  • Release date : February 23 2017
  • Popularity: TBA
  • Profit: TBA
  • Budget: 50 Million Baht
  • Main Theme song: TBA
  • Insert Theme Song: " TBA

Production Credits

  • Production: Fehu Infinity
  • Director: Saddanapoong Limongtong
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: YJ Partners, Fehu Infinity



Microlove is a sci-fi romance movie about an outgoing wealthy young Thai man, Pat (James Ma), who works at a Korean software company. He privately develops a software and catches the interest of the president’s daughter, Minji (Eunjung) and they create a beautiful love story.

Eunjung plays the role of an elite staff as well the daughter of the Korean software company’s president. Rising top Thai actor James Ma plays the role of the wealthy young man.


Interesting Facts

  • Eun Jung is the first Korean female idol to take on a main role in a Thai movie.
  • Eung Jung will be speaking 70% English, 20% Korean, and 10% Thai in MicroLove. James will also mostly be speaking in English.
  • James Ma accepted this role because he wanted to work with Eun Jung. He says it will be a fresh experience to him and he will get to see how a foreigner works and learn from her. He also says from what he's seen, she's so talented.
  • James says that after long time of only seeing her on screen, she was so lovely that he got shy.
  • The makings of Microlove is handled by Fehu Infinity, a new generation entertainment company. This movie will challenge the film industry standards and movies only about Thailand.
  • Eun Jung says that after she met just she saw he was good at acting and gentle.

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