Mon Ruk Kao Tom Mud (2009)

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Mon Ruk Kao Tom Mud
Mon Ruk Kao Tom Mud
Mon Ruk Kao Tom Mud


  • Title: Mon Ruk Kao Tom Mud
  • Also known as: มนต์รักข้าวต้มมัด / Ntry Title: Komloss Ngimngom Kromom Jerng La'or
  • Duration: 13 Episodes
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Mon-Tue @ 8:30PM
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: Mar. 9, 2009 - Apr. 20, 2009
  • Theme song: "Ying Gud Ying Ruk" Veerapat Wonglaam

"Gliad Maak Leuy" Film Rattapoom Toekongsap

Production Credits

  • Producer: Kobsook Jarujinda
  • Director: Peerapol Tiencharern
  • Screenwriter: JaoTao
  • Company Name: NookNaan (PolyPlus)



Kao TOm Mud Love Story is about arranged married between 2 rivals Chawmuang and TongChin by thier grandy. How 2 rivals become a lover ???

Credit ViKi

Synopsis 2

The hectic love story of “Chor Muang” the chaotic granddaughter of Khun Yai Chaem Cheun the manufacturer of Tied Rice Gruel (Kao Tom) of Bangkok (Krung Thep). The Rice Gruel of Chaem Cheun is very popular all the way to all 4 corners of the city. She ships out to the many stores earning her number 1. Chaem Cheun has the talent in making the Tied Rice Gruel and she’s also talented in being a matchmaker. She’s been the key match maker to many relationships before. After being a matchmaker for many other people the time has come for her granddaughter who has held herself single and she is also very chaotic and feisty to the point where Chaem Chuen is afraid that if something were to happen to her then how will Chor Muang live by herself. This results in her coming up with a good plan to be a match maker for Chor Muang and Tong Chin the grandson of A Ma Gimmtor her best friend since they were young. Once Chor Muang and Tong Chin realize that they are being set into an arranged marriage they refuse with all their might no matter what they will not give in will not give in!

Tong Chin and Chor Muang are adversaries that fight often since they were children. With similar personalities and traits they are very sharpened tongue and very sarcastic towards one another. Every time they see one another then it is like war. The most important thing is that in Chor Muang’s heart there is no room not even one centimeter of space left for someone else because her heart has been given to Lai Thai the owner of a banana plantation that delivers banana’s and banana leaves to her house for a very long time and many years have passed. He is a senior who has know her since they were little. Chor Muang secretly loves P’ Lai Thai very obsessively. She’s chaotic and feisty when it comes to other people but she must fall once it comes to P’ Lai Thai. Because he is a warm person and real Thai style she must lose to him and regardless of how much she tries to get close to him he will only see her as P’ Thai’s Nong Chor even if 20 years has passed by things still remain the same

All the while that Tong Chin even if he is persistent on bickering with Chor Muang and when they see each other they must argue and have only rough and harshness and is a very dirty Chinese boy who isn’t nice or warming and not generous (in Chor Muang’s eyes) but he has a very true love for Fong Dao the granddaughter of (Duchess) Mom Jaem Sai an old aristocrat who is very stingy and a neighbor who happen to be enemies with Ammagimtor. The family of Fong Dao is a Thai instrumental musician who use to be under services in the palace. Modern day Mom has opened the house and made it into a school to teach Old Thai dance and Old Thai Instruments with Fong Dao as the teacher who takes care of it.

Mon Ruk Kao Tom MatFong Dao is a equipped with physical looks, family name and assets, great education and proper manners everything from the book of Thai Virtuous Woman. Tong Chin has fallen in love with her deeply and whenever he see’s her he becomes really weak and talks really delicate and soft, but regardless of how much he tries Khun Nou Fong will only see him as a friendly neighbor next door. Since the heart of Chor Muang and Tong Chin isn’t existent for one another in addition to the loathe they share for one another it sparks the mission of, “elude” marriage mission. After the two stand with affirmation, sit with affirmation, and lie down with affirmation that they will never get married, but Chaem Chuen and A Ma Gimmtor refuse to give up stating that they must hold a promise or else they will die without peace. Tong Chin and Chor Muang appears to not be able to elude so they decide to pack up their bags and runaway out of the country and wait until things calm down and they will come back. Chor Muang receives the support of Reun Rom her mother who knows her best and wants to resist this marriage while Tong Chin has Ah Jao his father to support him completely because Reun Rom and Ah Jao hates one another with a passion. The reason is because in the past Reun Rom and Ah Jao was suppose to get married, but Ah Jao got Tong Chin’s mother pregnant causing Reun Rom to lose face. Luckily Chor Muang’s father didn’t mind and still married her. Even though now the two are widow’s because their husband and wives have passed away for a long time, but the hatred from the past is still buried deep. This makes Reun Rom announce that she will not even attend a funeral and will never give her daughter to that house.

In the midst of carrying their bags into the airport the two run into one another and because of the pride they have inside the two start to argue about how the other doesn’t have responsibilities and if people know that they are being left then how will they see them. The two argue heavily to where it shakes the universe. While arguing both forget the reason that they are there in the first place and are arrested for causing a disturbance in the airport. This causes Reun Rom and Ah Jao to have to come and bail them out, but once they come and meet face to face things take a turn for the worst when they are also arrested and now must bother Yai Chaem and A Ma Gimmtor to come and bail all 4 out of jail. Yai Chaem and A Ma Gimmtor declares a firm affirmation that the wedding must go on for the truce of both families causing Chor Muang and Tong Chin to be silent and now they are in a even more unlucky that position than they were in.

The failure from running away pressures Chor Muang to have to come and think of a better plan that is more clever. She decides to open her heart and talk to P’ Lai Thai directly and ask him to be her boyfriend temporarily to escape marriage, but secretly in her heart she hopes that if things work out well she will not only evade the marriage to Tong Chin, but will also get P’ Lai Thai as a real husband as if shooting two birds with one bullet.

Lai Thai is confused that Chor Muang has come to plead for him to be her boyfriend for show she also slanders Tong Ching saying he is completely horrible to the point where Lai Thai feels sorry for her in addition to his love for her as a little sister he agrees. Chor Muang is ecstatic and also prepares to take him to introduce as her boyfriend in the sixtieth birthday celebration of A Ma Gimmtor completely! But there are no secrets in the world…

Tong Chin refuses to give up so he disguises himself as a plantation worker and gets close to Lai Thai and finds out that he and Chor Muang aren’t really dating. He also finds out that Chor Muang is the only one in love with Lai Thai. Tong Chin is completely satisfied that he knows Chor Muang’s weakness. He uses it as a wager against Chor Muang to find whatever way she can to get Fong Dao to the celebration or else he will tell Yai Chaem about her fake boyfriend and tell Lai Thai her plan to get Lai Thai as hers. Tong Chin’s negotiation causes Chor Muang to have to follow obediently.

Chor Muang disguises herself as a student in Fong Dao’s house. Because of her fun loving nature it allows her to be close with Fong Dao easily while having Tong Chin cheer her on from afar. Chor Muang then realizes that Tong Chin secretly likes Fong Dao because of his shy nature around her. This allows Chor Muang to come up with an exquisite plan. She offers a negotiation to Tong Chin that she can be a matchmaker for him and Fong Dao if he continues to be a plantation worker at Lai Thai’s banana plantation and cheer her on with P’ Lai Thai. That way they will be able to be with the person they love and their tied banana gruel styled wedding will not be. It’s a win win situation so Tong Chin accepts without consideration.

The mission of switching pairs then begins with the celebration of A Ma Gimmtor’s sixtieth birthday as the deadline which is in the next few days. Chor Muang must stay in the image of Ma Muang a Thai Folk Dance student and use her closeness to Fong Dao to figure out what she likes and what kind of guy she has in mind so that she can go and teach Tong Chin how to be a gentle person and learn how to take care of a woman when he’s in front of Fong Dao this is something that is extremely difficult for Tong Chin.

At the same Time Tong Chin has to continue being “Ai Chin” and get close to P’ Lai Thai to find out what kind of woman he wants. He finds out that P’ Lai Thai wants a Virtuous Thai Woman and he goes back to teach Chor Muang to have good manners and be prim and proper and moderate for a girl, but with her nature it is something that is really against her, but for the love she has towards Lai Thai she must do it.

While Tong Chin and Chor Muang are fending together to be a matchmaking for the other person Yai Chaem and A Ma see’s that they are getting closer together and believes that the wedding day will be soon. Reun Rom and Ah Jao aren’t fond of it so they create chaos causing Tong Chin and Chor Muang to have to hurry up and find ways to get into the heart of Lai Thai and Fong Dao. No matter what they do Lai Thai will only see Chor Muang as a sister and Fong Dao will only see Tong Chin as the Chinese boy next door. Chor Muang see’s this and feels sorry for him and devises a plan to get Fong Dao to have lunch outside of the house while she is dressed up as the impediment Chor Muang and act madly towards Tong Ching roaringly across the restaurant. Fong Dao see’s this and is completely shocked and never thought there was a woman this powerful. After being the horrible Chor Muang she comes back to be the sweet Ma Muang and helps Tong Chin slander herself to where Fong Dao feels sorry for him and promises to be his girlfriend for show to A Ma Gimmtor’s sixtieth birthday celebration which is the following day!

Tong Chin nearly goes insane because he will be taking Fong Dao to A Ma Gimmtor’s celebration. He knows well that he has this day because of Chor Muang but refuses to say anything because he still as an image to uphold. Chor Muang doesn’t mind it because she too is excited that she will get to go with P’ Lai Thai. Everything seems to be in place but on the night of the party Chor Muang is dressed in a sexy outfit that is different to Tong Chin’s eyes and causes him to be amaze and at the same time Tong Chin is in a suit which creates a type of excitement in Chor Muang’s heart.

But at the least she is able to have her P’ Lai Thai to announce as her official boyfriend while the two is waiting for their sweethearts Yai Chaem has prepared a big surprise gift without anything knowing.

Both Fong Dao and Lai Thai are both iffy about going to a party in the form of a date to the person they don’t love. They pace in front of the party and it’s like heaven has given a gift when it allows the two to meet and at that instant they fall in love as if they have been lovers since the former life time. While they were still in shock Chor Muang and Tong Chin both come to the entrance and separate them from one another and drag them into the party causing the two to misunderstand and believe that the other already has a boyfriend or girlfriend..

In the party Chor Muang walks arm in arm in with Lai Thai causing a shock among Yai Chaem on top of that Tong Chin walks arm in arm in with Fong Dao the granddaughter of a Ma’s arch enemy. A Ma Gimmtor nearly faints once the two parade their dates all over the party. While Lai Thai and Fong Dai are both pale and want to tell that they aren’t dating Chor Muang and Tong Chin. Yai Chaem goes and give her gift and that is the wedding of Chor Muang and Tong Chin and once she finish her announcement Chor Muang and Tong Chin quickly denies saying they are already in a relationship. At that moment Lai Thai tells that he is not dating Chor Muang and Fong Dao hears this and also adds that she is not dating Tong Chin. The two reveal the plan and start looking into each other eyes sweetly. The two had revealed Tong Chin and Chor Muangs plot in front of the many guests and public. Chor Muang and Tong Chin faints once they hear because everything they’ve done has crashed in the blink of an eye.

Not only does their plan explodes and is revealed without the opportunity for them to explain but Yai Chaem and A Ma also rush the two to get married while Lai Thai and Fong Dao are showing sweetness towards one another to where it gets Chor Muang and Tong Chin envious so they once again get together to cause the two to break apart, but little do they know that their closeness is starting to become more than just familiarity

It’s an understanding and liking slowly and on the days that they don’t see one another they secretly think of and miss each other. Although they use the breaking up of Fong Dao and Lai Thai as a front. They do everything possible to break the two up but the more they work at it the more the two seem to love each other. The two refuse to give up until they finally succeed at their quest!

How will their love story end? Find out By watching Mon Ruk Kao Tom Mat! Credit to Tina's blog [1]

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