Om Akapan Namatra

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Om Akkaphan
Om Akkaphan


  • Name: Akapan Namatra (อรรคพันธ์ นะมาตร์)
  • Nickname: Om (อ๋อม)
  • Profession: actor
  • Date of birth: Jan. 28, 1985
  • Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Height: 181cm
  • Weight: 73kg
  • Siblings: one younger sibling
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Education: University of Bangkok (Faculty of Communication Arts)
    • Secondary School at Sathit Mahawitayalai Ramkhamhaeng
    • Elemetary School at Darakarm Elementary School

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Nak Prok (2010) guest appearance

Music Video

  • Na Li Ka Tai" Bodyslam
  • Kae Lub Tah" Bodyslam
  • Bundai Dokruk OST (Ending) [หากความรักฟังอยู่]

OST/ Song


  • Condo Noble Nano
  • Pedigree


  • Siamdara Stars Awards 2010 for "Charming Guy"
  • V Inside Hot Awards 2010 for "Sexy Male Star"
  • Mthai Awards 2011 for "Talk-About Actor"



Magazine Cover Gallery

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