Ruk Sorn Kaen

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Ruk Sorn Kaen
Ruk Sorn Kaen


  • Title: Ruk Sorn Kaen (รักซ่อนแค้น)
  • Also known as: Love Concealing Revenge
  • Duration: 12
  • Genre: Revenge/Drama
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Wednesday 10:00pm ???
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: August-September 2008
  • Theme song: Lom Hai Jai Kong Meua Wan(by Lipta) & Ya Hai Kao Tamlai(by Parn Tanaporn)

Production Credits

  • Producer: Polyplus
  • Director: Add info here
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: Polyplus Entertainment



Love that was once pure transforms into fire that is ready to destroy anything in its way. At last, the 15 years of waiting for Papop (Paul Pattarapol), son of Poowadon (Santisook Promsin); owner of a famous hotel in Thailand, has come. Papop has counted his days and has waited with anxiousness to come back and demand justice for Doojdao (Mam Jintara), his mother that has been living in the hospital for over 5 years. Doojdao's hatred and anger all transferred to Papop, whom understands that the reason why his mother has to accept this hateful destiny is because of a woman named...Duangjai (Panya Saisit) whose daugher is Namneung (Pat Napapa), a pretty young chef that does desserts for Poowadon's hotel. Namneung waits in excitement to see Papop's again...her sweetest brother. But she doesn't know that her destiny will change forever because of him.

Going back 20 years, Poowadon had a best friend named Montree (Tong Sapsoogarn). But then one day, Montree encountered an accident and passed away. Poowadon then brought Duangjai and Namneung to live with him and his family. The days have made Papop and Namneung closer and closer together until Papop had to go abroad for school. After Papop had left, Poowadon and Doojdao were always arguing. Poowadon would also consult Duangjai abouth is problems. Closeness became love. Poowadon couldn't prevent himself from loving his best friend's wife. He used force for Duangjai to becom his. Poowadon told this situation to Doojdao. She became insane and tried to kick Duangjai out ot his house but she couldn't because Poowadon protected Duangjai and Namneung. One day Doojdao went out and met a guy named Mongkon, a young salesman that gambles. He tricked Doojdao at several events until they became one another's in payback to her husband. This did not escape Poowadon's eyes. Poowadon hired someone to beat up Mongkon. Mongkon had to run away for his life and he was never seen again. After that, Poowadon never had any relations with Doojdao again. The only reason why he didn't divorce her was for his son. This is the reason why Doojdao had lost her mind and became crazy.

Namneung is so happy that Papop is going to come back, but in her happiness is wonder because when Papop left, he said nothing to Namneung. A welcome back party for Papop was set, but the unexpected had happened, Papop brought his mom to his party. As soon as Doojdao saw Duangjai, she started attacking her. Papop did nothing to stop her mother until everyone came in to help. Papop pleaded to his father to let his mother come and treat her at home. Poowadon had to agree because his only son asked for it.

Papop tries to restore his relationship with Namneung again like nothing ever happened. Papop asked Namneung to marry him as he had promised to her years ago, but his motive changed. Namneung agreed to marry him, but Papop's dad didn't understand why he would marry Namneung when he hated her mother. Prim (Apisada Keukongka) the daughter of a close friend of Poowadon's; Perm Lap (Panoodet Wantanasootchat) that wants Papop as his son-in-law. He was unhappy that Papop is going to marry Namneung, so the father and daughter tried to stop them from marrying, but it didn't work. Papop and Namneung got married, and Namneung willingly gave herself to Papop on their wedding night. Papop changed from front hand to back hand. He told Namneung that he only married her because he wants to avenge his mother and that Namneung will become his slave forever. That shocked Namneung. Ever since their marriage, Papop tortured her physically and emotionally. He brought Prim to his hotel to work with him to annoy Namneung, but she endured it. Namneung took these situations to talk with Ploysai (Kanya Rattanapet), a young rich girl and Namneung's best friend. Ploysai owns a restaurant which is also a part of Tawan's (Assanai Tiengtong), whom is also a close friend of Namneung's and is a young rich boy that lives life like a river...going wherever it takes him. He is currently in his last year of law school. Tawan secretly loved Namneung ever since they were in high school, but the only thing Namneung had to offer was her friendship. Ploysai and Tawan are rivals and have never had the same view on things. Whenever they would see each other, they would argue and Namneung and Tee (Rawit Rawin), another friend of the group, would also have to stop them...Even though Ploysai has secretly loved Tawan, but no one knew about it.

Poowadon knows that Doojdao isn't crazy and is trying to prove it, but Papop will not believe his father and argues with him. Doojdao is afraid the truth might be revealed, so she tells Perm Lap to hire someone to get rid of Poowadon. Poowadon doesn't die because Namneung came and saw the bad guy which led him to flee. Namneung went in to help her father-in-law and brought him to the hospital, but Poowadon remains in a coma.

Deycha, Tawan's father and frequent lawyer of the family, opens the will, which reveals that all of his possessions become Namneung's. This made Doojdao and Papop furious. Doojdao tries to make it seem like Namneung was the one that caused harm to Poowadon, but Papop helps Namneung because he knows she didn't do it. The more time Papop gets to spend time with Namneung, the stronger his love for her grows, without his knowledge. He isn't happy with the fact that Namneung spends a lot of time with Tawan. So he decides to take Namneung on a honeymoon because he wants to spend alone time with her. On that same day, Doojdao hired someone to get rid of Namneung. This caused a battle to run away and resulted in a car crash that caused Papop to have amnesia. Both Papop and Namneung have been restoring in a village. Namneung doesn't want to bring Papop back home because she wants to resurrect the feelings and good memories they used to have for each other.

Doojdao is not happy to know that Papop is with Namneung so she reveals the truth that she's not crazy and hurts Duangjai. During this time, Papop and Namneung start to feel tension inside their hearts; memories of when they were kids start to come back bit by bit. He doesn't know that he's a man with only vengeance on his mind. Their love starts to develop and they willingly become one another's...but times like this don't last forever. Tawan never stopped trying to find Namneung ever since Papop took her away in front of him, and he was also the one to find them, with Ploysai tagging along. When Papop returned home, Namneung told Doojdao and Prim that he lost his memory, so they used that to their advantage. Doojdao pretends to be nice in front of Papop, but behind his back, is hurting Duangjai.

Doojdao sets a plan for Papop to believe that Prim is the young girl in his memory; and it works. Papop asks Namneung for a divorce, and is heartbroken. He was getting ready to marry Prim, but realizes that he loves Namneung still. He finds some things he buried with Namneung and remembers everything. He convinces Ploysai to let him see Namneung, letting her believe that they will reconcile, only to take her away and torture her...not knowing that he was keeping her from saying good-bye to her mother before she dies.

After this incident, Papop was struck with guilt, and abandons all thoughts or plans for revenge. He realizes that he loves Namneung more than getting revenge for his mother, and he asks Neung to start over with him...She agrees, but she has her own vendetta this time. She wants to stay in his house so she can spy on his mom and get the evidence she needs to prove that she's done so many bad things to so many people, including her mom. Doojdao hates Namneung as much as Namneung hates her, and they pretend to be nice in front of Papop and get along, all they while, they both want to hurt one another. Namneung becomes more than Doojdao can handle, so she calls in Prim as a reinforcement. Papop has changed into a sweeter, better man to Namneung, but she takes advantage of his love for her to get back at Prim and Doojdao for all that they've done to her. Doojdao wants to Papop to choose between her and Namneung, knowing how much her son loves her, but doesn't realize that he loves Namneung more, that he would move out of the house with her. But Doojdao fakes an illness and gets Namneung to confess the reason why she got back with Papop, only telling her that she never loved him, not knowing he was standing behind her the whole time. So Papop gets back to his original angry self, and uses Prim to make Namneung jealous. Poowadon eventually gets better, and completely wakes up, but also loses his memory. Later on, Poowadon and Papop end up teaming up to find out the truth about Doojdao, and they both choose to keep Namneung out of it, by kicking her out of the house, to Doojdao's delight. But all hell breaks loose after Papop finds out the truth about Doojdao and everything she's done to hurt his dad, Duangjai, as well as him. Doojdao kidnaps Namneung and tries to kill her, but the police get there in time. Doojdao chooses not to give herself up, so she goes into traffic and gets hit by a truck...she ends up in the hospital with Papop to take care of her. While Namneung is in the hospital, Poowadon has a confession to make to her. He reveals to her that he is the one that killed her father long ago, it's a confession that Papop happens to overhear and is distraught over. He feels bad that his family has done so many bad thing to Namneung's family, and decides to leave her, instead of being with her. Tawan and Ploysai end up getting married, and they both have a surprise for Namneung...Papop shows up and they reunite. They live their lives together and have a daughter together. It's a beautiful ending, with only love between a husband and wife, and parents and their child.

  • Most of the summary is by KristyS


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