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Om & Pooklook
Mae Ai Sae Eun


  • Title: แม่อายสะอื้น / Mae Ai Sae Eun 2018
  • Also known as: The Sorrow of Mae Ai
  • Duration: 16 Episodes
  • Genre: Romance/Drama
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Monday-Tuesday
  • Broadcast network: Channel 7
  • Broadcast period: January 22, 2018 --- March 13, 2018
  • Theme song:
  • Remake: Mae Ai Sae Eun (2004)

Production Credits

  • Producer:
  • Director:
  • Screenwriter:
  • Company Name: Media Studio



  • May Contain Spoilers

Downel (Pooklook) the prettiest in town a talent with sword dancing, because her dad (Sorapong) taught her. Cher Eun (Mameaw) plays the drum (mai pae krai). Their group is famous and that encounter problems with Nai Meun (Somlek) (a old man who teaches puppets). Nai Meun is the guy that wants to separate their group. Lekra (Kwang) is jealous of Downel's beauty. Lekra is always trying to find a way to get Downel's family in trouble but Downel always find a solution.

One day, Downel gets to go performed at a opening party of a hotel and meet Sunpong (Om) the owner of the hotel. Downel falls in love Sunpong, but he didn't care about her because Sunpong already have a girlfriend, which is Jidapa known as Gigi (KiewKoi).

Downel's father gets blind when she took him for a check up at the hospital. The doctor said that they have to cover it soon or he'll be blind forever. Downel really wants to work to get money to cure her dad's eye but A Sa Sea tried to raped her, but she escaped. Nai Meun made A Sa Sea sleep with her daughter so that Downel family can’t perform any more.

Ve Lai came back to visit her mom BaBua. When she knows Downel needed money, she invited Downel to come with her to Bangkok. Downel still deciding whether she should go or not but at the end she decided to go. Downel got trick into becoming a prostitute. Ve Lai put sleeping pills to Downel. Downel don't want to sell herself and be a prostitute. Downel decided to go back home but Ve Lai told her that she should think of her dad's eye. Then she decided to stay and work until she gets all the money, then she'll go home. Sunpong wants to marry Gigi but Sownoi, an old woman that takes care of Sunpong don't want them to get marry. Tadwah, Sunpong's older brother, and Sawut, Sunpong's younger brother tries to help Sunpong but at the end they lost to Sownoi. Finally, Gigi decided to leave him. Sunpong is heartbroken so Sawut takes Sunpong to a club to forget about her. Downel see Sunpong again but embarrassed. Downel try to hide but Sunpong was drunk. Downel let him be the first to her (she tam jai hai Sunpong). They sleep together.

Downel got the money she needed and was ready to go home but she found out she was pregnant. Ve Lai forced her to abort her baby. They went to abort it but were caught by the police (it is illegal to abort a child in Thailand). So Ve Lai ditched her and Downel ended in the hospital. Tedwah (he's a doctor) helps her baby. She told the doctor that she didn’t mean to kill her baby. Tadwah agreed to take her to live with Kon Nai Tid, the owner of a store. Kon Nai Tid thinks that is Tedwah's wife so, she accepted Downel. But when she found out Downel is just Tedwah patient, he force Downel to do hard work. Her child was born not normal (Pea Kahn). Kon Nai Tid told Downel to take her baby to raise somewhere else. Downel decided to go home but Kon Nai Tid threaten her to pay for the store that Downel has destroy. Because Downel born her baby at Tedwad, she don't want Downel went back to Mai Ai and made everone surprised about her bring a child back with her. Cher Eun asked her if it's her baby, and she told everyone it was her friend that has past away. She doesn’t want her dad to feel disappointed at her. So she left her son with her dad and her sister.

Downel works very hard but because of her beauty, Ling Ling want her to be a star and a model. Kon Nai Tid always yells at her but she is strong and finally gets to work in a movie and become a model. Downel is very happy to meet Sunpong again. Sunpong is very interested in how Downel works so hard as a women and falls in love with her. Downel gets famous. Compun waited for his daughter to come back but there no news from her. Cher Eun is mad that Downel just left her own family back in Mae Ai. Compun is now completely blind. A few years pass. Downel is a very famous actress. Sunpong wants to marry her and take her to know his family, and to know Sownoi. When they went to his house, she met Tedwah. Tedwah acts like he don't know her but he felt sad that the girl he fell in love with is his younger brother's new girlfriend. Cheu En arrived in Bangkok with her father and nephew. She meets Downel finally but Downel won't accepted Cher Eun as her sister because there's news reporter there too. Cher Eun was disappointed and got hit by a car. Cher Eun knows that Downel is Sunpong's girlfriend, younger brother of Tedwah, Cher Eun called Downel and talk to her about their family relationship. Cher Eun says that she will live with Tedwah. Downel try to stop her but she said that she will not leave until Downel accepts her.

Downel can't believe that Sownoi is being so polite to Cher Eun, when Cher Eun is poor. Sownoi seems something different about Downel and Cher Eun but the two never talked to each other. Tedwah told Downel to tell the truth but Downel is scared to lose Sunpong. Sownoi sees how the relationship between Downel and Tedwad how they talk secretly and told Sunpong about it. Cher Eun wants to go home. Sownoi is carious about it and told Cher Eun to bring her father and her nephew to come and live with them in Bangkok. Downel is very disappointed at herself for what she has done leaving her family back. She tried to committing suicide but Ling Ling saved her. Downel didn't tell Sunpong the reason why she wanted to attempt to commit suicide.

Tedwad is mad at Downel because she won't tell the truth. Compun is very happy when he heard the name Downel and thinks that it might be his daughter. Cher Eun was scared that her dad might feel sad and so she lied to him that Downel is not her sister they just have the same name. Sawut likes Cher Eun but she doesn’t want to play with him. Sunwut takes Cher Eun to a hotel at Krub Bi. Sunpong follow to go work over there and takes Downel with him too. Sunpong didn't know that Tedwah is also there with his friend. In the party at the hotel, Cher Eun sang dedicated to Downel. She thinks a lot and tried to drowned herself, but Tedwah helps her. Sunpong sees it and misunderstood and raped Downel. Morning, Sunpong wakes up and know that he is wrong and ask her for engagement. Downel wants to tell Sunpong the truth about her family but because she doesn’t want to lose Sunpong.

Sunpong told Sownoi about their engagement and Sownoi can't accepted it. Ling Ling puts it in a newspaper and Kon Nai Tid know. He sends news to Gigi in American to come back to Thailand because Downel is just lying to Sunpong. Kon Nai Tid come and tells everyone about her son and also talk about Tedwah but Tedwah rejected to help Downel. Kon Nai Tid and Gigi told Sownoi to tell Sunpong to stop thinking about marrying Downel. But Sunpong still announced his marriage with Downel. Cher Eun is mad at Downel because didn't tell them about her son. When she visit her dad, she talks to him without telling it's her and her dad talked to her nicely without knowing that it is his daughter. Kon Nai Tid also tells that Cher Eun is Downel's sister but Cher Eun rejected that someone so popular like Downel will never be Cher Eun's sister. Downel feel very sad because Cher Eun rejected that Downel is not her sister. Before going back to Mai Ai, Cher Eun talked to Ve Lai and found out that Downel is pregnant because she became a prostitute. Downel told Cher Eun not to tell their father. When Sunpong heard Cher Eun and Ve Lai talking about Downel's son. Sunpong misunderstood that it's his brother son. Sunpong want them to tell the truth and they told him that it's his son not Tedwah. Sunpong can't accepted the truth and ran out of the house.

Cher Eun hated her sister because Downel keeps all this secret to herself without telling Cher Eun about it. Cher Eun and Downel was arguing without knowing her dad was listening to them. At the end, everyone knows the truth. Sunpong still can't accept the truth and won't forgive her. She thinks everything is her fault that her dad died and everything she did was wrong. Her son becomes a monk as well. She regretted everything she had done. So she performed her last sword dance once again in front of her dad's funeral and killed herself.

Credits to:Mae Ai Sae Eun (2004)

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