Prajan Lai Payak

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Prajan Lai Payak
Prajun Lai Payak
Prajan Lai Payak
Prajan Lai Payak


  • Title: Prajan Lai Payak
  • Also known as: พระจันทร์ลายพยัคฆ์ // Tiger striped Moon or Tiger Moon
  • Duration: 24 Episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Crime/Romance/Action
  • Popularity: HIT LAKORN!
  • Air time: Wed-Thu @ 8:30PM
  • Broadcast network: Channel 7
  • Broadcast period: Feb. 17, 2010 - May 6, 2010
  • Theme song: "theme song" Artist Name

Production Credits

  • Producer: Add info here
  • Director: Kritsada Techanilobon
  • Screenwriter: Napoot Susri
  • Company Name: Polyplus Entertainment



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Jun Chai, the daughter of a police officer, harbored vengence eversince she was a child from seeing her father shot to death in front of her eyes by a gang of drug dealers. Just like Parn Deun and Tiwa, who also came from a police family and had their father killed the same by the drug dealers. Nuan, Parn Deun and Tiwa's mother took Jun Chai in as her adopted daughter. The three children loved each other very much as if they were all blood siblings, and the two younger kids looked up to Jun Chai as the older sister who would take care of her younger siblings.

After finishing their studies, both Jun Chai and Parn Deun were able to become police women. Both were sent to go train with Anon, the handsome policeman of the team. Parn Deun fell in love with Anon at first sight, Jun Chai however did not see eye to eye with him at all. Anon secretly admired Jun Chai. During their training, Jun Chai showed excellent skills and helped out her friends, which caused them to like Jun Chai more than Parn Deun. Parn Deun was too focused on carrying out exact orders that she didn't care to forge friendships. This caused Anon to choose Jun Chai as his new assistant to replace Pailin, an undercover detective who was killed by the drug dealers. Parn Deun misunderstood and thought Jun Chai was trying to steal Anon from her. She decided to work with Chatchawarn, who was Anon's rival. They did everything to be better than Anon and Jun Chai's team.

Anon's teams was sent to apprehend Poupha, the leader of the drug dealers. However, Chatchawarn and Parn Deun went in ahead of them and ruined the plan. This caused Parn Deun to be captured and almost killed by Poupah. Jun Chai came to help her in time and disregarded orders, shooting Poupah dead. She did this to seek vengeance on him for killing her and Parn Deun's fathers. This action caused Jun Chai to be disciplined, Anon was worried so he asked Parn Deun to help give a statement in favor of Jun Chai. Parn Deun was jealous of Anon's affections towards Jun Chai so she changed her statement, causing Jun Chai to be imprisoned.

Although Poupah was dead, his minions still went after Parn Deun to get revenge. Parn Deun's mother became blind and Parn Deun hated Jun Chai even more. She thought that Jun Chai was the reason for all the horrible things that happened. After Jun Chai was released from prison, she sought out to kill all the people who caused her adopted mother to become blind. Jun Chai's repeated offences caused her to be fired from the force. Parn Deun didn't have sympathy for Jun Chai at all, causing their relationship to come to an end. Jun Chai left Parn Deun's home. Tiwa felt sorry for Jun Chai but didn't dare to disobey Parn Deun, all she could give her was find job for Jun Chai.

Afterwards, Poupah's half brother Wayu took over the business for his brother as the new leader of the drug dealers. However, because Poupah used to look down on Wayu's mother, Wayu was more interested in getting revenge on his brother rather than eliminating their enemies. So Wayu simply sent Metee to go bother Jun Chai so she'd lose her job. Anon found out and wanted to help Jun Chai but she refused because she wanted to stand aside and have Parn Deun and Anon fall in love. Jun Chai borrowed a loan to start up a small business but Metee caused her to fail once again.

Jun Chai was at her wits ends so she went to Wayu's place and beat up everyone. Wayu agreed to a truce with Jun Chai but she refused to do illegal work. A rival drug dealer gang was bent on hurting Wayu but Jun Chai helped him to safety. Wayu agreed to hire Jun Chai as his bodyguard and promised he wouldn't get her involved with the illegal durgs. He also gave her money to help her take care of her adopted mother's eyes. Jun Chai agreed to work for him. However, Jun Chai's addition to the team made Metee and Jorm Kwan uneasy. Reason being that they were behind the plan to have Poupah fall into the police's hands and die so the illegal business would become theirs. Even though Wayu was taking care of the business now, but Jorm Kwan and Metee were able to fix that once more. Jun Chai's police instincts lead her to read their evil plot and she was able to fix all of Wayu's problems. Her honesty and bravery made the other minions believe her more than Metee.

With Jun Chai out of the way, Parn Deun tried to get closer to Anon. However, he only saw her as a co-worker. Not only that but she had another rival to deal with, Dujdao, the daughter of Taan Wicharn, a powerful politician. Dujdao fell in love with Anon and knew that Parn Deun liked him also. She made up a story that she was being targeted and had Parn Deun be her bodyguard. Dujdao treated Parn Deun like a slave, however the fellow police officers got back at Dujdao, making Dujdao afraid of bothering Parn Deun again.

After getting rid of Dujdao, Parn Deun found out that Jun Chai was working for Wayu. She went to Wayu's place to threaten Jun Chai that she would be the one to take her to prison. Jorm Kwan tried to get Wayu to stop trusting Jun Chai because their drug dealing gang might get caught by the police. Wayu didn't believe her because eversince Jun Chai came in, his business was going forward. Reason being that Jun Chai found out ways for him to transport his drugs without getting caught by the police. Jun Chai's sincerity had an affect on Wayu. He followed Jun Chai's every plan, he even started giving Tiwa everything he ever wanted. But was Jun Chai able to read why Wayu wanted him. She warned Tiwa not to be decieved by all the things she was getting.

Metee was not pleased by Jun Chai so he and Jorm Kwan set up a plan saying that Jun Chai was a spy for the police. Wayu didn't believe them, so Metee changed his plans and let it leak to Parn Deun of the next drug shipment. This caused Wayu to be caught by the police in the midst of transfering his drugs. Jun Chai had to protect her poss, which caused her to shoot Anon, causing Parn Deun more anger. Jun Chai felt terrible and would go see Anon in the hospital, in hopes that he would arrest her. However, he didn't and warned her to get out of the illegal business.

Parn Deun's arrest of Wayu allowed her to upgrade her rank and became the team leader in place of Anon who was injured. Parn Deun's plan to take down Jun Chai started immediately. This caused the drug rings to be startled and Wayu's customers demanded he send them their shipments immediately. Jun Chai had to help Wayu once again although she knew she was being watched. The battle between the two women started again, with Jun Chai as the victor once more. When Jun Chai went to go visit Nuan at home, Parn Duen scolded her about working for the drug dealers. This caused Nuan to go into shock and lose conciousness. Parn Deun used this opportunity to blame Jun Chai once again and proclaimed that she would be the one to bring Jun Chai to justice without listening to Tiwa and Anon who tried to stop her. Everything changed again and Jun Chai became alone one more. Things got even more complicated with she found out that Tiwa liked her not as a sister, but as a woman. Jun Chai wanted to wash her hands of the business but she couldn't leave Wayu to face the problems himself.

Anon was being pressured to close the case on Wayu by having him ask Jun Chai to be a spy. Jun Chai wanted to do it for Anon she so agreed even if it meant betraying her boss, the man who was secretly in love with her. Anon was happy that Jun Chai agreed to reform and confessed his love to her and made plans to start a new life together. Jun Chai refused him because she wanted Anon to love Parn Deun. Anon was heartbroken that he wasn't able to get Jun Chai's heart so he drank heavily and went to talk with Parn Deun. The two ended up sleeping together unintentionally.

Tiwa was heartbroken that Jun Chai only had eyes for Anon so he turned to using drugs that Metee and Jorm Kwan gave him. Tiwa accidently told Anon about Jun Chai's secret. Not long, Jun Chai found out that the rival drug dealers were the gang of Taan Wicharn. This was the reason Taan Wicharn wanted the police to get rid of Wayu's drug dealers even though Wayu always tried to have a truce. Metee didn't want Wayu to get a truce so he pretended to be on good terms with Taan Wicharn and tell him to watch out that Wayu would betray him. This caused the two gangs to fight and Metee used this opportunity to kill Taan Wicharn.

Taan Wicharn's death made Wayu go into hiding, and Metee pushed Dujdao to take care of the business in her father's place in hopes of controlling her from behind. Jun Chai informed Anon of the happenings and Anon warned Dujdao to be careful. However, Metee found out and killed Dujdao before she had a chance to get revenge on him. He also killed Jorm Kwan who he found out was going to blackmail him. He blamed the deaths on Jun Chai.

Because of this, Jun Chai had to go hide out with Wayu. Parn Deun found them and the two women came face to face once more. They were both fighting when Anon had to come and prevent them because he knew it was Metee's plan to get rid of them. If they didn't succeed in killing each other, he would be the one to kill everyone in the safehouse. How will the vengeance between the two tigers end? Who will get Anon's heart? Stay tuned to find out.

Credits to noiki @ SpicyForum

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