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Ngao asoke


  • Title: Ngao Asoke/เงาอโศก
  • Also known as: Asoke's shadow
  • Duration: 13 Episodes
  • Genre: Drama
  • Popularity: Top Rated
  • Air time: Wednesday 10:00pm ???
  • Broadcast network: Channel 7
  • Broadcast period: 1999
  • Theme song: "Roo seuk meun gun" by Parn Thanaporn
  • Related to: Ngao Asoke (2008) & Ngao Asoke 2016

Production Credits

  • Producer: Add info here
  • Director: Add info here
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: Add info here


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piachat [her name wasn't piachat at first. i can't remember at the top of my head what it is right now] was returning home from school one day and she had some exciting news to tell her mother. she had high honors in her class. as she made her way home a storm also arrived. so she raced home and she was in time to see a tree fall onto her house and it was set on fire so her mother was gone in the fire. now she hadgone to live with her grandmother.

vichada was on her way to monthai's house because their parents are old friends. monthai's mother is a very protective, stubborn, and wants everything done her way. she loves her husband a lot so she allows him to have mistress but she knows about them. though she does not want monthai to end up a ladies man like his father so she decided to ask for vichada's hand in marriage. vichada who was eas dropping on the whole conversation was happy and satisfied.

monthai had this friendly and loving nature in him. a distance relative of his also fell in love with him. her name was lakana. he was friendly to her but she avoided him. and he wondered why. the truth was that his mother had called her lots of names connected to him. calling her a leech just wanting to mooch off of her family's fortune, ect. piachat also lived nearby. her grandmother wasn't wealthy. they sold vegetables and other things to survive. she was very found of a tree called asoke. she spotted one in monthai's yard and went over to pick some. at the moment that she arrived vichad and monthai were sharing a sweet moment as both were informed about their engagment. monthai really didn't express much feeling towards her. but piachat made a noise and they looked to see who it was and she tried to run but monthai caught up to her. vichada was furious and wanted to slap her but was stopped. monthai found out what she wanted and allowed her to pick the leaves of the asoke tree. she came more than once and she took a liking in monthai's generousity.

piachat's grandmother had a heart attack when she was almost hit by the hiranyawat's van. piachat was left as an orphan. the hiranyawat's decided to adopt her but not as a daughter but as a worker in their house. but she was given an education. to the people that looked into the family they would think that the hiranyawat's were people with generousity, but the truth was that the father was a player. he was getting sick of his wife and she couldn't do anything about it. so she came up with the idea to raise piachat and then when she was grown he can take her as his wife. she wanted this so that her husband can fulfill his hormones at home instead of elsewhere. and so piachat was raised in the hiranyawat's home and was given the a new name which is piachat.

one night monthai was out walking and lakana also walked by. he went over to her and she looked away and he wanted her to look at him. she refused and they started to struggle as he asked her questions about her being afraid of him and she couldn't hold it in any longer and she hugged monthai, just as his mother came and she started to beat on lakana and say cruel things to her. monthai stopped his mother as lakana raced to her room. hours later after being so ashamed of monthai's mother words lakana killed herself. she slit her throat. monthai was mad and ashamed that this was caused by his mother and he too blamed her. and so he decided that he would go to australia to finish his studies.

vichada was upset that he was going but he said he would only be gone four years. she wanted something for him to remember her by so she gave him a picture of her. earlier her sister[paa] said that her writing was like chicken stratch compared to piachat. so she had piachat write the message [for monthai only, love vichada] on the back of the picture. monthai was having a party for his leaving and he also invited piachat and bought her a dress cause she had nothing to wear.

4 years passed--- the hiranyawat's have moved to elsewhere. monthai writes to vichada in these four years. she also writes him but with piachat's writing. she is afraid that he will notice that they handwriting on the pictures and the letter are different. piachat has grown into a beautiful young women. monthai's latest letter was to inform her about his staying in australia to look for a job cause he did not want to come back. vichada was furious and she decided not to wait for him any longer and she ordered piachat to throw away everything that monthai has sent her. piachat couldn't do it cause he was secretly in love with monthai also. so she kept the things. she also told piachat not to show her the letters that monthai sent. and if she wanted to she can write back to him.

as at the mahatavate's home monthai's father had died and his mother was going crazy missing him. she was also losing her mind all she did was call out for vichada. thinking that if vichada was there monthai would return to her. her housekeeper sent many letters to the hiranyawat's so that vichada would come to visit but she refused to go. she would not baby sit a crazy women.

another 4 years has passed and the hiranyawat's are now stationed in chiang mai. vichada was also a very popular among the men. piachat would always remind her of monthai but she would not listen. she went out with many men. piachat had continued to write to monthai. making him believe that vichada had been faithful to him all these years.

piachat was now grown and beautiful and vichada's father wanted her more and more and urged his wife to set up the plan that they had planned all those years ago. piachat was a girl that knew of the charity that was given to her. she respected the people that gave it to her and would do almost anything to return the kindness that they showed her. she was informed about what she was intended for and there was no way out of it. these were the people that sheltered her. without them she would be god knows where. out on the street as a beggar or even dead.

so she decided that she would do what they wanted and that she would kill herself afterwards. she wrote a letter to the only person that was truly nice to her in the first place. the youngest daugther of the hiranyawat; paa.

on the night that everyone was out piachat was called out to the father's room. she went reluctantly. to her luck paa had heard that it would be freezing later that night and returned home to get a scarf and looked in the drawer that piachat had left the note. being that it was addressed to her she read it and went to her father's room and saved piachat in time. there were many more attempts to make piachat the new mistress. paa was there to help her. faith was on piachat's side cause another letter came from the mahatavate's house requesting vichada. paa requested that piachat go in vichada's place and they disagreed and paa kept trying and in the end they agreed. piachat never forgot the deed that paa did for her.

she arrived at the mahatavates and the mother[tap-tim] continued to ask for vichada. the housekeeper wanting her to calm down asked piachat to say that she was vichada. slowly she agreed and tap-tim started to calm down. when piachat was there tap-tim started to show a lot of improvement. so she continued to be vichada to tap-tim.

monthai was also informed about his mother's conditions and decided to come home to his mother and the women that waited for him for 8 years. once he arrived he wanted to see vichada but everyone knew that vichada was not there. only piachat and so they told her to go see him. he had his back turned and when she arrived he turned and without looking he hugged the person. she froze but he backed away after realizing that it wasn't vichada. he demanded to know who she was. she asked him don't you remember piachat. he looked at her and realized that it was her due to the mole under her right eye. without an explanation he accused her of trying to rob his mother of the family's fortune by pretending to be vichada.

so the fued began. he would always say harsh and tormenting things to her to make her feel like she was a con-artist. he wouls also take advantage of her when they were together in front of his mother. he would hug and kiss her. she of course couldn't do anything. if she did she would reveal herself.

vichada was also informed about monthai's return and she wanted him back. so she was going to go to the house. before she arrived piachat revealed her true identity to tap-tim. to all of their suprise she informed them that she knew from the beginning that piachat was not vichada.

vichada also came and monthai of course was really happy about this. tap-tim was now in love with piachat and knew that vichada only came because of monthai and not cause vichada cared about her. monthai also liked to make piachat uncomfortable. and of course like always vichada oredered her around and beat her and abused her when she was mad at something. and as always piachat took it without a word.

vichada also started to notice that tap-tim as well as monthai took great interest in piachat and wanted her to return home. but tap-tim would not allow it. to get her son's attention she decided to change the will. when he asked her about it allshe said was that she wasn't giving him anything. so he took his anger out on piachat and continued to take advantage of her with vichada in the room next door.

he also started to realize vichada's true self. he told his mother that he wanted to marry her but she did not give him her blessings or even money. so they went to vichada's parents for the money. that night he refused to stay there cause he wanted to go home. claiming that he wanted to look out for his mother from piachat. when he got home he questioned himself. was it because he wanted to protect his mother from piachat or was it that he wanted to be near piachat. wither way vichada noticed that monthai was slipping from her hands.

the men that vichada associated with when monthai was in australia showed up at his house on business. though vichada pinned it all on piachat. saying that all those men were men that had slept with piachat. he questioned piachat and she accepted it. this made him even angrier at her. vichada wanted to get one of them of her hands. this guy slept with her. she decided to send piachat to him. she wrote him letter saying that she was his. and that if she refuse just use her name and she will be his. he was nice and he showed the letter to piachat and let her go home.

on the other hand vichada started to realize that she had no one to fall back on. cause all the men that she was once with are now with someone else. so she plotted to get rid of tap-tim. cause without her she could have monthai to herself and get rid of piachat. the night that she set her plan in motion monthai was with piachat and was about ot confess his true feelings to her. vichada screamed and they all rushed to her and she screamed that the ghost of lakana came back to haunt her. this is his mother's weak spot and this sent her into a stage of shock and fainted.

once again vichada caused his mother to go into shock. she dressed up like lakana and came to the window. tap-tim was brought to the hospital and she was recovering and once again vichada shocked his mother by putting on a fake scar on her throat to make it look him lakana's throat when she died. and once again she went into shock and this time she died. the housekeeper knew that it was vichada that killed tap-tim. monthai knew too but couldn't believe it.

just before his mother died monthai said to her and piachat that he loved piachat. piachat thought that he was only saying this to see what was in the will. monthai told her that he truly loved her since the moment that he first hugged her the night that he returned. she told him that she couldn't breeak vichada's heart and said that all those times that he hugged and kissed her she would think of it as charity. and so he kissed her again and said that he liked people that like to give charity.

after the funeral he refused to let piachat go with the hiranyawat. and so he showed them a contract that he had bought piachat and told them that piachat now belonged to him and no one could order her around. in truth the signature was a fake. paa gave him this book that her mother had recorded all of the things that she bought for piachat from the moment that she moved in.

in the book was the letter that she wrote to paa about giving herself up to please paa's father and mother. he also recognized the writing but could not remember from where. he went to her and just held her. she asked him why he was mad and he said because of her. the next day he paid them according to the money amounts on the books. he went to yell ay piachat for not running out of the house when they wanted her to become the wife of vichada's father. she asked for the letter. he asked her why and answered it 'because you don't want me to realize where i have seen this handwriting before' he gave it to her.

his investigation on who killed his mother also began. before the death of his mother vichada wrote a letter to paa telling her that she suspected that piachat was acting strange and plotting to kill tap-tim. so her mother showed the letter to monthai and he asked who the writing belonged to and she answered vichada. so he had vichada write right in front of his eyes. so he knew that this was noth te person that wrote to him in australia.

he also brought a maid that worked in vichada's home to question her about the situation and she reavealed everything. from the behavior of vichada. how she was seeing all these men. about vichada telling piachat to stop shoing her the letters he wrote to her. and how they wanted piachat to be her boss' mistress. and he decided to check the girls rooms. piachat gave him her key with no argument as vichada did. he asked one of his servants to call everyone that was involved as he went upstairs.

in piachat's room he found everything that he sent to vichada and the dress that he bought her when she was young. with all the letters that he sent. he also found little notes that she made about the things taht she knitted and sent to him. and he found a picture of her when she was younger with a message on the back. for monthai only, from piachat. he also found the letter that vichada wrote to the guy that she slept with. the one that she sent piachat to so that he would keep hi mouth shut. so he went downstairs and broght her into her room with all the things laid out. he questioned her and she denied everything. she only confessed that she wrote to him the last four years on her own. he asked her how she felt about him and she said nothing. he gave a choice of revealing it there or they would do it in front of everyone. she asked him what he was going to do and he kissed her. so she told him then and there that she loved him. so he hugged her.

they returned downstairs and vichada was begining to panick and she started to accuse piachat of trying to kill his mother. and said that she pretended to be lakana to scare her so that she could scream and make his mother go into shock. so he yelled at her that when she screamed piachat was in his arms. she started towards piachat but everyone stopped her. all the men that she was involved with revealed themselves and she accepted that she was with them.

the finally searched vichada's room and found all the things that was used to scare his mother to death. he wanted to kill her but piachat stopped her. he told her to leve before he killed her. piachat was given the some land in the will and monthai the rest of it and he signed over the house to her. they wer also going to get married pretty soon. vichada's father came and accused piachat of stealing monthai from vichada. but paa was on their side and showed her father all that her sister caused. and so he returned home and slapped vichada. and she shouted at him that she got those genes from him.

monthai and piachat was also married. vichada also went to apologize to them. before they went on their honeymoon they went over to the asoke tree and talked about the memories that they shared.

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Trivia or Interesting Info about this Lakorn

  • someone broke their arm?
  • or something else..
  • First lakorn where Ae is the full n'ek
  • It has a sequel "Ngao asoke" produced by Xact and starring Pong and Pueng

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