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Nichkhun Horvejkul
Nichkhun Horvejkul


  • Name: Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul (นิชคุณ หรเวชกุล)
  • Nickname: Khun, Khunnie, Khunnie boo/boy
  • Nationality:Thai/Chinese
  • Profession: Singer/Dancer (2PM), Model, Actor
  • Date of birth: June 24, 1988
  • Birthplace: Rancho Cucamonga, California (United States)
  • Height: 181cm
  • Weight: 64 kg
  • Sibling One older brother & Two younger sisters (Chan, Yanin, & Cherreen Nachjaree Horvejkul)
  • Star sign: Cancer
  • Blood type: O
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Hobbies: Playing the piano, Sports, Listening to music
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Education: Los Osos High School (USA)
  • Variety Shows: Star King, Star Golden Bell, Etc..
  • Affiliator: JYP Family/Entertainment
  • Group: 2PM

About (Nich Khun Horvejkul)

  • Nichkhun moved at the age of five with his family in Thailand where he lived until he moved again to study in New Zealand at the age of twelve before eventually relocating to California where he was scouted and invited to audition by a JYP agent in a Korean Music Festival.
  • He became a JYP Ent. trainee in 2006 after re-signing an eight year contract followed by a ten year contract which did not include training until J.Y. Park told him that he was required to learn how to dance, sing, bulk up and obtain fluency in Korean and Mandarin Chinese.
  • He joined Mnet‘s survival show ‘Hot Blood Men‘ where he was one of the 13 trainees who had to follow an extreme training routine in order to debut as members of JYP then new group ‘One Day‘. ‘One Day‘ was split into two boy groups ‘2AM‘ & ‘2PM‘ respectively.
  • Although still a JYP trainee, Horvejkul has already made himself a name as Asia's future top star. He has gained fans from Thailand and Korea with appearances on televion, such as JYP's talent competition, Superstar Survival where he took role of the host. Horvejkul speaks four languages: his primary languages consist of both Thai and English; his secondary language is Korean.
  • Nichkhun debuted as the vocalist, rapper and visual of 2PM (a second generation boy group which is remarkably known for their distinctive tough and macho beast-like image) on September 4, 2008, under JYP Entertainment. The group has debuted on M! Countdown with their 2pm single 10 out of 10.
  • After 2PM's debut in 2008, Nichkhun began doing Thai endorsements and was selected by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.
  • Khun has mentioned in an interview on how training to become a star is hard work. JYP is giving him instruction in all branches of the industry. He must also learn Chinese and Korean, and work out regularly. He has 24 others of similar age in his 'class', who every month are tested to see how they are performing. Khun and his classmates must turn from being friends into competitors, which would be an unusual experience.
  • His JYP contract does not mean he will perform exclusively in Korea, as the company is keen for its talent to get work experience in their home countries, too.
  • Superstar Rain is his senior, and as a fellow JYP 'property' has given him advice every step of the way, Khun says. Some of his fans believe Khun is destined for superstardom himself - they have started calling him 'the second Rain '.
  • In April 2009, he was a subject to the Thai military draft lottery in Komutputtarungsi Temple which resulted to him receiving an exemption from military service.
  • He is also an avid actor. He has acted in various Chinese/Thai/Korean movies, drama series, web series and multiple variety shows, both Chinese and Korean.
  • His solo works include songs in all to his knowledge languages and his debut solo album ‘ME’ which was first released in Japan on December 19, 2018 and later in South Korea on February 18, 2019. There are two versions of the album and a song which he dedicated to his fans and has five different versions (in English, Korean, Japanese, Thai and Chinese).

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  • Ouran High School Host Club The Movie (2010)
  • Seven Something (2012)
  • Cha-lui: Lost in Seoul (2015)
  • Forever Young (2015)
  • Brother of the Year (2015)
  • Cracked (Upcoming)



Solo Discography



  • 2008: "We Become One" (for Wall's Cornetto Thailand)
  • 2009: "Let's Take a Break" (for Tourism Authority of Thailand)
  • 2009: "Cute" (for Suzuki Jelato)
  • 2014: "So Wonderful" (Album: Genesis of 2PM)
  • 2015: "Miss Wonderful" (Album: 2PM of 2PM)
  • 2015: "Maybe You Are" (Album: Higher)


  • Me (July 5, 2019 Thai Version)
  • Story Of... (December 25, 2019 Japanese Version)


  • "My Valentine" (with J.Y. Park & Taecyeon) OST. Dream High (2011)
  • "Let It Rain" (Bonus track from the album Legend of 2PM) OST. One and a Half Summer (2012)
  • "Wan Nun Wan Nee Wan Nhai (วันนั้น วันนี้ วันไหน)" (featuring Taecyeon of 2PM) OST. Touch the Sky - Chalui (2015)
  • "Fall in Love With You (勇往直前恋上你)" OST. Shall We Fall in Love (2018)


Variety shows

Korean variety shows

  • 2008-2009: Ya Shim Man Man
  • 2008-2009: Hot Blood
  • 2008-2009: Idol Army (Season 3)
  • 2009: Wild Bunny
  • 2010: We Got Married (Season 2)
  • 2011: 2PM Show!
  • 2012: KOICA'S Dream in Tanzania
  • 2015: Oven Radio
  • 2015: Ok.Jang.Khun ReciPe
  • 2017: 2PM Wild Beat
  • 2028: The Team Chef (Season 1)
  • 2018: Galileo: Awakened Universe
  • 2018: One Night Food Trip – International Edition 2 in the Philippines
  • 2019: We K-Pop (Season 1)
  • 2020: Idol on Quiz
  • 2020: Cash Back (Ep.3)
  • 2020: Eat More (Ep. 6)

Chinese variety shows

  • 2013: Superstar China
  • 2014: If You Love
  • 2014: God & Goddess
  • 2014: Happy Camp Hunan TV
  • 2014: All Star Show
  • 2014: Tonight 80's Show
  • 2014: Brave Heart
  • 2014: Dream Music Charity Event
  • 2015: Youth Trainee
  • 2015: Korea-China Dream Team
  • 2015: Let's Go Together
  • 2016: Grade One Freshman
  • 2016: Beat the Champions
  • 2016: Super Girl Group
  • 2021: Shine! Super Brothers 2

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2009 Mnet 20's Choice Awards Hot Mr. Beauty Award - Won
2009 Tourism Authority of Thailand PR Ambassador - Won
2010 Nine Entertain Awards (Thailand) Popular Vote - Nominated
2010 MBC Entertainment Awards Popularity Award We Got Married with Victoria Song Won
2010 Korea Jewerly Awards Diamond Award (with Chansung) - Won
2011 3rd Bugs Music Awards OST of the Year (with Taecyeon) "My Valentine" Won
2011 KBS Best Idol Icon Awards Icon of the year - Nominated
2011 Mnet Media Awards Most CHARMING Boy - Won
2011 MTV K's very first Valentine King and Queen Valentine King - Won
2011 TVCF Awards Most Popular CF Star - Nominated
2012 Kerd Awards (Thailand) Kerd of the Year - Won
2012 TVCF AWARDS CF Model of The Year - Nominated
2012 Top Award (Thailand) Best Rising Film Actor Seven Something Nominated
2012 BK Film Awards The Eye Candy Award Seven Something Won
2012 6th Nine Entertain Awards (Thailand) Popular Award Seven Something Nominated
2013 STYEBIBLE.PH International Celebrity Collab NICHKHUN for Bench Nominated
2013 Nine Entertain Awards Popular Award - Nominated
2013 Singapore Blog Awards Most Popular Overseas Celebrity - Nominated
2013 The Goodness Idol Thailand Awards The 9 Idols for The King - Won
2014 N/A Asian's Male God - Nominated
2015 Microblogging Star 2014 (China) Weibo Star - Nominated
2015 K-pop Gaon Chart Award Social Star - Nominated
2015 N/A Asian's Male God - Nominated
2015 Micro-star Magazine (Chinese) Star Scoreboard in February (Overseas) - Nominated
2015 UNICEF Thailand Award Friend of UNICEF - Won
2015 Zocial Awards 2015 (Thailand) 'Thailand Twitter Ranking' - Rank #1
2015 Zocial Awards 2015 (Thailand) Most Mentioned in Thailand on Twitter - Rank #2
2016 IME Chinese Online Media Popular Award Thailand Headlines Person of the Year Awards - Won
2016 China Weibo Awards Male God of the Year - Won
2016 VDFLY Top Ten Handsome Asian Men - Nominated
2016 Trends Health's Healthy Role Model Awards Most Influential Healthy Role Model Award - Won
2017 Big Ben Award Global Ten Outstanding Chinese Young Elites - Won
2017 MEN'S UNO YOUNG Anniversary International Artist Award - Won
2018 Chic Style Award 2018 'Popular Artist of the Year Award - Won
2018 Tomorrow Land Fashion Award 2018 International Fashion Charity Artist of the Year Award - Won
2018 2018 FEIA Awards Ceremony International Artist of the Year Award - Won
2018 Thailand Headlines Person of The Year 2018 Award Asia Superstar Award - Won
2018 Recognition Award Goodwill Ambassador of the 60th Anniversary of Thailand-Republic of Korea Diplomatic Relations - Won
2019 2019 FEIA Awards Influential Asian Idol of the Year Award - Won
2019 27th Bangkok Critics Assembly 2018 Award Best Supporting Actor Brother of the Year Nominated
2019 Thai Film Director Award 2019 Best Supporting Actor Brother of the Year Nominated
2019 2019 Weibo Starlight Awards Asia's Star Award - Won
2019 2019 China Fashion Awards Asia's Most Influential Idol Award - Won
2020 Asian Academy Creative Awards 2020 Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Thailand) My Bubble Tea Won
2020 Tatler Asia's Gen. T List 2020 Asia's ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ - Won
2021 2021 Weibo Starlight Awards 'Starlight Artist' Award - Won

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