Rahut Torachon

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Rahut Torachon
Rahut Torachon


  • Title: Rahut Torachon (รหัสทรชน)
  • Also known as: Code of Triads
  • Duration: 15 Episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Action
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Wednesday - Thursday (Prime Time)
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: February 3, 2011 -
  • Theme song: "Kae Lom Hai Jai(แค่ลมหายใจ) & Haak Young Ruk Gun (หากยังรักกัน)"

Production Credits

  • Producer: Add info here
  • Director: Add info here
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: UMA 99


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  • "Credit: Dara Candy"

Thayu (Sunthisook Promsiri) works for and is a close friend of Bpatawee (Thun Hirasa). Bpatawee ordered to kill him, but he survived. He waited for a chance at revenge when Bpatawee was about to have his first child. He went and kidnapped the baby girl. The hospital was afraid of revealing the truth so they took a farmer’s baby and used her in place of President Bpatawee’s actual daughter, which he thought she really was.

Thayu raised the baby and named her Matsaya (Araya A. Harget). He taught her how to be a thief and trained her how to fight in various styles. He longed for the time she would return to kill her own father. He set up an organization and became leader of Sa Ming Sa. He took in and raised many orphans, teaching them how to rob and plunder for the organization.

24 years later, Matsaya grew up with 3 friends. There’s Aira (Sarah Legg), Khemika (Panchanida Seesaaram), and Natmon (Maneerat Kamuan). There’s also Chanon (Aphinan Prasoetwatthanakun) who’s a leader of their group. While they were young, Matsaya was sent to be the god daughter of an English family and Aira was sent to be the god daughter with the foreign ministry of Russia.

While Matsaya was raised to be a theif, Naethiya (the girl she was switched with) was raised like a princess and has a sister name Nirada. The two sisters doesn’t really get along since both fell for the same guy. Chief Investigator Singha (Theeradeth Wongpuapan), who’s the head of security for their father. There’s also Captain Tawee and his helper, who’s a rival with Singha.

Matsaya received orders to assassinate President Bpathawee during Naethiya’s fashion show. But she failed when Singha covered Bpatawee and took the bullets. The two fought furiously until Matsaya was almost unmasked when Aira came in and helped her in time. She was angry at him for ruining her assassination attempt and tried to kill Singha many times but failed. All the while Singha was starting to show interest in her without knowing she’s the culprit they have been searching for.

Bpatawee received a mysterious letter saying his daughter’s was switched. He assigned Singha and Narathip, who’s his son, to go and investigate the truth. Naethiya overheard and seek out the truth herself, finding out she is not his real daughter. She never told anyone this however. Singha then traveled to meet the person who’s Naethiya’s real father, with Naethiya following him. He caught her, but she begged him not to tell that man she’s his daughter because she can’t accept an ordinary person as her father.

Narathip bumped into Aira and immediately liked her and begin to pursue her. There was to be a welcoming party for the Minister of Russia. Matsaya, Khemika and Natmon disguised as Russian girls to perform a show at the party. Aira was the one set to bring in and prepare the weapons. When there was an opening, Matsaya tried to shoot Bpatawee but failed again. The police have set up tight security for the event. Matsaya ended up being shot by Singha.

Singha was suspicious of Aira that she might be have something to do with the terrorism. Narathip then volunteered to find out the truth from Aira herself. After being shot, Matsaya got help from Rungrawi, who owns a gallery. Matsaya would often send her painting over to sell. Rungrawi knows Matsaya is a part of the Organization because she also use to be one of them. She even use to be the lover of their leader but she left wanting a normal life for herself.

Thayu berated Matsaya for not succeeding in killing Bpatawee. All her friends felt bad for her so they asked to help her in killing Bpatawee but Thayu refused to let them help. This caused the others to get suspicious and question why he wanted only Matsaya to do it.

Narathip started seeing Aira causing Singha to meet with Matsaya. When they’re close Singha realized Matsaya dislike him, which he doesn’t understand why. He started to follow her but Matsaya found out and revealed to Singha that she wanted to kill him. Everything started to come together for Singha and he knows she’s a part of Sa Ming Sa as well as Aira.

Matsaya started to also get suspicious of Tayu’s order to kill Bpathwee. She started to investigate and found out she’s actually Bpathwee’s daughter. She was shocked and couldn’t believe Tayu had kidnapped her from her own family and tried to get her to kill her own father when she loved and respected Thayu like her own father.

Narathip ask Aira to turn into a good person and provide information on Sa Ming Sa to the police. Aira went to seek advice from Matsaya but she couldn’t promise anything because she planned on getting revenge on Thayu. Aira told Singha this causing him to be concern. He confessed he was in love with Matsaya but she didn’t accept and was determine to kill Thayu. Singha then told Bpatawee Matsaya was his real daughter. What Naethiya found out, she planned on getting rid of her. She informed the commanding officer and his people so they can plan for an arrest. However, Singha saved her in time causing her to become impressed and grateful for the love he has for her.

Matsaya went by herself to try to kill Thayu but was captured by him as a hostage instead. He asked for Bpatawee to use himself to trade place with his daughter, Matsaya. Singha and the police planned an attack on Sa Ming Sa along with Aira, Natmon, and Khemika who turned over a new leaf to help their friend. Singha and Matsaya were then able to defeat Thayu and Chanon. Matsaya almost died from her injuries but was able to pull through. The four friends were happy to be together again as good citizens since they helped out the police. Singha and Matsaya’s love was going well along with Narathip and Aira.

But all the problem hasn’t gone away. Apparently Thayu and Chanon are still alive and have fully recovered. Now they plan to return and kill the 4 girls. Who’s going to stay and who’s going to go. How will the couple fare against this danger, just watch Rahut Torrachon…

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