Rak Sood Jai Yai Tua Saeb

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Rak Sood Jai Yai Tua Saeb


Production Credits

  • Producer: Supot Jarujinda
  • Director: Kasarp Sammabat
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: Step Power Three



Despite struggling to take care of herself and her grandmother, Kaew is a young, optimistic and hard-working lady who continues to view life through rose-coloured glasses. (Source: World Screenings)

Kaew, optimistic and hard-working, continues to view life through rose-coloured glasses. She works part-time day and night to help support herself and Grandma Prai. Things take a turn for the worse when Grandma Prai dies at the hand of someone who wanted her land on the beach. What’s even more shocking is that Grandma Prai gave that land by the beach to Thian, a man she had met only a few days previously and had already signed a lease in exchange for Thian having to take care of Kaew with a promise to help her find her parents. Source: ohsweethaven.com; edited by MyDramaList

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