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Roy Ruk Roy Barp
Roy Ruk Roy Barp


  • Title: Roy Ruk Roy Barp/รอยรักรอยบาป
  • Also known as: Trace of Love of the Sinned Path / Ntry Title: Tonakam Snaeha
  • Duration: 21 Episodes
  • Genre: Period/Drama/Revenge
  • Popularity: top rated; Rating of 21
  • Air time: Friday - Sunday @ 20:45
  • Broadcast network: Channel 7
  • Broadcast period: August 14, 2009 - September 27, 2009
  • Theme song: "theme song" Artist Name

Production Credits

  • Producer:
  • Director:
  • Screenwriter:
  • Company Name: Dara Video



The 5th Reign, year 1907 or the Rattanakosin period.

In the house of Praya Wisut. Praya Wisut was a handsome and rich man who owned many slaves. One of those slaves was Juawn, a girl of 18, who was the daughter of Som and Mee. Juawn was very beautiful, which caused uneasiness for Khun Raya, Praya Wisut's main wife, because her husband was secretly fond of Juawn. Also because Khun Raya still did not have an heir for him. Khun Raya tried to prevent Juawn from working in the main house, making an excuse that because Juawn's parents were old and sick, she should take care of them. Khun Raya gave Juawn money to take her parents to the doctor. Juawn was very thankful for Khun Raya's kindness.

Beneath the kind mask, no one knew that Khun Raya hid an evilness inside. Khun Raya silently tried to get rid of Jauwn, through the hands of Tong Gliew, who was another of Praya Wisut's wives. She knew that Tong Gliew was a jealous and hot headed woman. Khun Raya told Juawn that the money Juawn used was from Praya Wisut. Tong Gliew found out and was shaking from anger. She thought Praya Wisut desired Juawn so much that he would give her money. Juawn denied it but Tong Gliew didn't listen. Khun Raya tried to calm Juawn down, telling her not to take someone like Tong Gliew seriously. Everyday, Juawn became more and more faithful to Khun Raya.

Khun Raya was satisfied that Tong Gliew and Juawn didn't suspect her. Everytime they were stressed, they would always come to her for comforting words. Khun Raya used this opportunity to turn them against each other. They never suspected her because on the outside she looked like a good person. Juawn had a lover named Boun and a best friend named Im. Im was also a slave and the same age as Juawn. Im had a lover named Yhing, who was a young slave. Both Juawn and Im hoped to spend their lives with the men they loved.

One day, Praya Wisut was fishing in the river and happened to see Im. Praya Wisut became infatuated with her and used his strength to rape her. Im was devastated, she tried to hide the truth from everyone because she was afraid Yhing would find out. But it was impossible because Praya Wisut was ashamed of his behavior and took responsibility for Im by having her become his third wife. Im was heartbroken because she was unable to save her virginity for her dreams of living with Yhing. Each day, Juawn began to see Praya Wisut as a horrible and cruel man who was driven by lust.

Khun Raya and Tong Gliew were furious when they found out Praya Wisut gave Im the title of another wife. Tong Gliew was throwing tantrums, while Khun Raya silently accepted Im as another of her husband's wives. No one knew that Khun Raya was crying tears of blood because that her husband was being unfaithful and betrayed her despite her status as the daughter of Jao Praya Noi and not a low class person like Tong Gliew or Im. Khun Raya plotted to get rid of Im by using Tong Gliew again, and used Yai Tong Pak Men to spread gossip. Yai Tong spread news that Praya Wisut was madly in love with Im.

It wasn't hard because Tong Gliew would throw tantrums without any sense. Tong Gliew believed everything that Yai Tong told her and came to Khun Raya to talk about her sorrows. She told her that Im asked Praya Wisut to give her the title of being his only wife. When Praya Wisut left for business in a different province, Tong Gliew and her posse came in and slapped Im. At that time Im was three months pregnant. Juawn came to help but was slapped by Tong Gliew and was ordered to to whipped until she lost consciousness.

Khun Raya sent people to take care of Juawn until she woke up. When Praya Wisut came back, Juawn told him of Tong Gliew's evil doings. Praya Wisut was furious and sent Tong Gliew back to being a slave again. Tong Gliew was angry, she realized that she was just a puppet that Khun Raya used. Tong Gliew tried to warn Im and Juawn that Khun Raya was trying to get rid of them. No one believed her because on the outside Tong Gliew was a foul mouth and vengeful person. Juawn and Im tried to avoid her and chose instead to believe Khun Raya. Both Im and Juawn told this to Khun Raya, that Tong Gliew said Khun Raya was trying to kill them, but they didn't believe her.

Tong Gliew went around telling people about Khun Raya's secrets. Khun Raya plotted to get rid of Tong Gliew by using Im. She told her that Tong Gliew brought her some herbal remedies for her pregnancy. When it was really Khun Raya who brought the medicine. The medicine caused Im to almost suffer a miscarriage. Praya Wisut was angry and ordered Tong Gliew to be whipped. Tong Gliew announced that this lifetime she would exact revenge on Khun Raya until her dying day. When Praya Wisut heard this, he ordered Tong Gliew to be punished futher. This caused Tong Gliew to become crazy and lose her mind. Im and Juawn were angry at Tong Gliew for falsely accusing Khun Raya.

Praya Wisut still had eyes for Juawn. When he got the chance, he tried to rape her but Boun came to rescue her. Boun begged Praya Wisut to leave Juawn alone, but Praya Wisut refused, saying one day he would win her over. Khun Raya was hurt but tried to keep her feelings inside. She tried to provoke Im by saying Juawn was trying to replace her since Praya Wisut was already trying to get her to be his wife. If Im wanted her baby to be the only child of Praya Wisut, she would have to stop them. Im didn't do it because she loved Juawn very much and knew that Juawn would never be on of Praya Wisut's wives. Tragedy struck that year and disease caused Som, Mee, Yhing and many other slaves to die. Before dying, Som and Mee asked Praya Wisut to not abandon Juawn, afraid that their daughter would fall on hard times. Im was afraid so she went to talk to Khun Raya. Khun Raya pretended to be nice and told her not to worry and that she would talk to Praya Wisut not to mess with Juawn.

All night, Khun Raya was trying to find a way to get rid of Im and Juawn but she couldn't because Praya Wisut admitted to her and asked if he could take Juawn and his final wife. Khun Raya knew she couldn't stop him, and if she did anything about it she might end up like Tong Gliew. Khun Raya agreed, and plotted a way to have the best friends attack each other.

Khun Raya pretended that she wasn't well and asked Im to go tell Juawn to come care for her. Juawn's worry and wanting to repay kindness for Khun Raya made her come. However she was raped by Praya Wisut. Juawn was devastated, Khun Raya told her it was Im's plan trick her into being raped, if not then Im and her baby would be banished to slavery once again. Juawn was heartbroken that her friend betrayed her. She was even more sad that she caused Boun heartbreak. Khun Raya told Im that it was Juawn's plan because Juawn wanted power and live a good life like Im. Im didn't believe her.

Im began to realized that behind her good deeds, Khun Raya was hiding her evil self. Im told everything to Boun, hoping that he would warn Juawn about Khun Raya's evilness. But as luck would have it, Juawn misunderstood that Im was betraying her and trying to steal Boun. Eversince then, the two friends couldn't speak to each other. Juawn hated Im so much that even if she died Juawn wouldn't come to her funeral. Im felt guilty that she was the reason Jauwn fell victim to Praya Wisut.

Praya Wisut was very much infatuated with Juawn. She tried to get revenge on him by pretending to cater to his need so he would fall for her. Not long after, Juawn became pregnant. Khun Raya was furious that her plans were going wrong, both Im and Juawn were going to have children from Praya Wisut. Therefore Khun Raya plotted to get rid of both Im and Juawn.

Khun Raya put poison in both Im and Juawn's food, but Juawn was the only one who ate the food. Juawn suffered a miscarriage, falsely believing that Im poisoned her. Praya Wisut was angry so he demoted Im to the status of slave. Boun came to comfort Im and accused Juawn of being cold hearted, no longer the kind person like before. Juawn was even more angry, believe that he love Im and not her anymore. She felt even more betrayed by her best friend and lover. Boun decided to stay with Im and accepted to become the father of her baby. Khun Raya was satisfied that Im's status was a slave once again. All that was left was Juawn, who was like a needle in her heart. Khun Raya was going to get rid of Juawn, using the goodness she once did for Juawn, Juawn was not suspicious at all.

Not long after, Praya Wisut broke his promise by having Khun Pring, the daughter of Sedtee Lum become another wife. And like before, Praya Wisut was infatuated by her and forgot others. Khun Raya was heartbroken and furious. She used Juawn to harm Khun Pring, also saying that Khun Pring would say bad things about Khun Raya to Praya Wisut so that he would hate her. Because of her faithfulness, Juawn tried to protect Khun Raya and because enemies with Khun Pring just like she did with Tong Gliew. Khun Raya pretended to be nice to everyone, including Khun Pring.

Im tries to tell Juawn not to trust Khun Raya much, but Juawn doesn't believe her. Following this, Im gives birth to Praya Wisut's daughter, named Kaew. She also has a son with Boon named Glah. Who knows if it was good luck or bad luck that Khun Raya and Khun Pring became pregnant at the same time. The witch doctor said that Khun Raya would have a girl and Khun Pring would have a boy. Khun Raya was furious that her baby wouldn't be the one to carry on the family line. Khun Raya plotted another evil plan. Khun Raya told Juawn to get some medicinal herbs from Im. Im gave Juawn very good herbs, but Khun Raya had Yai Tong replace them with poisonous herbs. After she boiled them, she told Juawn to take them to Khun Pring. Khun Pring vomited blood. Yai Tong was going to say that Khun Raya switched the herbs, but she was killed by Khun Raya

Khun Pring told that Juawn was the one who brought her the medicine. Juawn said she got the herbs from Im. Im denied, Praya Wisut ordered people to search Im's house but didn't find any poisonous herbs. Instead they found it hidden in Juawn's room. Praya Wisut was angry and accused Juawn of drugging Khun Pring. Sedtee Lum was furious and wanted justice. Praya Wisut whipped Juawn until she died. Before she died, Jauwn vowed she would get revenge on Im and Praya Wisut.

At that time, Khun Raya went into labor and Juawn's spirit went inside Khun Raya. Im was sad, but Boun consoled her saying that she knows that she didn't do it. He told her to make merits for Juawn not to be so vengeful. Khun Raya gave birth to a girl who she named Noo Yim. Khun Pring didn't have a child for Praya Wisut, so she asked her sister, Khun Prom, if she could raise her son. Khun Pring named her adopted son Pao. Pao was a very humble gentleman but Noo Yim was a violent and selfish girl because Khun Raya spoiled her. Most importantly, eversince she was born, Noo Yim always hated Praya Wisut and everyone else for no reason.

In the year 1911 of the 5th Reign, slavery was abolished.

Praya Wisut freed all of his slaves, but Im and Boon stayed with him to repay his kindess. The most important reason they stayed was because they wanted Kaew to be close to Praya Wisut, who was her real father. Tong Gliew, because of her mental state, also stayed.

20 years later, going into the 8th Reign of the year 1934.

The children grew up. Kaew was 24 years old, Glah was 20 years old the same age as Pao. Noo Yim was also 20 years old. Kaew became a kind hearted teacher, Glah was a soldier, and Noo Yim was a society girl who had come back from education abroad. Khun Raya had a new servant named Pood Sorn, who had a daughter named Roong. Roong was bold girl since she was little. She wanted to live the good life like Noo Yim. Pood Sorn told her daughter to be humble but Roong didn't care. She would find ways to pick on Noo Yim, but Noo Yim always got the best of her. On the outside, Noo Yim was violent and angry.

Amongst the new technology and civilized high life, there was something that always was in Noo Yim's heart. That was hurt and revenge. Many times in her mind she would see images of Im and her best friend Juawn. When Noo Yim asked Khun Raya about it, Khun Raya told her the stories. In each story, it showed Khun Raya as the victim and Noo Yim would feel sorry for her mother. She started to be more hurt and hate those around her, including Praya Wisut. Khun Raya taught Noo Yim to have a jealous heart, to look down on others especially Kaew and Pao. Reason being that Kaew was another daughter of Praya Wisut, and Pao was the adopted son who Praya Wisut hoped to continue the lineage.

Im taught Kaew and Glah to be humble and modest, the two always forgave Noo Yim. Glah was at odds with Noo Yim. To him, Noo Yim had a bad behavior and always looked on on others. More importantly, Noo Yim always picked on Im to do things, if they didn't go her way, she would whip Im. What was strange was whenever Tong Gliew saw Noo Yim, she would be shocked and call her Juawn.

Khun Raya accused Tong Gliew of talking nonsense and decided to lock her up. But Tong Gliew found a way out and tried to warn Noo Yim about Khun Raya. Noo Yim didn't understand, but Khun Raya was furious. She sent people to take Tong Gliew away to be killed. Tong Gliew was seriously hurt, but while she was lying on the ground, almost at her last breath, Glah found her and took her to get better at a temple. Not long, Tong Gliew disappeared from everyone's thoughts. But Glah was suspicious, he decided to find out more about the relationship between Khun Raya and Noo Yim

But the more he tried to find out, the more he and Noo Yim didn't get along. At this time, a close friend of Glah named Montree had fallen in love with Noo Yim. Noo Yim didn't care and acted high and might. Roong was disgusted that so many people liked Noo Yim. She used Pun, a young man in the village to trick Noo Yim and hurt her. But Glah helped Noo Yim in time. Glah tried to tell Noo Yim to have sympathy for others because she will get that in return. Noo Yim seemed to listen, but the images of the painful past came in her mind again and caused her to be angry again.

Not long, Noo Yim realized that the reason she hated Im so much was because in her past life she was Juawn who was betrayed by her best friend. Noo Yim made it a point to torture Im and the despicable man like Praya Wisut. But the person who got the brunt of the anger was Kaew. Noo Yim tricked Kaew into being raped by a man. Luckily Pao passed by and helped her in time. Pao told the events to Praya Wisut. Noo Yim said that it wasn't enough compared to when Im tricked Noo Yim (Juawn) to be raped also. Everyone was shocked by Noo Yim's words especially Praya Wisut. Khun Raya just thought that Noo Yim was speaking nonsense. But Im's family because suspicious of Noo Yim's actions.

Glah was furious that Noo Yim tricked Kaew into almost being raped, when before he helped Noo Yim. He kidnapped Noo Yim and made it look like he was going to rape her but Noo Yim lost consciousness. When she awoke, Noo Yim mistakingly believed that she because Glah's wife, she hated him very much.

Pao liked Kaew's gentle and kind heart, but because of jealousy, Noo Yim tried to prevent the two. Noo Yim didn't know that the more she picked on her, the more Pao sympathized for Kaew, which eventually turned into love. When Noo Yim found out about their feelings for each other, she was angry. She accused Kaew of being an old spinster who was building a bridge for a youngster like Pao to come to her. Kaew was angry, but Im told her not to be vengeful towards Noo Yim because the sins and karma will never end if she does.

Kaew was stressed and went to talk with Mun who was a servant in the house. Roong saw this and spread gossip that Kaew and Mun were having relations. In truth, Mun secretly liked Roong, but Roong would use Mun in various ways to hurt Noo Yim. Mun was sad to see that Roong wasn't a good person, so he decided to stop loving her. Roong was furious and hated Noo Yim even more. Roong went to talk to Pun, and wanted him to hurt Noo Yim. Pun agreed given that Roong would be the prize, and in the end Roong became Pun's wife and Pun treated her like a slave. Roong had to repay her sins with her life.

During the Buddhist Lent, Glah went to become a monk and meditate. In his meditation, Glah found out that Noo Yim was Juawn reborn. Glah went to talk to Tong Gliew whose sanity was getting better after coming to live at the temple. Tong Gliew tried to place the events in order and told him of Khun Raya's cold heartedness. When he came out of monkhood, Glah started to feel bad for Noo Yim. He understood that Noo Yim was vengeful against Im and Praya Wisut because of a misunderstanding.

Out of compassion and sympathy, love occured. Glah tried to tell Noo Yim the truth that Im never tried to hurt Juawn in the past but Noo Yim refused to believe him. She still was vindictive towards Boun and Im. Noo Yim would find ways to torment this family and Khun Raya would let her doo it because she knew Praya Wisut showed mercy towards Kaew and was afraid that Praya Wisut would give Kaew a part of the inheritence. Khun Raya said that Im was a traitor to her friend, and stole her friend's lover, tricked her friend into getting raped and used deadly herbs to kill people. Noo Yim took this as evidence and hated Im and Kaew even more. Noo Yim used the methods she heard about to torment Im and Kaew, but each time, Pao and Glah would help them. Noo Yim and Khun Raya were furious.

Khun Pring couldn't take it anymore that Khun Raya and Noo Yim was getting more evil by the day. She brought this to Praya Wisut's attention. Praya Wisut scolded Noo Yim and Khun Raya. Khun Raya planned to have Noo Yim drug Khun Pring and place the blame on Im. Noo Yim refused to do it so Khun Raya said that she would do it herself. In the end, Khun Pring almost died at the hands of Khun Raya and Khun Raya blamed it on Im. Noo Yim was confused because she knew that the person who planned to kill Khun Pring was Khun Raya. Im was whipped till the point of death. Glah and Kaew tried to prove Im's innocence. Glah said that Noo Yim was hurting an innocent person because the real evil person was Khun Raya.

Noo Yim tried to make sense of the events but she became confused because the people who Khun Raya said were evil like Im and those around her, were in actually very good and kind people. In contrast, the person who seemed good like Khun Raya, was actually cruel and evil. Noo Yim lived with confusion because she didn't know the truth regarding who was really behind all the evilness.

In the year 1939, Thailand became involved in World War II. Glah and Pao had to go enlist in the army. Praya Wisut had to go station at the barracks.

At the house, all that were left were Khun Raya, Khun Pring, Kaew, Im and Noo Yim. Khun Raya and Noo Yim ordered Kaew and Im to dig a shelter and the two had to follow orders. That year, the price of rice and betel nuts were very expensive. There was no food, but Im and Kaew went out each day to dig for taro and potatoes to sustain life. However, Khun Raya and Noo Yim would take all the food from themselves. If Noo Yim tried to share with Pring, Kaew and Im, Khun Raya would reprimand her. Each day, Noo Yim began to see the cruelty and selfishness in Khun Raya.

Because of worry, Glah sneaked back to go see his mom and sister while Pao came back to see Pring. When Pao and Glah saw that Im, Kaew and Pring were in a state of torture, they were very angry. Glah yelled at Noo Yim, saying that she was cruel and cold hearted to Im, who always had good intentions towards Noo Yim her entire life.Pao and Glah took Khun Pring, Im and Kaew with them, leaving Noo Yim and Khun Raya to fend for themselves in a state of fear. Khun Raya began seeing haunting images of the evil she once did in the past to Tong Gliew, Im, Juawn and Pring. At that time, she went in to hug Noo Yim and asked Noo Yim not to abandon her because she loved Noo Yim very much.

When the truth was revealed, Noo Yim knew that Khun Raya was the one who plotted to hurt everyone, including Juawn in the past life. Noo Yim was confused because she remembered what she said in her past life before she died. She would wreak vengeance on everyone who caused Juawn's death. Noo Yim was torn between the love and hated she had for Khun Raya, or in another light, Khun Raya was Noo Yim's own mother. Pao and Glah took everyone to the temple. At this time, Tong Gliew had gained her sanity back and had become a religious person. She told everyone to go help Noo Yim and Khun Raya. At Praya Wisut's home, the bombs were falling and Khun Raya was severely injured. For a moment, Juawn's vengeance ordered Noo Yim abandon the woman who was so cruel to her. Khun Raya has to suffer before she dies.

Tong Gliew took everyone to the house and brought Noo Yim back to her senses. She told Noo Yim that from this point on, she was Khun Raya's child by blood and not Juawn from the past life. Noo Yim should not abandon the one person who loved her more than anything in the world. All misfortune will cease by not seeking revenge. It is the same thing that Tong Gliew is doing, otherwise, the sins and misfortune will keep going on with no end. Noo Yim and Glah navigated through the bombs and took Khun Raya with them. Khun Raya was sent to a hospital to recover. However, her hands and legs were cut off. Khun Raya had to suffer all the while still be alive. Khun Raya forgave Tong Gliew, Im, Khun Pring, Praya Wisut and Juawn, who was now Noo Yim. On his way to visit Khun Raya, a bomb dropped and Praya Wisut lost his life

Noo Yim decided to become a nun temporarily to meditate as to forget her sorrows and the memories of her past life. She also did it in retribution for what happened to her parents. She asks for forgiveness from Kaew, Im and Boun for acting cruelly towards them. Kaew married Pao. Glah was ready to spend his life with Noo Yim who was without memories of her harsh past life. Noo Yim finally understood the dharmic truth, that all misfortune will cease by not seeking revenge.




Roy ruk roy barp
Roy ruk roy barp
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