Ruk Leh Saneh Luang

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Ruk Leh Saneh Luang
Ruk Leh Saneh Luang
Ruk Leh Saneh Luang


  • Title: Ruk Leh Saneh Luang (รักเล่ห์เสน่ห์ลวง)
  • Also known as: Love Trick of Enchantment Trap, Tricky Love, Delusive Charm
  • Duration: 20 Episode
  • Genre: Drama/Comedy/Romace
  • Popularity: Top Rated
  • Air time: Monday-Tuesday
  • Broadcast network: Ch 3
  • Broadcast period: Jun 4, 2007 - Aug 7, 2007
  • Theme song: Narudom Anantato - Tha Hak Tur Roo
  • Ending song: Supanat Sirikulchayanon - Plien

Production Credits

  • Producer: Mam Thitima Sangkhapitak
  • Director:
  • Screenwriter:
  • Company Name: No Problem



Polwit and Piwat are two brothers who look alike with one father, but different mothers. One day, Piwat the younger brother was on his way home with his girlfriend, Aom, a popular actress had a car accident. After the accident, Piwat lost his vision. His mother came up with the idea of having him and Polwit, the older brother switch spot because Piwat was engaged to a beautiful woman named Jauring, the daughter from a wealthy family that owned a jewelry company and the two were to get marry soon. So with no choice Polwit and Piwat switched spots. Polwit was now Piwat and Piwat was Polwit. After Polwit became Piwat and encounters Jauring, he fell in love with her. But she wanted nothing to do with him because the Piwat with her now wasn’t like the previous one. The Piwat now was, perverted, flirty, and not well mannered. So she came up with these entire weird plans to have him call off their engagement. With the help of Aom, Polwit tries to win Jauring’s heart. The real Piwat who was settled at the country side befriends, Dao, Polwit’s rival. Later, the two fell in love with Dao not knowing that the one she was falling in love with wasn’t Polwit, but Piwat. Polwit and Jauring gets married, with her accepting the fact that he really did love her, but not knowing that it wasn’t Piwat she was in love with, but it was Polwit, the country boy who can speak Thai E-San. After their wedding, Polwit takes Jauring to his real home for there honeymoon. Aom, Piwat’s girlfriend goes there too, but at the wrong time when Piwat and Dao are confessing there love for one another. There, Aom, broken hearted revealed the truth. With that, the love between the four was ruined. Jauring runs away from Polwit and Dao vows to get back at Piwat. Later, Piwat regains his vision. He tries to win Dao back; awhile Polwit who couldn’t do anything about his love became a helpless heartbroken drunk man. Piwat returns to Krong Thep and gets a divorce with Jauring. The two later comes back to Polwit’s house pretending to be the still married couple. The reason for the return was to get back at Polwit and win Dao again. Later that night, Piwat and Polwit switched spots. Polwit went to Jauring and pretends to be Piwat again to test her if she still loved him. On the other hand, Piwat went to Dao as Polwit to see if she ever loved him or was it Polwit. But to Dao, no one can replace Piwat. The two reconcile and understood one another. She forgives him. But there is still one problem left; will Piwat’s mother approve Dao? Is Jauring still in love with Polwit?

Phuwit and Piwat are brothers with the same father but different mothers. Though they look like each other as twins, their personalities are very different.

Phuwit has been raised up by Pao, his uncle in the farm, so his personality is kind of rough, hot-tempered and outspoken while Piwat has been raised up as a polite gentleman in Bangkok.

Piwat's parents engages Jarulin to marry Piwat because they want her family to help their bankrupting business.

However, Piwat can't marry with Jarulin because he gets the accident and becomes blind, so he and his family ask Phuwit to marry with Jarulin instead and Piwat goes to stay at Phuwit's farm instead. In that farm, Piwat meets Daorerk, the girl who comes to claim that Pao is her father.

~ Credit to Wishbonkii ~


Trivia or Interesting Info about this Lakorn

  • First time Por prtraying twin roles.

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