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Ploy Chermarn


  • Name: Chermarn/Laila Boonyasak/เฌอมาลย์ บุญยศักดิ์
  • Nickname: Ploy/พลอย
  • Profession: Actress/Model
  • Date of birth: September 15, 1982
  • Birthplace:
  • Height: 168cm
  • Star sign:
  • Blood type:
  • Education: BA, Assumption University
  • Friends: Sumonthip Leungutai (Kubkib), Mario Muarer
  • Sibling: older sister Sinitha Boonyasak
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Hobbies: Jet Ski, Riding horse, Cooking

About Ploy Laila

Ploy normally takes supporting roles/nang rai, but now she has taken leading roles too. She is the younger sister of Sinitha Boonyasak. She was featured in Aof Pongsak's latest Music Video called Pid Tung Song Kon and Tur Mai. Ploy used to date Dome Pakorn Lum.

TV Series


  • Goodbye Summer (1996)
  • Satang (2000) with Patson Sarintu (Pat)
  • Man Gern Roi Am Gern Pikad: O Lucky Man (2003) with Sam Chotibun
  • Reung Rak Noi Nid Mahasarn: Last Life In The Universe (2003)
  • The Park (2003) with Mathew Dean
  • Buppah Rahtree: Flower of The Night (2003) with Krit Sriphoomset
  • Sai Lor Fah (2004)
  • Buppah Rahtree Phase 2: Rahtree Returns (2005) with Krit Sriphoomset
  • Rak Haeng Siam: The Love Of Siam (2007)
  • 4 Prang: 4 Bia (2008)
  • Buppah Rahtree 3.1: Rahtree Reborn (2009) with Mario Muarer
  • Buppah Rahtree 3.2: Rahtree's Revenge (2009) with Mario Muarer
  • Chua Fah Din Salai (2010) with Ananda Everingham
  • อุโมงค์ผาเมือง (A Rocky Tunnel City or The outrage) (2012) with Ananda Everingham and Mario Muarer
  • 30+ (2012) with Pae Arak Amornsupasiri

Music Videos

  • Num Tah Mai Glah Lai/น้ำตาไม่กล้าไหล :by Air Kanittika Rattanavongchaiya
  • ther mai ruk :by Aof Pongsak Rattanapong
  • Kreung Neung Kaung Chee-Wit :by Saowaluck Lelaputra
  • Mai Mai Kor Ruk :by Prik Thai with Prin Suparat


  • CM CLEAR #1
  • CM CLEAR #2
  • CM Laurier #1
  • CM Laurier #2
  • CM Laurier #3
  • CM Laurier #4
  • CM Laurier #5
  • CM Laurier #6
  • CM Laurier #7
  • CM Laurier #8
  • CM Eco Bubble
  • CM Chevrolet Cruzer
  • CM Dutch Mill Bio
  • Tipco #1
  • Tipco #2
  • Tipco 100% whit Prin Suparat
  • Rexona #1
  • Rexona #2
  • Rexona #3
  • Clear Champoo Paris #1
  • Clear Champoo Paris #2


  • 2007-Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role "The Love of Siam"
  • 2007-Best Supporting Actress "The Love of Siam"
  • 2007-Best Actress in a Supporting Role "The Love of Siam"
  • 2009-Most Popular Nangek in "Poo Yai Lee Gub Nang Ma" at Ch3's News Entertainment Awards (See San Awards)
  • 2009-Male Heartthrob at "OK! magazine AWARDS"
  • 2010-Best leading actress of the year in "Rabum Duang Dao + Kularb Rai Narm" at Ch3's News Entertainment Awards (See San Awards)
  • 2010-Popular Star (Best Actress) at "Young and smart Vote 2010 award"
  • 2011-Best Actress in "Chua Fah Din Salai (Eternity)"
  • 2011-Best Actress in Rabum Duang Dao
  • 2011-Best Actress in a Film "Chua Fah Din Salai (Eternity)"
  • 2011-Top Talk-About Movie 2011 in "Chua Fah Salai (Eternity)" at Entertainment Awards Show (Mthai Website)
  • 2011-Top Talk-About Actress 2011 at Entertaiment Awards Show (Mthai Website)
  • 2011-Actress of the Year at Nine Entertainment Awards 2011
  • 2011-Best Leading Actress for "Rabum Duang Dao" (The Star Dance) on Ch3 by Polypus" at 25th TV Gold Awards
  • 2011-Best Leading Actress for "Rabam Duang Dao (The Star Dance) on Ch3 by Polypus" at ‎2nd Annual Nataraja Awards 2011


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I really would like Ploy to pair up with Tik in one Lakorn in this 2012. We the Fanclubs of Ploy in the United State are waiting for Ploy and Tik to be together in one Lakorn.
-- Annie_lee 10:33, 10 September 2011 (PDT)

Hey I'm the administrator of Ploy's Chinese Fanclub...
Hope you can join us or Let us join you...Thx...
-- InMessy 07:17, 7 December 2011 (PST)

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