Poo Yai Lee Gub Nang Ma

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Poo Yai Lee Gub Nang Ma
Poo Yai Lee Gub Nang Ma
Poo Yai Lee Gub Nang Ma
Poo Yai Lee Gub Nang Ma


  • Title: Poo Yai Lee Gub Nang Ma (ผู้ใหญ่ลีกับนางมา)
  • Also known as: Headman Lee and Miss Ma / Khmer Title: Komloss Srok Sraeh Snaeh Kromom Tikrong
  • Duration: 14 episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Romance/Comedy
  • Popularity: Top Rated
  • Air time: Fri-Sun
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: 19 July 2009 - ???
  • Theme song: Phee Phoo Yai (Headman) by Buddha Bless

Production Credits

  • Producer: Mam Thitima Sangkhapitak
  • Director: Add info here
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: No Problem



Malinee (Ploy Cherman) is a famous model living in Bangkok. One day, she receives a letter from Phoo Yai Leenawat (Por Thrisadee), the headman of Howling Dog Creek village. The letter said Madam Wan, her grandmother has passed away and left her several acres of land and her house in Howling Dog Creek village. Her grandmother had dreamed her granddaughter would leave Bangkok and come live in the country. If Malinee or Ma for short can not sell the land to just anyone. If she does not want to keep the land, she must sell it to Poo Yai Lee only.

Malinee had no intentions of going to Howling Dog Creek village until she catches her boyfriend Pradit (”Tui” Kiatkamol Latha) of cheating. To escape him, she takes a trip to Howling Dog Creek village. There, she meets a country guy but does not know it is Poo Yai Lee.

Poo Yai Lee falls in love with Ma instantly but is annoyed by city slicker personality, so he makes it a point to tease her. Like in most lakorns, Ma learns to adjust to country life and falls in love Poo Yai Lee in a comic fashion.

Malinee, the famous model living in Bangkok got the letter from Phoo Yai Leenawat, the headman of the Howling Dog Creek village. The letter told her that Madam Wan, her grandmother was dead and she left her the inheritance as the house and many acres of the land in the Howling Dog Creek village. Her grandmother wanted her to do farming instead of her. Malinee didn't want to do farming because it was not the job for her, but her grandmother didn't allow her to sell the land to anyone, but Phoo Yai Lee. So, Malinee wonder who Phoo Yai Lee is.

One day, Malinee could catch up that her boyfriend, Pradit cheated on her, so she decided to go to stay at the Howling Dog Creek village. There, she met a country guy and she didn't know that he was Phoo Yai Lee that grandmother talked about. Though Phoo Yai Lee fall in love with Malinee, he was annoyed that she behaved herself as the a city girl, so he kept teasing her. A city girl like Malinee had to adjust herself to stay in the countryside.

~ Credit to Wishbonkii ~



  • Star Entertainment Awards (2009) for Best Lakorn Script by Yingyot Panya
  • Nataraja Awards (2009) for Best Cinematography
  • Nataraja Awards (2009) for Best Lesson Lakorn

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