Ruk Tae Mae Mai Pleum

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Ruk Tae Mae Mai Pleum
Jes & Mo
Nok, Jes & Mo
Mo, Jes & Nok
Ruk Tae Mae Mai Pleum


  • New title: Ruk Tae Mae Mai Pleum (รักแท้แม่ไม่ปลื้ม)
  • Also known as: True Love...Mother Isn't Pleased
  • Original title: Khu Rak Khu Rob (คู่รักคู่รบ)
  • Also known as: Couple Battle/Couple War
  • Duration: 55 episodes
  • Genre: Family/Comedy/Romance/Sitcom
  • Air time: Wednesday @ 8PM
  • Broadcast network: ONE HD
  • Broadcast period: October 5, 2016 -- December 20, 2017
  • Theme song: TBA

Production Credits

  • Producer: P'Boy Takonkiet
  • Director: TBA
  • Screenwriter: TBA
  • Company Name: Exact



When true love is not a bed of roses because it is defeated by the husband's mother.

Pat (Jes) and Parn (Mo) have been together for five years. They get married and move in to Pat's mom's (Nok) home. Pat's mom loves him a lot and doesn't want to share him with Parn. She quarrels with Parn to drive her away. Pat will have to find a way to make his mother and wife live in harmony.


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