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Willy, Mew, and Dodo in Monacco
Mew & Willy in Monacco


  • Title: Sai See Pleung
  • Also known as: Fire Colored Sand
  • Duration: 18 Episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Revenge
  • Popularity: Popular
  • Air time:
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: 1996
  • Theme song: "Sai See Plueng"

Production Credits

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  • Director: Add info here
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
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Duangta was the adoptive daughter of a rich couple. The wife didn't approve of Duangta very much and was often cold towards her. She also had a son too. Years go by and Duangta is now a nurse, her adopted brother just came back from studying and he immediately developed an attraction towards her. He and Duangta ended up sleeping with each other and Duangta became pregnant. The adoptive mom found out and didn't approve so she searched for a wife for her son, who didn't approve of Duangta's pregnancy, he was really just looking for a good time and didn't take her seriously. So the mom finds a wife for her son and she finds out of Duangta's pregnancy. She is pissed off but she loves him so she decides to get married around the time Duangta will give birth. Duangta gives birth to a daughter and names her Sai. Years later the wife has a daughter of her own named Looksorn. Looksorn was born weak and fussy so the father didn't love her as much as Sai, as for this, his wife got more pissed off at Duangta. Sai and Looksorn got into a fight and Looksorn fell into the lake. Sai got blamed even though she didn't even do anything and her stepmom slaps her. Duangta decided to leave because she couldn't handle the treatment of her daughter and herself. They go to Sai's teacher's house and Sai meets Buree who gives her a snow globe. Sai from then on was attached to Buree even though they only met once. Sai and Duangta end up saving a rich retired man and he is willing to take Sai as his own and he marries Duangta. They move to Monaco. Many years later Sai is a rich, smart, cheerful, young woman. She is best friends with Chan, a man she has known for 10 years and has a very close relationship with. Chan is always asking for Sai to marry him but is turned down each time because Sai cannot take him seriously. Sai is called back to Thailand to go to her grandmother's funeral. She goes in time but doesn't get out of the car. She then meets her dad once again and tells him that she'll be home later. She goes to the bar with Chan and meets Petchara who she knows is her sister's fiance. She catches his attention and he falls straight into her revenge plan to break her sister's heart. Sai also meets Buree her childhood friend but he doesn't exactly know who she is. Once she goes home she sees her stepmother and runs up to hug her, but really its just an act to fool her father. Sai has never forgotten what her stepmother has done to her and her mother. She then meets Looksorn who is happy to see her sister after all these years. At the will hearing Sai is given the small house behind the big house and a box of jewelery. Sai gives Looksorn the jewelery and the stepmom becomes enraged because Sai got more than Looksorn did. So Sai then flirts with Petchara causing him to become more and more attracted to her and also flirts with Buree causing Chan to get mad and they get into a minor spat. Eventually Looksorn meets Chan and is in love with him at first sight. Sai decides to teach Looksorn to swim at the pool at Chan's condo. Looksorn becomes jealous of Sai and Chan's close relationship but keeps it to herself. Chan is now stressing over his business issues with his stepdad and such. He wants support from Sai but she is too busy hanging out with Buree to notice Chan causing him to have hurt feelings. Sai feeling tired decides to go to a nearby island and asks Looksorn if she wants to come but she refuses because she would rather be around Chan. So Sai leaves and Chan comes and asks why Sai would leave Looksorn all by herself, Looksorn did not tell Chan that she refused to go herself. So Willy's ex, Lisa is at the beach too. She sees that Looksorn is crushing on Chan and becomes jealous and tries to drown her. Chan saves her and comforts Looksorn. Meanwhile Duangta is missing her daughter so she calls her back to Monaco. Just so happens Buree is in Monaco too and they spend some quality time together and Sai hints to her mother that he might be "the one." On the island Chan is feeling stressed and the only one to comfort him and be by his side is Looksorn. At this point she has already told him her feelings and eventually they sleep together. As they are being sweet with each other, Sai comes and they go back to Bangkok. Sai comes back to the news that Petchara is breaking the engagement with Looksorn to marry Sai and says that Sai understands. Sai denies everything causing Petchara to come and try to assault her, she is saved by her father just in time though. Sai walks in on Chan and Looksorn and gives them a look but says nothing of it and walks outside arm in arm with Chan who is acting a bit cold towards Sai now. Looksorn watches from a far, a bit hurt. So Chan drives them home and tells Looksorn to come to his condo tomorrow and Sai sees and becomes a bit jealous. Chan then tells Buree that he wants to marry Looksorn and Buree is shocked to hear him say that and questions him. The next day he makes up his mind to tell Sai that he will marry Looksorn and thinks back to his good times with Sai and the times she has hurt him. He tells Sai who is in disbelief and becomes enraged that he loves that kid. Chan reveals that Looksorn was there for him when he needed someone and Sai wasn't there for him at all. Sai becomes very hurt and asks him what happened to him telling her he loved her everyday and Chan tells her that Sai has never loved him at all. Sai tearfully tells him that she loves him and Chan doesn't believe her. He tells her to prove it and stop everything that she is doing and move in with him and marry him tonight. He will only give her that night to prove her love. He walks off and sees Looksorn and tells her tomorrow he will make up his mind. He waits all night but Sai doesn't come and he has made up his mind to choose Looksorn. He calls her to come to his condo. Sai suddenly comes and Willy tells her he doesn't love her anymore. Sai becomes angry and yells at him. Guilty Chan hugs the tearful Sai from behind and Looksorn walks in on them. Sai angrily tells Looksorn that she and her mother won and Looksorn tells her she didn't mean for any of this to happen. She then blames herself and Chan tells her that he loves her. Looksorn refuses everything and runs off. Sai then yells at Chan to go after Looksorn since he loves her so much and Chan does. In tears Looksorn drives the boat off and mid crying crashes the boat and dies. Sai is now hated by everyone and she goes back to Monaco. Chan goes to Monaco to see Sai, who is shocked to see him. Chan says his condolences to the death of her stepfather and her father, Sai tears up and Chan gives her a handkerchief. Chan asks Sai for their friendship to come back and they hug. Buree soon comes and they talk. He asks for a chance and Sai replies that she can only give him the same chance she gave Chan, friendship. Duangta is confused seeing the two men and asks Sai and Sai replies there's nothing, they are only friends. The end

By: Cupid Candy

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