Sarp Poo Sah

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Sarp Poo Sah
Sarp Poo Sah
Sarp Poo Sah


  • Title: Sarp Poo Sah/Sarb Poosah/สาปภูษา
  • Also known as: Cursed Fabric
  • Duration: 15 Episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Romance/Horror
  • Popularity: top rated
  • Air time: Wed-Thu, 8:25 pm Thai Time
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: February 25, 2009 - April 15, 2009
  • Theme song: "Sarp/Curse" by Theeranai Na Nongkye
  • Ending song: "Sak Kon Tee Ruk Jing/Someone who will truely love" by Bongkoch Jarerntam

"Tee Plai Fah" by: Noona Neungthida Sopon

Production Credits

  • Producer: Add info here
  • Director: Chotirat Rermrakwong
  • Writer: Pongsakorn
  • Screenwriter: Tha-Nawadee Sathityootakarn, Nanthawan Roongwongpanich
  • Company Name: Broadcast Television



The sound of Princess See Ghed loudly echo’s with the sound of silk embroider in the embroider frame going up and down very quickly to compete with the light of the sun that is about to rise and at that time her life will have to say goodbye but her vengeful anger will be buried in the fabric that is beautiful along with her curse that has been sent to the children and grand children of the person who has caused her pain.

In the past occurred a mysterious event in the royal palace.. once up to three brides all die in their wedding day with the prince. It is believed that the reason is from the, “Golden Fabric.” that each bride wore on the day of their wedding to the prince .. The prince then has an order to go and keep the problem cloth in a wooden case carefully so that no one else will sacrifice their life to it … Modern Day…Mai Pim a young orphan who loves ancient fabric as her life recieves a grace from Preechaya the owner of a gold shop to work in the shop right away after Mai Pim finish school.

One day while Mai Pim is in occupied with work in the shop alone because Noot the other employee has asked to leave early for personal reasons a mysterious looking man that appears to be drunk walks into the shop and goes ballistic luckily Pachon a young architect comes and help her in time. The mysterious man then quickly runs away but drops his roll of white cloth .. Once Mai Pim opens it up she see’s a ancient golden checked cloth that is very beautiful

Once Manee Ganya the shareholder to the shop and Bpreechaya finds out about the mysterious man they quickly come to the shop and Mai Pim finds out that Pachon is the brother of Manee Ganya. Manee Ganya starts to complain saying that Mai Pim cause the shop problems because she really doesn’t like Mai Pim, but once she see’s the golden cloth that the mysterious man left behind she likes it alot and wants to keep it to herself without listening the opposition of anyone. Mai Pim is then forced to take the golden cloth and put it in the safe at the back of the shop by the order of Manee Ganya, and at the instant that the safe door closes the spirit of, “Jao See Ghed” appears and stands there to watch the 4 people with a vengeful angry look in her eyes.

Sarb Poo SahThat night Mai Pim takes the white cloth that belong to the mysterious man and other fabric from the shop home to repair. Mai Pim dreams of a young woman in an ancient outfit embroidering a checked cloth and chanting somethin very agressively and angrily. Once that young woman turns her face her way Mai Pim see’s her face and see’s that it is very rotten and like a dead body. Mai Pim instantly awakes. Once she is awake she see’s that the same mysterious man is prying the window of her house and she quickly faints from being shocked. Luckily Pachon who had follow her home from the address given by Preechaya comes and find her because she finds it odd that Mai Pim doesn’t answer her phone. Pachon comes to find that Mai Pim has fainted and takes her to the hospital. Tawit a young officer with a promising future and the fiance of Preechaya quickly sends Patidya one of his officers to take the a statetement immediately because he wants to please Mai Pim because he secretly likes her, but once Patidya meets Mai Pim he is another person that quickly falls in love with the young woman.

Sarb Poo SahAfter that Patidya goes to see Mai Pim often using the case of the mysterious man as a reason. Manee Ganya is afraid that the mysterious man will come back so she takes the golden cloth out of the safe and takes it home, but after her grandma see’s it she has a fearful reaction towards it so Manee Ganya takes it to Preechaya’s house and Preechaya asks her grandma to take care of it. After that Tong and Mali elder servants within the house start to see strange things happen in the house.

Once Mai Pim is finished being treated Pachon takes her to Preechaya’s house because Preechaya and Grandma Ranee is worried about the safety of Mai Pim. Mai Pim is then forced to stay with Preechaya with more admiration towards her. Once Tawit returns from out of the city he quickly goes to visit Mai Pim at Preechaya’s house, but the young woman doesn’t feel anything towards him except that he is the fiance of her benefactor.

The spirit of Jao See Ghed who came with the checked fabric and wandering around Preechaya’s house once she see’s the fiance of Preechaya her face is quickly filled with anger and there is an aggressive wind that pass by without any reason. In the previous life Tawit was, “Mom Tat (Duke Tat)” a noble policeman that fell in love with Jao See Ghed the grand daughter of Jao Tisasa a lord from the north and has “Piew” as his servant. Mom Tat fell in love with Jao See Ghed at first sight and after that he follows and flirts with her causing Jao See Ghed to fall obssessively in love with him.

One day Tawit is shot while on duty and this causes him to be unable to walk as normally as he is use to. Preechaya then asks Tawit to come stay at her house so that she can take care of him easily, but she doesn’t know that this is opening an oppurtunity for him and Mai Pim to be closer. At the same time Jao See Ghed puts a trance on Mai Pim for her to seduce Tawit in hopes that it will cause his love with Preechaya to fall apart. Manee Ganya notices Mai Pim’s intentions towards Tawit and immediately gets jealous because she is secretly in love with Tawit. So she does everything to sabotage and bully Mai Pim. This causes Jao See Ghed to see that Manee Ganya has a filthy heart like in the past when Manee Ganya was Ying Chom with her close servant Nang Juang would find ways to bully Jao See Ghed and Nang Piew because Ying Chom was envious that the Highness appreciated and adored Jao See Ghed’s method in embrodering fabric more.

Sarb Poo SahYing Chai or Preechaya in the modern day who is the more gentle little younger sister of Ying Chom often stops Ying Chom from bullying Jao See Ghed. Pachon meets Taen Tai and Pomree a husband and wife and ownder of a popular air line is his new client because Taen Tai wants Pachon to design a museum for ancient cloths for his wife because she likes ancient cloths. Pachon then goes and ask Preechaya for facts on Ancient cloth, but because she is busy taking care of Tawit she tells Pachon to ask Mai Pim for help. This causes Mai Pim and Pachon to be close and Pachon secretly falls in love with Mai Pim. Tawit isn’t pleased that Pachon and Mai Pim is close together, while Preechaya believes that he is frustrated because he is unable to walk as normal. She then wants to take him to Chiang Mai to rest and have leisure time during new years and Manee Ganya asks to come along stating the reason that she wants to go look at fabric for the shop but in reality she wants to go so she can be close to Tawit. The night before they leave Preechaya has a new years party at home and during the part gradma Ranee faints causing Preechaya to ask Pachon to come and stay at the house and help take care of Grandma Ranee and Mai Pim while she is gone and Pachon is more than happy to do so.

Sarb PoosahBut that night Mai Pim hears a strange sound downstairs so she goes downstairs to look forgetting that she is in her sleepwear. She see’s Tawit waiting there and he brings the Golden Fabric and wraps it around her causing Jao See Ghed to be able to possess Mai Pim’s body. Jao See Ghed trances Mai Pim to kiss Tawit passionately. Pachon comes by and see’s this and is very sad and couldn’t believe that Mai Pim is able to betray Preechaya. Pachon doesnt want Preechaya to be sad so he keeps this to himself and walks back into his room, but little does he know that as he walk back to his room the spirit of Jao See Ghed escapes Mai Pim’s body causing her to faint and not remember anything. While Tawit believes that Mai Pim also has feelings for him.

After that night Pachon appears to be distant and avoids Mai Pim. Mai Pim doesn’t understand what is wrong with Pachon and finds a way to talk to him, but Pachon uses this oppurtunity to tell Mai Pim not to betray Preechaya. Mai Pim is sad that Pachon misunderstands her and cries herself to sleep that night on the checked golden fabric. While sleeping she has a dream of the past where Preechaya and Tawit is about to get married. Once she awakes she believes that it’s because she thinks about Preechaya and Tawit to much causing her to take it to her dreams and she shakes it off as not being serious. Pachon is upset and disappointed in Mai Pim to where he nearly packs up his bags and go home since he see’s that grandma Ranee is feeling well, but Jao See Ghed wants to use Pachon to mess with Tawit’s head and make him jealous so she possess Mai Pim’s body and cause her to go and stick a knife in the ground in front of the house. Once Pachon comes and see’s the knife if is very stunned and calls Patidya to come and check it out and Patidya predicts that it is the mysterious man coming to threaten Mai Pim about the ancident fabric. Pachon is worried about Mai Pim so he is forced to continue staying there. Preechaya calls home and tells Mai Pim that they have to push the trip home back because Manee Ganya has told them that she has to go and talk to a nobility about ancient fabrics.

At the same time in Groong Thep it is raining really hard causing Pachon to have to sleep in Preechaya’s room because his room is leaking from the roof something unbelieveable happens the ceiling light in Preechaya’s room falls on top of Pachon causing two of his rib cage lines to be broken. This causes Mai Pim to have to take care of him closely even if the two are not misunderstanding each other.

Tawit, Manee Ganya and Preechaya quickly goes to visit Pachon at the hospital once they arrive from Chiang Mai. Mai Pim tries to stay away from Tawit because she doesn’t want anyone to mistake her intentions, but either way Jao See Ghed still possess her and attempts to seduce Tawit.. Mai Pim expresses aggressive anger when she finds that she must return the checked golden fabric to Kaew Jai the heir of Khun Yai Talap the true owner of the checked golden fabric, but once Padtiya tells her that the fabric may not belong to Khun yai Talap mai Pim is then in a noticeably great mood again causing Pachon to be very astonished.

Sarb PoosahMai Pim takes a picture of the golden fabric as a souvenir before Manee Ganya takes many other fabric to put in front of Kaew Jai so that she can be confused, but Kaew Jai is able to point it out causing Manee Ganya and Mai Pim to be upset for having to return the fabric. Kaew Jai asks Padtiya to hold onto it because she is afraid that Manee Ganya will steal the fabric and Patidya agrees and gives it to Mai Pim to take care of and See Ghed possess Mai Pim’s body yet again to give Patidya a thank you kiss. Mai Pim then takes the fabric back to Preechaya’s house without anyone knowing.

That night the spirit of Jao See Ghed in Mai Pim’s body caress the Golden fabric and think about the past and how her skills in embroidery was so great that Mom Tat asks Jao Dtisasa to allow Jao See Ghed to teach his little sister Ying Thip. He also pressumes the job of picking her up everyday also until one day they secretly sleep together in the hut at the end of the garden.

The next morning Mai Pim awakes without realization of what she had done while Jao See Ghed had possessed her. Pachon also decides to take her to go meet with Taen Tai and Poomree because Poomree wants to meet a modern young adult who is interested in ancient fabric. Once Mai Pim see’s Taen Tai’s face the spirit of Jao See Ghed that is possessing Mai Pim’s body is shocked to the max and expresses anger towards Taen Tai.

Sarb PoosahIn the past Taen Tai is Maha Mohlee a monk that had a serious altercation with Jao See Ghed. Pachon apologizes to Taen Tai but Taen Tai doesn’t take it serious and tells Pachon to take close care of Mai Pim. After meeting Taen Tai the spirit of Jao See Ghed is caused to be very week and unable to possess Mai Pim’s body causing her to be very angry and for a few nights Tong and Mali hears the aggressive cries from a woman and get sick. Patidya thinks that Mai Pim loves him and takes her to a hotel and Mai Pim fights, but Pachon who had been following comes and help Mai Pim in time. Pachon then threatens Patidya telling him to stay away from Mai Pim. Patidya is very angry and tells Mai Pim to return the golden fabric, but Jao See Ghed refuse so she possess Mai Pim and makes her return a fake without the young man realizing it.

Mai Pim is sad and stressed about Patidya taking her to a hotel and this causes her body to be weak and Jao See Ghed is able to possess her yet again. Taen Tai who is meditating see’s this and quickly goes to help Mai Pim, but once he arrives to Preechaya’s house he is a little shocked to see a dark cloud hovering over the house. He is now certain that there is something bad that resides in the house.

Manee Ganya goes to see Preechaya at home and they all sit down and talk. After awhile Manee Ganya goes to get a drink. At the same time Taen Tai learns from Grandma Ranee that Pim Mai went to do something mysterious at the fridgerator. Taen Tai quickly goes and stop Manee Ganya from opening the fridge, but it’s to late because once Manee Ganya opens a can of soda it bursts on her causing her to bleed. Patidya then comes and tells everyone that the knife found in front of the house was covered with Pim Mai’s finger prints. Pim Mai denies knowing of anything and Ranee assumes that she is a multi personality person and asks her to see a psychatrist, Pim Mai is forced to go so that everyone can feel better.

After Tawit takes Mai Pim to go and see the body of the mysterious man who was bitten to death by a snake in an abandoned house. Once Patiyda brings the relatives of the deceased Mai Pim then finds that the mysterious man is the husband of Kaew Jai the granddaughter of Grandma Talap the owner of the Checked Golden Fabric. Kaew Jai also doesn’t want to believe that her husband killed her grandma to take the checked golden fabric

That night Jao See Ghed puts Mai Pim in a trance to come and see Tawit once again and makes Mai Pim seduce Tawit to the point where they almost have intimate relations, but Preechaya comes and see in time and Jao See Ghed quickly leaves her body and lets Mai Pim come back to her senses. She denies that she knew what was going on, but Preechaya doesn’t believe her and calls her ungrateful. Mai Pim is really upset and runs out of the house crying at the same time Preechaya breaks it off with Tawit causing him to have to move back home. While he is home he realizes how much he really loves Preechaya and Jao See Ghed is pleased that she is able to see Preechaya and Tawit break apart. Meanwhile, Taen Tai tells Pachon that there is something that is hovering over Mai Pim and he thinks it is because of the golden fabric. Pacho quickly looks for Mai Pim and find her and asks her to wear a buddha amulet to protect herself and the two quickly goes to find Kaew Jai so they can find the origination of the Golden Fabric before everything is too late.

At the house of Grandma Talap, Pachon and Mai Pim finds a photo of the wedding of a woman in ancient time that is very much alike Preechaya and at the back of the photo is written, “Mom Jao Ying Jun Jarat Rayka Hom Pa Dta Tong Kong Jao See Ghed (Royal Highness Jun Jarat Rayka in the Clothes with Checked Golden Fabric of Jao See Ghed)” The cloth that Mom Jao Ying is wearing is the problem Golden Fabric. Mai Pim then tells Pachon of her dream of a woman in ancient clothing embroidering fabric with aggressive anger and they are sure that the woman in her dream is Jao See Ghed. She also tells of her dream that she see’s a woman in ancient clothes that looks like Preechaya getting married with a man that looks like Tawit. Pachon and Mai Pim are confused as to what is the relation between Preechaya and Jao See Ghed and why is she so interested in breaking Preechaya and Tawit up. They quickly decide to go see Taen Tai thinking that he would be able to shed light on the problem.

At Taen Tai’s house he suggests that Mai Pim meditate to connect with Jao See Ghed’s spirit and see what she wants. Mai Pim then meditates with much trouble to where she starts to see in the past that Jao See Ghed has intimate relations with Mom Tat who is Tawit in modern day. Jao See Ghed then gets pregnant and Mom Tat leaves Jao See Ghed to marry Ying Chai, but Ying Chom comes and find out about this and spreads it around causing Jao See Ghed to be completely embarrassed on top of that Jao Tisasa dies of dissapointment causing things to be worst. Piew than suggests that Jao See Ghed use love potion to win the love of Mom Tat back.

Ying Chai and Ying Chom suspects that Mom Tat has had a love spell put on him by Jao See Ghed. The two goes to see Monk Mohlee who helps disperse the spell. This causes Nang Piew and the spell doctor to be executed and Jao See Ghed to be executed as long as she give birth. Mai Pim comes out of the meditation tired and see’s Poomree because Taen Tai and Pachon goes to the police station to see the Golden Fabric. Once they get there and Pritdya brings it out they find that it is not the real one so they quickly rush back to find that Mai Pim is gone. Pomree tells them that she has gone back to Preechaya’s house to get her stuff. Pachon quickly follows Mai Pim.

At the same time Mai Pim is in the taxi on her way to Preechaya’s house she starts to hear the ghost of Jao See Ghed whispher for her to hurry home until her heads starts to hurt strongly. Manee Ganya who finds out about Preechaya’s break up with Tawit and quickly goes to his house in hopes of getting on his good side, but Tawit rejects her. Manee Ganya still thinks that Tawit loves Mai Pim and goes to Preechaya’s house and start to throw her things outside and finds that in her belongings was the golden fabric.

Once Mai Pim gets to Preechaya’s house she quickly denies knowing anything of the hidden golden fabric. Manee Ganya doesn’t believe her and starts to slap her around causing the buddha amulet to fall loose from Mai Pim’s neck. At that moment Jao See Ghed takes over Mai Pim’s body and starts to slap Manee Ganya in return. The two fight over the Golden fabric until it rips in half. Jao See Ghed is really angry and starts to choke her until she nearly loses her breath when Pachon comes and helps her in time. They are left one one half of the broken fabric while Jao See Ghed in possession of Mai Pim’s body takes her to a certain cememtary and buries the other half that she has so that no one can find it and destroy it.

Pachon is very worried about Mai Pim and once Taen Tai see’s the fabric he is taken back by a weird odor that only he could smell. Taen Tai that asks Manee Ganya to take the silk from the fabric apart and everyone is shocked to find that in the fabric is dirt with a strong odor and a human’s hair because after Mom Tat is free from the love spell he goes and see Jao See Ghed once more and asks her to embroider a golden cover for Ying Chai to wear on the wedding day in act of good faith because after Jao See Ghed gives birth the child will be under Ying Chai’s care while Jao See Ghed is executed

Jao See Ghed doesn’t think about giving her child to anyone and is also angry towards the fake love that Mom Tat has so she sits and embroider the fabric and using dirt from her grave and her hair into the fabric and she also drips her blood into it along with cursing it. Cursing it that the children and grandchildren of Mom Tat and Ying Chai who wears this fabric will all have harmful things happen. She finish the fabric and hangs herself along with her child afterwards. Pachon is then even more curious about what happens after that so that he can find a way to save Mai Pim. Manee Ganya tells him that Grandma Talap the grandmother of Kaew Jai use to work as a servant for the royal highness in the palace so Pachon goes to see Grandma Ta because she also once worked for the royal higness in the palace. Grandma Ta remembers Grandma Talap because she is the one that stole the fabric after the highness had ordered it to be locked away due to the fact that it had killed the bride and groom of the family. Pachon then realizes that Jao See Ghed wants to kill Preechaya.

At the same time Jao See Ghed in the body of Mai Pim goes to find Preechaya and kill her at home. Luckily Pachon stops her in time and puts the buddha amulet back around her neck causing Jao See Ghed to leave Mai Pim’s body. Pachon takes her to the hospital to recover and Taen Tai immediately asks her where the other half of the fabric is so that he could destroy it before anything even worst happens. Mai Pim doesn’t know but can describe some of the features she remember which causes Pachon to be sure that it is the cemetary near the old palace that Jao See Ghed was once at. Pachon and Taen Tai quickly goes to cemetary to dig for the other half of the broken fabric.

While Pachon is trying to find the broken fabric. Mai Pim has to remove the amulet for an x ray. This allow Jao See Ghed to once again take possession of Mai Pim’s body. Jao See Ghed then asks the nurse to call Tawit and ask him to come and see her at the hospital. She then takes Preechaya who came by to visit her up to the top of the building in hopes of killing her in front of Tawit so that he can feel the pain of losing the person you love.

Jao See Ghed in the possession of Mai Pim’s body tries to push Preechaya but luckily Preechaya ducks in time and Tawit come and save her in time grabbing onto her with love and worry. This enrages Jao See Ghed even more and she attempts to push the two to their death together, but suddely the ghost of Jao See Ghed starts to scream in agony because at the same time Taen Tai was undergoing a ceremony to burn the fabric. This causes Jao See Ghed to leave Mai Pim’s body suddenly and start to sway and nearly fall off the building, but luckily Pachon comes and grab her in time.

Time goes by and everyone is at the temple giving merit and Taen Tai lets Mai Pim take the pieces of the fabric in doing merit also so that the spirit of Jao See Ghed will forgive them and move on. Tawit decides to get ordained to give merit and get forgiveness for all of the bad things he did to Jao See Ghed in the previous life time. After he comes out of being ordained he will marry Preechaya as he has intended. Manee Ganya is also happy for Preechaya because she realizes that Tawit loves only Preechaya. She also understands Mai Pim more and finds that Mai Pim is a good person so she gives the oppurtunity for the two to love each other.

In the opening of the ancient fabric musuem that belongs to Taen Tai and Poomree the many guests are amazed by the design and setting of the museum and praise Pachon, but he gives all the credit to his fiance Mai Pim who tells the guests that each and every fabric not only is a look into tradition, but they tell the story of the past and the life of the person who weaved them.

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  • Nataraja Awards (2009) for Best Costume

Trivia or Interesting Info about this Lakorn

  • First ae's real kiss in lakorn with aun
  • During the premiere of the first episode, the bottom-left hand corner accidentally displayed Borisut Bumbat Kaen's title instead of Sarp Poo Sah for a mere couple of seconds. (see gallery)

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