Sood Snaeha

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Sood Sanae Ha
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Sood Sanae Ha
Ann & Ken in Sood Sanae Ha


  • Title: สูตรเสน่หา / Sood Sanae Ha
  • Also known as: สูตรเสน่หา, A Recipe for Love
  • Duration: 16 Episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Comedy/Romance
  • Popularity: Top rated
  • Air time: Wed - Thu @ 8h30
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: October 29, 2009 - ???
  • Theme song: "theme song" Sai Fahrenheit
  • Ending song: "Ordinary people " Chin Chinawut

Production Credits

  • Producer: Da Hathairath
  • Director: Ampaiporn Jitmaingong
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: Lakorn Thai


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In this lakorn, Anne will be portraying Alin, a dwindling actress unable to compete with younger rising starlets. When she is approach to do a cooking show “Soot Aroi Gap Alin (Delicious recipes with Alin)”, she accepts, hoping it will save her career and also to bring her closer to the owner of the show played by Willy. One problem, she can’t cook. She hires Ken’s character, a foul-mouth chef, for cooking lessons.

Slowly she learns how to cook and her show is a major ratings hit. Also at this time, Alin develops a personal relationship with her cooking teacher, not a romantic one. She begins to consult with him about her life and love.

As her relationship blossoms with the man of her dreams, she begins to question about the relationship she has with her chef. Though Willy is the man of her dreams and can give her things she superficially desires (glamor and stardom), Ken makes her happy. Who will she choose?

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Trivia or Interesting Info about this Lakorn

  • A scene where Alin is thinking about her and Din's relationship, parodies the 1990 American film "Ghost", in the original scene. Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore's characters mold pottery, before messing it up and making out. The way this scene is parodied is that instead of Alin and Din molding pottery, they knead pastry dough. In the parody, the song "Unchained Melody" is played, which was played in "Ghost". The song is later cut out in reruns (most likely due to licensing rights expiring) and is replaced by the instrumental of the show's theme song.

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