Jan Klang Jai

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My Lucky Star


  • Title: รักนี้ต้องเจียระไน / Jan Klang Jai OR จันทร์กลางใจ / Rak Ni Tong Jiaranai
  • Also known as: My Lucky Star / Moon in the Heart
  • Episodes: 16 Episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Romance/Comedy
  • Air time: Wednesday-Thursday
  • Broadcast network: ONEHD
  • Broadcast period: April 19, 2023 --- June 8, 2023
  • Theme song: LUCKY STAR by: Kangsom Tanatat Chaiyaat

Production Credits

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  • Director: Add info here
  • Script Writer: Add info here
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Chomjan is arrested when Ratti catches her selling fake jewellery. Ratti is a renowned jewellery designer and a famous car racer. He loathes liars and thieves and seizes any chance he can to put these people in their places.

When Ratti catches his girlfriend cheating on him with his stepbrother, he flees to Italy. He returns months later when his stepmother threatens to sell one of his late mother's favourite necklaces. Filled with rage, Ratti storms into his ex's wedding and steals the necklace. Chomjan is released from jail and walking around homeless when she's caught up in Ratti's escape, causing the security to cuff both of them together.

Tied together by force, Chomjan must help Ratti run from the police this time.

Source: notyourasian_girl at MyDramaList

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