Klin Kasalong

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Klin Kasalong
Klin Kasalong


  • Title: Klin Kasalong / กลิ่นกาสะลอง
  • Also known as: The Scent of Memory
  • Duration: ?? Episodes
  • Genre: Romance/Drama/Present life
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Monday & Tuesday (20:20)
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: June 10, 2019 -- On Air
  • Theme song:
  • Ratings: Thaitv3drama
Date Episode Nationwide
10-6-2019 1 (Premier)
11-6-2019 2
TBA 10
TBA 11
Average total:

Production Credits

  • Novelist: Pisit Sreeprasert
  • Producer: Mam Thitima Sangkhapitak
  • Director: San Sikaewlor
  • Screenwriter: Pranpramoon
  • Company Name: Feel Good



Brief Synopsis

First life, she play as twin sister. Older name as Kasalong, was raised by her mother. She is sweet and gentle, good at north dancing and household. Having good acting, everyone compare her to be gold. Younger name as Songpeep, was raised by her father, is cruel and selfish like her father, always jealous of Kasalong. She think that her mother love Kasalong more than her. She like to make up story, and seduce any guy, then they will fight with each other for her. Like dressing and such a rude. People compare her to be a shit. Both of them are tragically die. Songpeep die in fire with her anger, Kasalong was trapped, die from malnutrition

Second life Songpeep was reborn as Pimpisa, daughter of wealthy doctor, is confident woman. She is different mood when she is in good or bad mood, like to let people calling her as Prompee. She is self-welled, but can stand her fiance, although she can't know why he doesn't get marriage with her. Kasalong is spirit, need to lead actor and Pimpisa remember a past life. She bring Pimpisa's spirit to Kasalong body in past life, to let her know about everything. How Kasalong was harmed until she die, and let Pimpisa know that mother love her

Third life Kasalong was reborn as Pimmada, daughter of Pimpisa, just graduated, is clever, cheeky and casual. She will be bad to people who is bad to her, never accept love from anyone, like she wait for someone.

Credit to Krisayaporn

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