Roy Leh Sanae Rai (2002)

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Roy Leh Sanae Rai
Roy Leh Sanae Rai


  • Title: Roy Leh Sanae Rai (Roi Leh SaNae Rai)
  • Also known as: 100 Trickery's Dangerous Passion, Khmer title: Roy Snaih, Roy Labech/ ร้อยเล่ห์ เสน่ห์ร้าย
  • Duration: 15
  • Genre: Drama/Romance
  • Popularity: Very Popular
  • Air time: Monday-Friday
  • Broadcast network: Channel 5 (Exact)
  • Broadcast period: 2002
  • Theme song: "Sai Tar Yarng Narn" by Pingpong Sirasak Ittipolpanich

"Gwah Jah Roo" by Pingpong Sirasak Ittipolpanich "Job Garn Pai Dai Laew" Zaza



Tik's dad and aom's dad used to be a good friend. They even invested their own money in the pub business together...(pub or bar in the thai style where u can find the beautiful singer who sing for u..etc...) This business went too well and tik's dad even betrayed his own friend and get the whole business for himself and fired aom's dad as the partnerships...20 years past by...or may be more i am not sure... tongue.gif Tik's dad knew that he would die soon and he felt sorry for what he did to aom's dad and her familly so he wrote the will to give like 500 million baht to aom....(actually he got much more than that he has the real estate, the pub business etc...but he gave like 500 million baht..not all of his heritage...) When his dad died, tik came back from the US to get to the funeral and found out about the will of his dad.... Therefore, he got really mad..and wonder why his dad gave away like 500 million to someone he didnot even know...(he was so greedy eventhough he got all the rest which worth much more than 500 millions...) He wanted to get back at her. (Well, he didnot know the real reason why his dad gave away 500 million baht to aom...) He got the excellent idea from his best friend who was also his personel lawyer. To make aom love him and get married with him and finally agree to sign the paper to give up her right on her own property and money by not telling her the truth about the will stuff ( Aom is from the familly really normal not at all rich...).....(i dont know how to explain but it is like the legal term stuff..)... To make it shorts....he makes her love him and get married with him..she finally signed the paper the day of her wedding without any knowlege of the bad intention of him behind it...anyway just a minute after she signed the paper, she knew the truth.....She was totally totally disappointed and got a heart broken as well as mad angry..everything cause she knew that all the thing he did, all the thing he said it is all a lie.....She lost all the trust all the heart....(u gotta see this scence yrself, aom was acting so good...i even felt the pain for her..) At that moment, tik...realized that all the plans he organize since the beginning it was working but..he felt no joy no happiness..he felt also heart broken....Finally, he did not only make her love him but he also was in love himself ...without knowing cause all the greedy and all the money made him so blind... Well, Aom got so hurt so she wants to get back at him so she tried whatever it takes for him to give her the divorce ...Of course, tik didnot want to..he did also whatever it takes to get her heart back... So u gotta see if he can get her heart back or not and if she can trust him again...

Credits to Puffypie @ sarNworld For Summary

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  • The bed broke during the R scene rehearsal!

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