Sai See Plerng 2013

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Sai See Plerng 2013
Sai See Plerng 2013--> Mew, Lek, Araya, Chakrit, & Poh


  • Title: Sai See Plerng 2013 / ทรายสีเพลิง
  • Also known as:
  • Duration:13 Episodes
  • Genre: Romance/Drama
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Mon-Tue
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: August 18, 2014---(On Air)
  • Related To: Sai See Pleung-1996

Production Credits

  • Producer: Ja Yosinee
  • Director: Pa Jaew Yutthana
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: Maker Y



  • May Contain Spoilers

The story starts out with Sai’s (Chompoo Araya) mother, who becomes involved with her adoptive’ s parents son. She gets pregnant but he wants nothing to do with her and later marries a wealthy woman from a good family. Sai’s mother get sent to live back in a small house behind the mansion, she gives birth to Sai. Later on Sai’s half-sister is born and named Looksorn. Fast forward many years the two sister are playing and Looksorn falls into a pool of water and nearly drowns. Sai is blamed for the accident by the grandmother and step mother. Sai’s mother decides to start a fresh new life and runs away from the family when Sai was 12 or so, there she meets her knight and shining armor in Bea who comforts her and gives her a musical box, from there she always remembers him as her “first love” .

Fast forward in adult years, Sai and Chan played by Chakrit, are best friends, although Chan would like to be more than friends. Sai is now a very confident, strong woman, independent and known for her striking beauty, she is now an interior decorator. Chan a charming, handsome, playboy, who is a top building contractor. Sai knew of Chan’s playboy ways and never fully trusted him, but I think her mind was always in the past with Bea. They were a couple just not fully 100% if that makes any sense, the feelings were much stronger on Chan’s side. Sai gets a letter indicating that her grandmother has passed on and she is named in the will. There she gets the idea that she will seek revenge on her half sister Looksorn (Mew Nittha) and her step mother. Her sister a shy plain jane who is native and truly loves Sai.

There she seduces Looksorn’s fiance Pat, who falls for her striking beauty, Sai realized that her sister is native and clueless, so she stops with her plan seeking revenge on her sister. She than focus her attention on Bea who turns out to be Chan’s best friend, she can’t get over her “love” for him and follows him on a trip, this while stringing Chan along to think that they are a couple.

Chan also a child of a broken family, turns to Sai in his time of need, finds out that Sai is with his best friend Bea. Devastated he turns to Looksorn, who even with a fiancee has a big crush on Chan. They sleep together, Sai gets turned down by Bea and learns her sister and Chan, slept together. From there, a devastating turn of event happens and I won’t spoil the ending.

The lakorn in general leaves you really clueless on who she really loved, did she really love her one true best friend who was always there for her and love her? Did she love Chan only after the fact she found out that he was with someone else? Or did it take a loss to realize that he was the one she truly love? Or did she love her knight(Bea) who saved her in a time of need, someone she could never forget. Was she confused with her feelings from the past? How could she love someone she barley knew? Or is “first love” that powerful that she couldn’t let go of her feelings. I don’t know myself , I’m not sure if Sai knew herself.

Who was the real villain here? Looksorn slept with Chan knowing full well that he was taken and she had a fiancee. Sai had a rock beside her, always holding her up and loving her, yet she went behind his back and tried to get with Bea. This lakorn has been moral dilemmas and questions unanswered, I think many viewer either sided with Looksorn or Sai, but never was in between.

credits to: Volunteer Team- The Fire Colored Sand @


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