Sombat Maha Heng

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Sombat Maha Heng


Production Credits

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  • Company Name: Gold CPG



During the Great War in East Asia, Japanese soldiers forced prisoners of war from various nationalities to build the River Kwai Bridge. Death Railway Many prisoners were deprived of food and were ill to death during construction. A large amount of gold and a group of Japanese soldiers mysteriously disappeared. During transport in a deep forest in Kanchanaburi And this is where it all began. Methee, a handsome young forest officer A special touch to see and communicate with spirits from children only Tong during a close friend who knew about this. This happened to see a reserved logger Thus hindering injure Fortunately enlightenment, the Head of Forestry was deployed to help. By having to take him to the hospital Causing Thi to meet with Pimprae (Patchaya Phian always), a beautiful young volunteer doctor Thee saw a mysterious smoke mass like a Japanese soldier attacking Pimprae He stalked her through a tribe village. (Source: Thai-lakorn)

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