Marn Bang Jai 2020

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Marn Bang Jai 2020
Marn Bang Jai 2020


Production Credits

  • Producer: Add info here
  • Director: Add info here
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: Mummai


  • Average of 5 (credit: CH7hd_dramasociety official Instagram)
    • Episode 1: 5.4 (PREMIERE)
    • Episode 2: 4.1
    • Episode 3: 4.5
    • Episode 4: 4.6
    • Episode 5: 5.0
    • Episode 6: 4.9
    • Episode 7: 4.6
    • Episode 8: 5.5
    • Episode 9: 5.3
    • Episode 10: 4.8
    • Episode 11: 4.8
    • Episode 12: 4.9
    • Episode 13: 5.0
    • Episode 14: 5.0
    • Episode 15: 6.3 (FINALE)



Fuenglada studies at a boarding school and her father lives with his new wife Soithong and step daughter Soisoun. One day on the way to see Fuenglada, her father had an accident with Taen's car and passes away. Taen is a rich widower with one daughter and lives with his brother Tai. On knowing that Soithong is trying to sell Fuenglada to an old chinese man, he offers to marry her himself and thus begins their marriage life. Path to a peaceful love is not easy with Tai being suspicious of Fuenglada's family and Soithong trying to make Soun closer to Taen. credits to: mydramalist

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