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  • Name: Nat Thew-Phaingam (ณัฏฐ์ ทิวไผ่งาม)
  • Nickname: Nat / Natthew (นัท / นัททิว)
  • Profession: Singer/Actor
  • Date of birth: June 5, 1989
  • Birthplace: Bangkok,Thailand
  • Height: 180cm
  • Marital Status: single
  • Hobbies: singing
  • Education: Kasetsart University (Faculty of Business) -graduate

About (Natthew)

  • Natthew is a thai singer.

He was in Academy Fantasia Season 5 and was the winner in that season.

  • Natthew also went into acting and have act in a few drama.
  • In 2012, Natthew have made his first Korean debut, in Korea he release his first single "She's Bad".

Before Natthew Korean debut, he was also in "Dream Team", a Korean TV show a few years back. Natthew have sign with CJ E&M Music Asia's No.1 entertainment company.

  • Natthew will perform in Korea for the first time on the November 15 2012 broadcast of Mnet′s M Countdown.

B2ST′s Yong Jun Hyung will join him to help him out, following his appearance with Brave Girls′ Seo Ah in Natthew′s music video.

  • in 2013, Natthew made his first Korean acting debut in a drama call Monstar air on tvN, Mnet, KM and Onstyle Channels.

He only cameo in episode 4, 8 - 12. A clip from Natthew cameo in episode 8




  • Album: "AF5 Me,My dream and My Producer" (2008)
    • Single"Roo Mai"
  • 123 Soul:
    • Single "Suk Krung" (2009) sang with Ron, Waan, Tap from Academy Fantasia
    • Single "Kayub" (2010)
  • OST:(You're Beautiful part 1) As Over (Thai version) [Release : 2010]
  • OST: Neur Manoot --- Song Title: Neur Manoot (Year : 2011)
  • Album: Natthew The Passion (Year : 2010)
  • New Single MV: Meiji Paigen CF คนสำคัญ MV (Year : 2011)
  • Korean Debut Single: She's Bad MV (Year : 2012)
  • OST: Nine: Nine Times Time Travel --- Song Title: Oh Please (Year : 2013)
  • New Single MV: Love Will Be OK Featured Pream Ranida (Year : 2015)

Musical / Stage Play

  • FAME - The Musical with: ??? (Year : 2011)
  • Prissana 2012 - The Musical with: Tee AF (Year : 2012)



  • winner of Academy Fantasia Season 5

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