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  • Title: Piang Chai Khon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised (เพียงชายคนนี้ ไม่ใช่ผู้วิเศษ)
  • Also known as: Just A Man, Not A Magician/When A Man Loves A Woman
  • Duration: 15 Episodes
  • Genre: Romance/Drama
  • Popularity: Very Popular
  • Air Time: Wednesday-Thursday @ 8:15pm - 10:45pm
  • Broadcast Network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast Period: April 21, 2016 --- June 9, 2016
  • Theme song: Pae Hua Jai Tuaayng - Waan Wanwan

Piang Chai Kon Nee (Mai Chai Poo Wised) - Instinct Huachai Sue Mai Dai - ฟลุ๊ค 60 Miles

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Episode Date Rating Nationwide (AGB Nielsen) Rating Bangkok (Digital)
1 4/21/2016 (PREMIERE) 5.1 n/a
2 4/27/2016 4.7 n/a
3 4/28/2016 4.5 n/a
4 5/04/2016 4.5 n/a
5 5/05/2016 5.3 n/a
6 5/11/2016 5.1 n/a
7 5/12/2016 5.8 n/a
8 5/18/2016 5.5 n/a
9 5/19/2016 6.1 n/a
10 5/25/2016 5.9 n/a
11 5/26/2016 6.1 n/a
12 6/01/2016 4.8 n/a
13 6/02/2016 5.6 n/a
14 6/08/2016 6.4 n/a
15 6/09/2016 (END) 8.3 n/a
Average total 5.6


Character Descriptions

Satawat: A doctor with a very simple life, he returns from abroad from his medical studies. He is so different from Anusaniya, like the sky vs. the earth. When they marry Anusaniya looks down on him, but he'll win her heart. Love that will accept any condition.

Anusaniya: A hi-so businesswoman and an heiress of a billionaire. She's high class, like a princess on an ivory tower. She falls in love with the ordinary man, Satawat.

Soammiga: An heiress of a billionaire and Sattawat's girlfriend, she is famous in the celeb circle as a player. Everybody gives her the nickname of Thailand version of Paris Hilton. She is determined to never let Satawat out of her grasp and tries to get into his marriage.



Satawat (James) is a doctor whose mother has a gambling addiction and Anusaniya (Kimberly)'s family owns a wealthy company. Satawat's mother owes a lot of money to Anusaniya's company and in order to erase the debt, Satawat's mother and Anusaniya's aunt cook up a plan to marry Satawat and Anusaniya to each other to get rid of the debt. Satawat has a rich girlfriend named Soammiga (Namcha) whose own family is going bankrupt. Anusaniya's half uncle, Chayakorn (Pop), is in love with Anusaniya while Anusaniya's best friend, Mirantee (Eye) loves Chayakorn.

Before Anusaniya's wedding to Satawat, Soammiga informs Satawat that she's pregnant with his child. Anusaniya eventually figures out the truth and demands for a divorce. Mirantee finally figures out that that Soammiga was never pregnant in the first place and had used someone else's urine test.

Anusaniya becomes pregnant with Satawat's child but Soammiga has returned to cause chaos since her father died of a heart attack. She has nowhere to go and holds up in Satawat's house, which causes Anusaniya to misunderstand that Satawat is still involved with Soammiga. All the while Satawat is living with his doctor friend until the situation gets better. At the same time Chayakorn and Mirantee fall in love after Mirantee nurses Chayakorn back to health after his car crash. Satawat decides to move to the country side with Soammiga because he knows that Somika can't handle living in primitive conditions.

Although Anusaniya and Satawat hate each other at first, they come to eventually love each other.

Long : spoiler.

This is about two young women: Anusaniya Woralertluk (Kim Kimberley) the only daughter of billionaire Nattapol, who will soon become a powerful business woman. The other one is Soammiga (Namcha Cheeranut), also a heiress of a powerful billionaire. She is also a very well known socialite in Thailand. Anusaniya and Soammiga attended school together, from Kindergarten to University. They both have different styles, but see each others as rivals, always trying to outshine the other. Everyone is jealous of them due to their wealthy upbringing, but they feel that being rich has cursed them from finding true love.

Anusaniya and Soammiga meet each other again during an opening event of the hotel of a famous celebrity on the Andaman Coast. Soammiga shows up with Chayakorn (Pop Thakoon) who is Anusaniya's uncle. Soammiga dislikes Anusaniya's arrogance and plots to have Anusaniya sleep with someone at the event. Later that evening, Anusaniya leaves with a man on a speed boat, who spikes her drink. When he tries to sexually harass her, she jumps off the boat.

Chayakorn is upset when he finds out that Anusaniya has left with another man, and hasn't returned to the hotel. He orders his subordinates to find his niece, but to no avail. Mirantee (Eye Kamolned) is a reporter who was invited to that event is aware of what's happening, and believes that this scandal will be the talk of the town. In the meantime, Anusaniya almost drowns in the sea, but Satawat (James Ma) saves her. He takes her to his hut on the beach, and tries to help her because she is still drugged. He thinks that she may be one of the guests of a celebrity drug party. When Ausaniya wakes up, she thinks that he sexually assaulted her, and clearly shows that she dispises him which makes him dislike her. Chayakon succeeds to trace his niece. Due to Anusaniya not saying anything, he misunderstands that Satawat sexually assaulted her, so Chayakorn and Satawat end up in a fist fight. Satawat believes that Chayakorn is Anusaniya's boyfriend.

Anusaniya learns that Soammiga tried to defame her the night before, so she decides to take revenge on Soammiga. Chayakorn can't take that Soammiga played dirty tricks, he blames himself for what happened to Anusaniya's, and he breaks up with Soammiga immediately. Soammiga is speechless when she is being dumped by Chayakorn. She can't take that she has lost to Anusaniya again. As she tries to get away,she runs into Satawat. He's afraid that she will commit suicide because of her disappointments in love, so he decides to help her. Soammiga talks about Anusaniya stealing her lover, which makes him finally realize that Anusaniya and Chayakorn are not lovers, but uncle and niece. Satawat feels bad for Soammiga. She gets drunk, and sleeps in Satawat's beach hut, because she can't face the guests at the event. Then she finds out that Satawat isn't a fisherman; he is a Nephrologist who does research on that island. She falls head over heels in love with him. She asks him to come back to Bangkok with her, and she promises herself that she will never leave this guy.

The break-up of Chayakorn and Soammiga become gossip news, with Anusaniya being the reason for the break-up. Nattapol (Montri Janeaksorn) is so angry with the news, because it damages his family name. Chayakorn takes action with Mirantee. Anusaniya and Mirantee used to be schoolmates, so she decides to solve the problem by herself. Mirantee drops her prejudice towards Anusaniya, because Anusaniya doesn't threaten her like Chayakorn does.

Nattapol is so upset with Chayakorn, that he gets sick and needs to be hospitalized. Doctors detect that Nattapol's kidneys are failing, so Satawat is called for help since he is an expert nephrologist. Anusaniya is shocked when she realizes that he is a doctor, not a fisherman as she assumed. She's even more shocked when she finds out that his family is in deep debt with her family. This causes her to believe that he might take her father's life for insurance claims. Soammiga follows to flirt with Satawat at the hospital, and she reveals that she is dating Satawat. Soammiga openly flirting with Satawat makes him blush, but he is also impressed of her openness which is different from Anusaniya.

Nattapol's kidney has to be removed immediately which will cause him to let Anusaniya and Chayakorn run the family business while he recovers. Nattapol's sisters are afraid that Chayakorn will seize the business for himself. All of Nattapol's sisters insist that Anusaniya seize Chayakorn's power. Their actions and demands worry her because all four of them are gold diggers and love to waist money, but neither one of them help to work. 1) Nantana (Top Daraneenute), a lonely divorcee who loves to cause trouble . 2) Nudee (Nune Darun) is the wife of Prasong, a business man. She always finds support for her husband's business. 3) Nonthaya (Plen Irin) a self conscious woman who always finds money for plastic surgery. 4) Navika (Fon Thanasunthorn) is better than her three sisters because she uses money to donate to temples. Even though all of them are selfish, they have one thing in common: they hate Chayakorn. All of them believe that he is the child of Angkarb (Rachanee Siralert) and not of their father's mistress.

Everyone in the family tries to find a husband for Anusaniya, because they need a man who can control her. Especially Nantana, because she took 60 Mio. TBH from the business to be borrowed by Saowaros (Jintara Sukkapat), who is Satawat's mother. Nantana now rushes Saowaros to pay it back.

Saowaros brags about Satawat dating a famous high society girl (Soammiga). Udomsak, who is Soammiga's father, is not pleased that Soammiga forgot Chayakorn that easily, and now dates Satawat. A man who doesn't have anything while having a lot of debt. Anusaniya knows about this from Nantana, which later convinces her that Satawat dates Soammiga because of money. So she feels more pity towards Satawat.

Saowaros asks Udomsak to help her, but Udomsak refuses to help. This makes her so angry that she forbids Satawat to continue seeing Soammiga.

Saowaros gets the news that Nattapol is looking for a son-in-law, so she decides to offer Satawat to Nantana. She asks Nantana to remit her debt if Satawat works it off, and Satawat marries Anusaniya in return. Nantana accepts that offer immediately because she needs the debt to be cleared and she quickly tries to hook up Satawat and Anusaniya.

Chayakorn is so sad when he learns that Anusaniya will belong to another man. He's afraid to get tested to prove he's not blood related to Anusaniya because it would shame his mother, so he unwillingly accepts that he's only the uncle of the woman he loves. He has to hide his real feelings for Anusaniya. Nattapol is unhappy that Chayakorn tries to get in the way of Anusaniya and Satawat's unity, because he knows of Chayakorn's feelings for Anusaniya. Anusaniya has yet to learn about her uncle's affection for her.

Nattapol agrees to let Satawat marry Anusaniya, hoping it will stop Chayakorn's love for Anusaniya. Nattapol is treated by Satawat for his kidney disease. He admires Satawat's humanity. He is even more pleased once he learns that Satawat's father borrowed 60 million Baht for building a Medical center by the sea, and Satawat is eager to continue his father's dream. Nattapol is impressed by Satawat's character, and is now even more willing to have him as his son-in-law.

Anusaniya can't take the fact that Nantana pushes Satawat upon her because she thinks that Satawat is after money. Satawat knows that Anusaniya despises him and looks down on him. Anusaniya thinks that everyone wants her to marry Satawat because they assume that she and Chayakorn are having an immoral relationship. So she decides to show her sincerity by agreeing to this marriage. Chayakorn feels bad for Anusaniya because she will marry a man she despises, so he decides to confess his feelings to her. Anusaniya is so shocked when Chayakorn admits his love for her. She runs away from the hotel. Satawat witnesses the incident and is convinced that Anusaniya has an affair with her uncle. Anusaniya is so sad and embarrassed by Chayakorn's feeling for her that she decides to marry Satawat. She still loves and respect her uncle Chayakorn, and needs him back to work in their company as he did before.

Nattapol calls Satawat and Saowaros to meet him. He offers that if Satawat weds Anusaniya, he will remit the debt and won't sue them in court, but Satawat and Anusaniya have to remain married for 3 years. Satawat feels embarrassed and that he will lose his honor for selling himself for clearing his parents' debt. So he counter offers to marry to gain time to repay. He will earn money to repay for redeeming his freedom from marriage. Nattapol feels happy about Satawat's answer, so he decides to accept this offer, and he will give Satawat a bonus: If Anusaniya has a child by him, he will give Satawat an additional 30 Million Baht. Satawat understands that Nantapol throws money around like this because he needs to clear the scandalous news of his daughter and Chayakorn.

Satawat and Anusaniya are married quickly. This leaves Soammiga and Chayakorn broken-hearted and in rage. Anusaniya doesn't trust Satawat, and is afraid that he will quickly try to have a child so he can get the bonus from her father. Chayakorn is back to work against his will. He has to face Anusaniya every day, but Anusaniya seems to ignore him and Satawat will always interfere. Nattapol plans to pair Chayakorn with Mirantee, because he feels that Mirantee can control Chayakorn. Nattapol asks Anusaniya for help, but Anusaniya isn't sure because she thinks that Mirantee is a rival to Chayakorn, and she doesn't seem to be the type of girl Chayakorn would date. Anusaniya becomes the matchmaker for Chayakorn and Mirantee. Even though Chayakorn doesn't like it, he thinks this will get him close to Anusaniya again. Mirantee knows that he uses her as a cover-up, and he plans to find a way to reconcile with Anusaniya. Mirantee doesn't mind to be used by Chayakon because she secretly hopes that he will forget Anusaniya one day, and falls for her eventually.

Soammiga still can't get over the pain of losing Satawat to Anusaniya. She always tries to interfere with the marriage life of Satawat and Anusaniya because she knows that Satawat only married her so he can clear his debt. Soammiga makes a promise with Satawat that she will wait for him. Anusaniya is aware that Soammiga still preys on Satawat, which annoys her. When she finds out that Satawat works in several hospitals to earn extra money for paying a debt, she realizes that he is wanting to get back to Soammiga. Soammiga tells Anusaniya that she can get Satawat's body only, but his heart belongs to Soammiga only. That makes Anusaniya feel very hurt while living with Satawat.

Anusaniya still works hard. Mirantee takes Chakree, who is her handsome designer friend, to help Anusaniya because she hopes Chakree can replace Chayakorn as Anusaniya's partner, and Chayakorn will no longer have an excuse to be close to Anusaniya. All of the aunts see that someone will take Chayakorn's position at the company. This would get them a step closer to eliminate him from the company and push Anukorn forward as executive because Anusaniya is assigned to control a pool project. Anusaniya has to resolve issues within the company which were caused by Anukorn. Satawat notices Anusaniya facing many problems. He now understands why she acts confident in front of others.

Anukorn gets Gina, an employee in the company, pregnant. Anusaniya has to find a solution. Satawat thinks that she has a secret with him because she is pregnant with Chayakorn. Nattapol has to sell a pub to cover up these scandal news. Even though Satawat misunderstands Anusaniya's pregnancy, he is glad to be the father of Anusaniya's child. Because Satawat keeps protecting her name and honor, she thinks that Satawat would do everything to repay his debt.

Saowaros is so excited because she thinks that she will get bonus money. Then it is revealed that Anukorn will have a baby, not Anusaniya. Satawat is disappointed at Anusaniya because she let him believe that she was pregnant, so he decides to go to his island for a while. Anusaniya finally understands that Satawat tried to protect her at all times, but she always disparaged him, so she follows him to the island to reconcile.

Soammiga is afraid that Satawat will fall in love with Anusaniya, which leads her to hire someone to kidnap Anusaniya. Satawat can save her. Anusaniya is impressed that Satawat risked his life to save her. Anusaniya takes care of Satawat who is injured. They spend time together on the island.

Satawat and Anusaniya's relationship gets better. Chayakorn and Soammiga are furious. Soammiga and Chayakorn plan to destroy their marriage. Soammiga finds out that Saowaros needs money, and lures her in. Saowaros who is in financial trouble, gives Soammiga false hope that Satawat will come back to her when he divorces Anusaniya. Chayakorn witnesses that Satawat's family takes money from two women. He decides to help Soammiga reveal Satawat's true color to Anusaniya by giving Saowaros money. Mirantee becomes upset when she learns of Chayakorn and Soammiga's plans. She decides to break up with Chayakorn, but instead, he breaks up with her. Mirantee is so sad because she can't change his heart.

Soammiga wants to steal Satawat from Anusaniya, and reveal everything that could shame Anusaniya. Chayakorn can't believe that Soammiga tries to destroy Anusaniya's name, and he betrays Soammiga, which gets her very angry. She drives her car into Chayakorn's car, which causes Chayakorn's car to crash and flip over. The car accident leaves him in a coma. Chayakorn always wanted to donate his organs once he dies. The family agrees that they will take Chayakorn's kidneys to transplant it into Nattapol. Doctors examine Chayakorn's liver and it is a match with Nattapol. It proves that Chayakorn is in fact the biological brother of Nattapol. The results surprise all of his sisters. They can't obstruct Angkarb and Chayakorn anymore because Chayakorn has the same rights to the company as everybody else.

Soammiga continues to lie to Anusaniya that Satawat took her money for paying his debt. Chayakorn hasn't recovered yet. Anusaniya misunderstands that Satawat secretly has an affair with Soammiga to get money from Soammiga. Anusaniya is disappointed at Satawat because she thinks that he is a man of no honor, and asks him for a divorce. Satawat is so shocked when he finds out that Saowaros took money from Soammiga. Udomsak is so angry that Satawat fooled his daughter, so he kidnaps Saowaros, and demands Satawat to divorce Anusaniya in exchange with Satawat's mother's life.

While Satawat is proceeding to divorce Anusaniya, Soammiga finds out that Anusaniya is pregnant. She's afraid that Anusaniya will use the baby to keep Satawat. She is so angry, and attempts to run Anusaniya over with her car. Anusaniya is seriously injured but will survive. Anusaniya assures that she will divorce Satawat for getting her happy life back. Satawat believes that he is the reason why Anusaniya lost their child. Satawat continues with divorce proceedings, because he needs to repay that he can't protect his family. The police arrest Soammiga for crashing her car into Anusaniya. Udomsak threatens Satawat, and bribes him as a witness to help Soammiga get released from this case. In exchange, Udomsak will release Saowaros. Anusaniya is deeply disappointed in Satawat because he protects Soammiga more than her.

Chayakorn recovers, and learns that he really is the uncle of Anusaniya. Chayakorn knew that Satawat wanted to divorce Anusaniya when he became unconscious. Chayakorn also remembers that Satawat is the victim of Soammiga. Anusaniya didn't lose the baby, but she needed to eliminate Satawat from her life. So Anusaniya and her father lied about her losing the baby. Chayakorn feels guilty for playing a part in destroying the family of Satawat and Anusaniya. So when he learns that Satawat betrayed Udomsak by giving evidence to the police to implicate Soammiga. Chayakorn tells him the truth about the child, because Satawat will have a chance to reconcile with Anusaniya.

Satawat is so happy when he finds out that he didn't lose his child. After Policeman issue a warrant for Soammiga's arrest, Satawat decides not to divorce Anusaniya last minute, because he needs to start over with Anusaniya. But Anusaniya thinks that he has no way out because Soammiga has been arrested, and doesn't want a loser guy like him. Satawat tries to change Anusaniya's heart for recalling her confidence. He asks her to give him 10 days to prove that Anusaniya and their unborn child need him. She gives in, and Satawat returns to live with her.

Anusaniya is still hard-hearted, and wants to fly overseas to spend her life as a single mom there. Satawat understands that she tries to get over him, and takes Chakree to replace him. Satawat is so hurt that Anusaniya doesn't want give him a second chance, but he is still willing to take care of her. He insists that Anusaniya stop working hard while pregnant.

Anusaniya slowly realizes that she doesn't need to be rich and successful, because she is happy when she can be a good mother and a good wife of an ordinary guy. Anusaniya learns about true love but she doesn't want to admit that she is falling in love with a guy who sold himself in exchange of his honor like Satawat. She refuses to be disappointed by him anymore.

Chayakorn sees that Satawat is geeting along well with Anusaniya, but he has no one left. Even Mirantee won't forgive him. Chayakorn gets surgery to transfer a kidney to Nattapol because he needs to repay his kindness. Then, he reconciles with Mirantee. She gives him another chance, but she is still very cautious.

Udomsak seeks to revenge his daughter. He sends a hit man to kill Satawat. Satawat is left badly injured. Anusaniya just now knows that Satawat never had any bad intentions. Anusaniya is so sad that she never saw his dedication, and regrets not giving him the 10 days he asked for. Anusaniya now understands that money can't keep her heart locked away from true love. She embraces every moment in every day that's left, having something worth more than money can buy. Happiness. Her love for this ordinary guy. Even though she knows that she has only a few days left to live with him.

Credit : Kapook 04:59, 7 May 2016 (BST) edited by uknowyask/Y.Thomas


Interesting Facts

  • This is a remake of Samee Ngern Phon (2001), but Anne Thongprasom has changed the title to "Piang Chai Khon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised".
  • "Piang Chai Khon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised" is also the title of a very popular song.
  • This is Anne's fourth produced lakorn.
  • The director of this lakorn, Kritsada Techanilobon (Oh), directed one of Anne's lakorns that she starred in, Sapai Glai Peun Tiang, which is why she asked him to direct this lakorn.
  • This is Kimberly Ann Voltemas's third time being casted in Anne's production, and James Ma's first time being casted. This is also the third new production James is working with for his third lakorn, and it is his first modern lakorn out of the three as well.
  • Before filming, James expressed that he was looking forward to working with Kim, as he finds her beautiful and talented.
  • Kim revealed that she's always wanted to work with James since their event together in 2013. She said she was impressed by his good manners, and told his manager that she wants to work with him one day.
  • This is James' first slap-kiss lakorn and Kim's second.
  • This lakorn had a private fitting for unknown reasons.
  • This is James' and Mam Jintara Sukapat's third lakorn playing the roles as mother and son.
  • Anne Thongprasom says she chose James Ma and Kimberly Ann Voltemas based on suitability, she believes they are the only ones perfect for the roles as Sattawat and Anusaya.
  • Eisaya Hosuwan was originally casted as Mirantee, but for unknown reasons Eye Kamolned Ruengsri replaced her instead.
  • There was news that the director Oh is so strict that he made James cry due from the stress. James denied that he cried and said that he understands that Oh wants this lakorn to do well and he will do the best he can.
  • At James' recent event, he was asked which co-star he enjoys working with and he chose Matt Peeranee and Kimberley. He explains that he learned a lot from working with them.


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