Ruk Long Jai TBC Special

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Ruk Long Jai TBC Special
Ruk Long Jai TBC Special
Tao, Mo, Nara & Toomtam


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Ploy (Mo) is reunited with her long-lost twin sister, Petch, who works for the same company as Jay (Toomtam). Meanwhile, Pin tries to seduce her friend's lover, and is met with a devastating loss.


Interesting Facts

  • Due to high demand for a third season, GMM25 did something they never did before in Club Friday history; they announced on November 9, 2017 that they'd be filming and airing a special finale episode of Ruk Long Jai.
  • Despite only being one episode, this special recorded nearly 150,000 viewers on GMM25's official Facebook live stream, breaking the previous season's record (100,000+ live viewers), and proving once again the series' success and huge following.


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