Ruk Long Jai To Be Continued

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Ruk Long Jai To Be Continued
Ruk Long Jai To Be Continued
Ruk Long Jai To Be Continued
Toomtam & Mo
Mo & Tao
Tao, Mo & Toomtam


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Ploy (Mo) still can't forget about Jay (Toomtam), always secretly hoping that he will come back to her. Ploy now works as a director at a famous film production company owned by Thank (Tao). Although Thank shows interest in Ploy, she refuses to open her heart up to him because she is still waiting for Jay. However, Ploy knows that Jay will be marrying Pin soon.

Toey returns to Thailand from her studies overseas and encourages Ploy to get Jay back. With the help of Toey, Jay and Ploy are able to reconcile. Jay becomes insecure of his upcoming marriage with Pin, because he realizes he still has feelings for Ploy. Ploy will attempt to reveal Pin's true nature and fight for her old love.


Interesting Facts

  • This is the sequel to Club Friday The Series 7's popular mini series Ruk Long Jai.
  • The first official trailer was released on July 6, 2017. Within only three hours of its release on Facebook, it received over one million views, proving the popularity of the first season and its cast.
  • Just like the first season, this sequel created a big buzz on social media during its finale episode, trending in the top hashtags for Thailand. Ace (S) Vorarit Vaijairanai, the producer of Club Friday The Series, also recorded that there were over 100,000 viewers on GMM25's official Facebook live stream of the finale episode.
  • Due to high demand for a third season, GMM25 did something they never did before in Club Friday history; they announced on November 9, 2017 that they'd be filming and airing a special finale episode of Ruk Long Jai. Despite only being one episode, this special recorded nearly 150,000 viewers on GMM25's official Facebook live stream, breaking its previous record, and proving once again the series' success and huge following.
  • In December of 2017, it was announced that Ruk Long Jai To Be Continued would be airing on Cambodian television.
  • In June 2018, the first installment of the series, Ruk Long Jai, was officially subtitled and made available to stream on Netflix USA under the title "Game of Love".


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