The Fire Series: Talay Fai

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Production Credits

  • Novelist: Nara (Nicha Tantichalermsin)
  • Producer: Thongchai Prasongsanthi
  • Director: Neung Chatwan Satsawatkalun
  • Screenwriter: Panatee
  • Company Name: Pordeecom


Episode Date Rating Nationwide (AGB Nielsen) Rating Bangkok (Digital)
1 05/16/2016 (premier) 7.1
2 05/17/2016 8.4
3 05/23/2016 8.5
4 05/24/2016 9.3
5 05/30/2016 9.7
6 05/31/2016 9.2
7 06/06/2016 8.9
8 06/07/2016 9.3
9 06/13/2016 8.8
10 06/14/2016 10.3
11 06/20/2016 9.8
12 06/21/2016 10.1
13 06/27/2016 9.9
14 06/28/2016 10.2
15 07/04/2016 10.5
16 07/05/2016 (finale) 10.7
Average total 9.4



After discovering that her father had been having an affair with his secretary for years, Pasika (Stephany) was deeply hurt by her father's actions. Her mother was so heartbroken by the incident that she went into a state of shock and lost her sanity. Because Pasika could not accept the painful truth of reality, she decided to run away from home. Due to her luck, she met Anupong, the owner of Andaman Pearl Resort and Hotel. Anupong adored Pasika like his own daughter. He allowed her to begin a brand new life on Kai Mook Island by hiring her to help him manage his resort.

In the event of an explosion involving the boat of Anupong, Techin (Mik), Anupong's only son, hastily returned to Kai Mook Island with his mother Nalinee. The once peaceful island nearly burst into flames when Nalinee met Pasika. Nalinee thinks that Pasika is her ex-husband's mistress. She continuously tries to banish her from the island. However, she cannot do so because Anupong's will specified that Pasika has to work at the resort for two years and assist Techin in managing the company. This lead to Techin and Pasika working together amidst various conflicts and disagreements. Because Techin had previously met Pasika abroad, Pasika was his love at first sight. Nevertheless, Techin was extremely disappointed when the woman of his dreams turned out to be his father's mistress. For this reason, Techin suppressed his feelings and did all he can to get back at Pasika. Nonetheless, Pasika was able to endure everything while fearlessly standing up to him.

Meanwhile, Mattana, Piraya, and Panat, Pasika's mother, older sister, and brother in-law, were very concerned about Pasika. Panat then ordered Pasika's half brother, Pasin (Prach), to go and look after Pasika at Kai Mook Island. In order to do so, Pasin disguised himself as a repairman. There, he met Jirayu (Gunjae), the niece of Maneekarn, who is close friends with Nalinee. Techin's mother tries to play match maker by pushing her son and Jirayu to be together. However, the two are not interested in each other.

Furthermore, Pasika begins to consult with Techin about someone who has been embezzling money from Andaman Pearl. The two had to put a halt to their wars and join hands to find the culprit. It wasn't long before Pasika became targeted due to their investigation. A bomb was placed on the boat that she was sitting in. Pasika became severely injured. Techin's heart nearly stopped when this happened. That's when he knew that Pasika was always in his heart. Techin then looked after and took good care of Pasika. He asked Saksan, his police friend, to investigate and find the person who placed the bomb in the boat. Techin then became very occupied with finding the person who embezzled money from his company. This allowed him and Pasika's relationship to better itself. However, his mother creates trouble by making Techin misunderstand Pasika again. The two then got into an argument which made room for the culprit to harm her many times. Techin had to protect Pasika, which made them grow closer and fall in love. However, Techin's mother is against them being together and constantly plots to tear them apart.

Will Pasika and Techin be able to overcome the many obstacles they face to be together? Who is the real person behind the crime? Please tune into Talay Fai to find out.

Synopsis Two: Pasika (Pan) learns that her father has a mistress. Her mother is heartbroken. To escape from the bitter reality, Pasika leaves to an island and takes a job on a farm for the production of pearls, where she meets Anupong. Anupong loved her as his own daughter. The appearance of his ex-wife and Techin (Mick) makes storm events in a peaceful ocean. His ex-wife accuses Pasika of having an affair with her ex-husband. Pasika and Techin are raging in the heart of the event when someone attempts to take the life of an important person on the island. They both will be in the center of the fierce storm that should pacify together.

By Rania Aracelly Colunga

Trivia or Interesting Info about this Lakorn

  • This part 2 of the series was going to be film by Mum Mai company back 2014 when there was news but in the end Pordeecom company got the series.
  • Weir Sukollawat Kanarot and Min Peechaya Wattanamontree were link to this project (part 2) since 2012 when news of them going to pair up again for Mum Mai company. When everything was ready and confirm by 2014 they were not in this part 2 any more. They were confirm to be in Lah Ruk Sut Kob Fah.
  • Due to its popularity, Talay Fai was extended with extra episodes.
  • Stephany looked forward to pairing with Mik for the first time because she gets to wear high heels on set. Due to her height, she doesn't get to wear high heels very often because many of the actors she pairs with are not as tall as Mik, who is 6'2."
  • Mik stated that he was very shy when he had to put on earrings for Stephany in the lakorn. He never touched a woman's ears before.
  • Mik was also shy during the scene where he had to put sunblock on Stephany's back while they were at the beach.
  • While filming abroad in Spain, many foreigners asked to take photos with Mik because he was handsome.
  • Since Stephany was the only person who could speak a little bit of Spanish, Mik asked her to go everywhere with him and other cast members to translate for them in Spain.


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