Ying Ploypapas Thananchaiyakarn

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Ying Ploypapas
Ying Ploypapas


  • New Name: Kanyapat Thananchaiyakarn
  • Former Name: Ploypapat Thananchaiyakarn (พลอยปภัสร์ ธนันต์ชัยกานต์ )
  • Nickname: Ying (หญิง)
  • Profession: Actress
  • Date of birth: May 8, 1992
  • Birthplace: Chiangmai, Thailand
  • Weight: 44kg
  • Height: 162cm
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Personal Habits: Happy, silly & talkative.
  • Personal Principles: “Meua yang tam mai dai hai tee dee tee sode ya perng tor.” (If you haven’t tried your best don’t be discouraged yet.)
  • Hobbies: Read novels, watch movies, play/listen to music & write in her diary.
  • Special Talents: Dance, playing all types of instruments, guitar, sing & piano.
  • Something You’re Most Impressed About: Having a mother that is extremely great.
  • Education:
    • Secondary School at Waree Chiang Mai High School.

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Ying's First Role:

In their performance everyone is able to sing and dance with lots of fun in the lakorn, “Pleng Ruk Karm Pope” for channel 7, but “Ying Ploy Bpapat Tanantchaigarn” Miss Teen Thailand 2007 initiates her first role as having to be a young woman with tearful eyes filling the screen

Even if she has to cry throughout the entire lakorn and be a young pitiful girl that is disabled in the legs. Fortune tellers have came out to say that Ying will rise soon. Because elders sent a good role the role of, “Nong Dtarm” the younger sister of leading actor, “New Wongsakorn” on top of that there is a rising actor “Chane Nattawat” alongside of her throughout the lakorn. Also right now fans are attached to this lakorn.

“In my first scene I have to start crying right away. I was secretly discouraged because everyone was waiting on me. I have to be in a wheelchair also in my performance. Also the crying throughout the entire lakorn is difficult because it’s my first lakorn

Because in reality I’m not really good at crying. Like when the directors tell me to cry and I can’t cry on my own so I have to try really hard.



  • The Diary


  • Johnson
  • Samsung
  • AMWAY Cosmetics


  • Winner of Miss Teen Thailand 2007

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