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Michael in lakorn


  • Name: Michael Chairot Pupart (ไมเคิล ชัยโรจน์ พูพาร์ต)
  • Nickname: Oh (โอ๋)
  • Profession: Actor/Model
  • Date of birth: January 1, 1972
  • Date of death: January 16, 2022 (age:50)
  • Birthplace: Switzerland
  • Nationality: Belgian/Thai
  • Height: Delete this and Fill in here
  • Weight: Delete this and Fill in here
  • Blood type: Delete this and Fill in here
  • Marital Status: Married with 1 son and 1 daughter
  • Hobbies: Delete this and Fill in here
  • Education: New Zealand

About (Michael Pupart)

He is of Belgian and Thai descent, born in Switzerland, to Robert and Pimoon Poupart. His brother is Oliver Pupart and the uncle of actor New Chaiyapol Pupart.

On January 16, 2022, Michael shot himself in the head at his home due to dealing with depression for 2 years.

Delete this and fill info. If you copied the info from anywhere, please give credit.



  • 303 Fear Faith Revenge (1998)
  • The Coffin (2008)



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